Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween week! day 6 & 7

Yeah did nothing for Halloween during weekend..mebbe next year ah kena plan ngan cuzz like last year..lame lak rasanyer duk rumah layan movie jeh

Day 6 was Saturday..layan The great stuff bout it beforehand

Kisah family ni menyimpan wanita yang hidup dlm hutan..konon nak civilized kan The Woman nih. At first...aku cam tak horror pon cerita nih...psychology thriller at best...tapi lama2 syok gak. Tapi serious first 30 mins or so aku dah losing interest...nasib it pick up itself after. Cerita ni the ladies were AWESOME..also it's a hoot to see May (Angela Betis) on the screen again. The men also did good.

Gore was pretty cool..but the WTF twist? near the end caught me by surprise, wtf was that..I even went to IMDB message board to figure what that was. Great additional info there BTW..which you wouldn't have caught it..ok lah might..setengah orang hyper sensitive..or highly attentive. And in the end I love the open could be this but it also could be that (make sense?) it

Day 7; two movies cause I got time ma...the highly (for me ah) anticipated Red State and Hellraiser : Revelations

Red State kisah 3 horny kids gi jumpa awek online dating..dimana rupanya ada udang sebalik batu..Film ni made by Kevin Smith...I love his work..even the stupid ones but this was a big letdown for me..tapi xdalah kecewa was a hit and miss. Aku suka cerita nih turn a 180 at every turn...memula ingat kisah horny teens (Hostel like)...tetiba kisah Preacher gila lak...pastu tetiba masuk Agents gila lak...mix nuts movie nih. Tetapi boleh turn off gak cause at times it was too much to handle. Part preacher tu preaching specially..though it made him a greater villain at times aku udah lah tu..buhsan. The ending was sorta cool...but I would really love if it was the other way around..interesting enough..bila baca online...mmg Kevin Smith nyer original ending adalah the exact opposite..tetapi terpaksa change due to budget..baaaaah. Overall...boleh lah...

Hellraiser : Revelations? brought nothing new to the was an easy flick really easy..and since it was a made for video flick I won't be overly harsh on it. Kisah nyer senang...2 budak bukak box..abih cerita..tried throwing in some twist but meh..whatever. Oh pinhead in here sucks bigtime..the new guy was pfffft...but on the plus the Chatter still looks cool..that's it..nothing to scream bout this flick

Friday, October 28, 2011

halloween week! day 4 & 5

Last night tengok Wrong Turn 4 : Bloody Beginnings. Sedar-sedar dah #4 ye.

Kali nih it's a prequel..the beginnings of the inbreeds!, I dunno why suddenly we're in this prequel craze phase, kekadang cam no point..ESPECIALLY kalau mmg dah tau movie ni prequel, cause obviously we know how it's gonna end...whatever lah at least something new to watch..kot.

It's near a good as #2 definitely better dari #3..started out pretty cool, with the origins of the inbreeds....then got really hot and sexy...slight mystery ahead..then some not too shabby gore moments (torture scene was RAD!)...then all of sudden the lead...LEAD ye..masa berjaya perangkap the inbreeds kata "we don't kill!..we don't wanna sink to their level" or something like that....and I went u gotta be kidding me????!!!!...worst idea ever wey!..lagi best semua yg tinggal which is agak banyak lagi agree...heeeeeeeeeeeeeh? bodoh bebenor....dan honestly after that..aku agak turn off cause bagi aku bunuh jer la semua character yg tinggal...Oh before that...aku suka black chic dlm cerita nih....coolness is you!

Day 5 spent tengok Don't be Afraid of the Dark with some friends yg lama tak hang out ngan.

Lakonan Katie Holmes ngan Guy Pearce! (aku xtau dia bakon cerita ni)...kisah dimana aku ingatkan memula haunted house tapi rupanyer kisah evil fairies(i'm gonna call em fairies) yang suka mkn gigi budak..nice.

