Wednesday, May 21, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past - "Storm ...Scott ...Jean... remember these names"

Mr Singer did good
tq mix fm .. I really really want this
I had my doubts bout DOFP, I really did .. specially when I saw what Quicksilver looked like. But I stayed calm ... did not join in the "Singer will kill the X-Men franchise" in the FB group I joined...cause hey ..Mr Singer did direct the still great X2 ..which I still consider one of the best comic book flick ever.

And it paid off, DOFP is an awesome flick! I love it... Mr Singer came swooping in and clean up the mess that was made in X-Men Last Stand ...and I tell you he really did fix it! But first lets go to the characters, cause one main reason I love X-men and comic book flicks is cause of the characters...

Prof X Young : McAvoy did great! ...he was the main star in this flick. I've once said Patrick Stewart is born to play Prof X ...well now ...dude can pass the torch cause McAvoy ruled! I also liked that Prof X is put in a spotlight more this time around cause really people nowadays fail to realize that X-Men is Prof X...w/o prof there is no X-men ...even the comics Prof X is rarely mentioned before he was killed off 2 years back during Avengers vs X-men stint....yes Prof X is dead (again!) in the comics

Prof X Old : Hey I love Patrick Stewart as Prof X, he can do wrong in my opinion .. his best scene was his interaction with young Prof out for that scene cause I teared up a bit during that!

Magneto Young : He was menacing! Now that's the Magneto we come to love

Magneto Old : He did not do much this time around but every screen time he had counts

Wolverine : Wolverine is still Wolverine nuff said

Mystique : wow oh wow ... they really gave her a lot to tell you the truth in the comics I never really liked Mystique, specially during my the early years I collected comic...I find her lame. But she has grown A LOT both in comics and movies. I loved Rebecca Romijn  as Mystique and thought Jen Law was just too cute to play Mystique ..but my my how I have changed my mind now. It'll be perfect if god can combine Ms Romijn good looks and Jen Laws acting capability to play Mystique..hehe

Beast : He's less fluffy looking now! yay!

Storm : She did not do much this time around ...YES! now go recast her for the next movie.

Kitty : Kitty now has something like a time traveling powers, whoopeedo. This is one of the things that I did not like about DOFP , Kitty's sudden emergence of time traveling powers. What's that got to do with her phasing powers? It'll be easier to just bring in Illyana a teleporter AND time traveler AND sorceress to do that mambo jumbo stuff...oh well you can't win em all. Oh but Ellen Page did good as Kitty.

Trask : Singer should have focus on Trask a bit more. Dinklage is a great actor and can really play a pissed off dude whenever he gets the chance ( ref the last weeks ep of Game of Thrones)

Iceman : he was there ..that's it

Colossus : eh dude is so stiff but whatever

Blink! : I love you Blink! I was always intrigue with this character since I saw her in 1994 and when I started reading Exiles I was impressed with this lady. She has an interesting power and look in the comics which conveyed really really well to the big screen. And how Singer used the character's power was impressive! very well thought out (I guess that's why they didn't use Ilyana for the time traveling thingy)
Illyana Rasputin aka Magik

Quicksilver : The look aside, Quicksilver was aweeeeeeeesome. I was skeptic at first but after watching DOFP, I was glad to be proven wrong. Dude even had one of the best scene in the flick, watch out for his scene (and again this shows how Singer really know how to use his mutant characters)

Bishop : He did okay, when they showcase his powers...that was cool...other than that...he's barely memorable

Sunspot + Warpath : both are actually the power house of their own respective team (New Mutants and X-Force) and not my favs in the comics I didn't give em much thought. Oh but Warpath looks was really spot on with the X-Force costume he had.

Stryker : Was ok

Havok + Ink + Toad + Some Mutant : Kinda sad Havok wasn't showcased much in this flick but as long as he's there I'm ok I guess (Havok is one of my fav btw) as for Ink .. cool but Toad ...yeeeshhh bring back Ray Park! oh another thing ...chronology wise does not make sense how Toad is in this flick. As for the other mutant...who the heck is that?!!!? I'm still confuse on that one.

Now back to the movie, again Mr Singer did good! He used most of the characters correctly as he did in X-Men and X2 it all seems well thought out, specially Blink's (LOVE YOU) character during the fight. That was really well coordinated.

Singer also brought back the importance of having Prof X around. Logan at one point said to young Prof X to promise that he will keep on creating the X-men whatever the outcome of their impending fight. "Storm ...Scott....Jean...remember these names" ...and yes I shed another tear then...damnit!

Which brings me to the next item I love bout the flick...the monologues..the speech of hope ..they were really well written..some are that "Storm..Scott..." plea from Wolverine ..but it strike a nerve to this one X-fan here.

And then there's the ending...I really really thank Mr Singer for that excellent ending which made me wanna jump out of my chair twice! screaming like a schoolgirl ...there is justice after all...

So yeah...go ahead people..I urge it, it a good one ... 9/10
p/s : I saw this flick twice! back to back (no joke)

THANK YOU for coming back and saving the franchise

Scenes to look out for

*anything with Blink
*young Prof X and old Prof X exchange
*Quicksilver freeing Magneto
*near the end
*after credit scene (you have to wait until the credit ends unfortunately)
*cameos from other medium :)