Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I love the movies # 5

Let's rock!
Aliens till now remains in my top top movies of all time.
I can watch it multiple times and still not get bored of it.
I've even watched the overly long extended one (which I don't recommend watching more that once)
But what made me love Aliens the most is Pvt. Vasquez .. man she rocks!
Remember Avatar? (of course you do) .. I believe, Rodriguez role is mirror-ed after Vasquez.
Well I don't think only Avatar ..a few more ms macho side kick must have originated from Vasquez cause basically the lady kick ass! Kick Major Xenomorph ass!
And let's not forget her iconic Let's Rock!!!! moment...pwroarr! (this was spoof in one of the Aladdin animated movie ...really funny!)
But my fav moment of all is during her final fight with a Xenomorph ..dude ..I mean the lady went one on one with one of the Aliens up close! ..if her character is still alive I bet she can use that as a major selling point in her resume
RIP Vasquez rock!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why I love the movies # 4

I watched the movie Serenity first before tackling Firefly Season 1 (the only season). Was intrigued with this band of misfits when I watched Serenity. With abundance of action sequence, crazy witty dialogue that only Whedon can think of and amazing graphics make this a memorable movie experience for me.
But what stood out the most is River Tam , played by the amazing Summer Glau ...miss Glau is such a kick ass action tv (unfortunately) heroine ... she should be in more featured films! Check out the video to understand...the last fight scene was mesmerizing and really well shot.