Hmmm what to does got the old haunted house horror flick dulu dulu...u know...creepy and draggy..tapi kekadang draggy bebenor sampai rasa nak bunuh diri..but luckily (kekadang ah) it was outshine by the AHmazing got Guillermo written all over it...those woods design was nice!...

Creature nyer pon cool...tapi memula la...but it showed it's ugly mug shot...agak x berapa takut dah after. Apa lagi yeh..erm aku juga tak buy beberapa tindakan budak dlm cerita nih...but I can ignore it since dia budak. Hmmm apa lagi yeh...nothing kot...cause overall after you get over the amazing set...cerita nyer ok-ok je...OH ending nyer aku suka..tu je ah..hahaha...allrighty's halloween weekend! enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween week! day 3

Gotta make this fast, no time to write shits today..

Saw Sector 7 yesterday..aku agak anticipate cerita nih. trailer looks cool..reminded me of Deep Rising..which was a fun ride! Sector 7 wasn't! Aku sangat kecewa.

The lead was annoying, there was no thrill, the monster was sucky (in the looks department) ,overly dramatic with their never ending slow motion scenes, score nyer gila tak masuk akal dan lacking in UMPH but maybe gak tu style Koreans know how quirky they can be. Speaking of which...most of the characters were quirky but it either fails or got old reaaaallllllllllly fast.

A pity gak cause premise cerita nih dah cool. Trapped in oil pe. The plus, monster nyer after badly injured..kinda cool. 3 characters agak stood out, the pakcik with a past (macho sial)...and the two "love-birds"...their scenes were kinda cool and at least had some real suspense. final act juga agak ok la...kinda reminds me of Ripley's final battle...but after all that...the movie still sucks!

oh office halloween decorations are up...weeeeeeee! observe

plus Esok aku cuti!...woohooooooooooooo! -n-

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

halloween week! day 2

Let's see if I ca get this going..judging from past aku cepat jer abaikan apa-apa blog project, konon blog project ah.

So last night saw another movie yg rotting dlm collection aku,The Echo 2008. Apparently it's a remake of a Filipino horror flick. Kisah convict ni (Jesse Bradford) dilepaskan dari where to go dia balik ke apartment mak nyer..yg dah deceased.

Watching this movie kan the phrase watching paint dry comes to mind. Bloody boooooring...stuff actually happen near the 1 hr checkpoint. Mystery tu ada lah but after an hr cam ugh udah udah la tu...Jesse Bradford though a good actor in my book couldn't hold this movie for me...and I don't buy him as a convict AT ALL.

Then the ghost sure it's spooky...the kid specially..but eh, I've seen've seen one asian ghost movie you've seen it all (this might come back to haunt me). Then aku particularly annoyed dengan hantunnyer motive membunuh / kacau...some make sense but this one dude seriously didn't deserve to die..what he got to do with the ghost's misfortune ...gila tak patut...annoying gila hantu camnih..Dark Water's ghost comes to mind..whinny ghost.

On the plus side, I did dig the ending. Kinda cool. Pastu ada sorang mangsa nih mati agak gruesome ah gak and else..ahaha..Overall...not really enjoyable but if you got time to kill...why not.

Tonight mebbe tgk Sector 7...wohooooooooooo!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

halloween week! day 1

This year Halloween nothing planned yet, office adalah some stupid games + costume "event" Jumaat nih..tapi aku dah amik cuti (berzaman before) lak. Nak tu nak join tapi..xda masa nak gi rent etc (mungkin juga aku difficult) weekend nih pon xda party hot yang aku scan kat internet (mungkin juga aku malas cari) spend tgk movie jer lah kot..we'll see..sometimes ada jer benda turn up last minute.

So in the spirit of Halloween, this week lepas abih keje jer aku nak jenguk any horror flick yang aku lom tgk..banyak gak sebenarnyer..kumpul tapi x tengok-tengok gi. First up adalah film yang aku nampak di-recommend @ group aku join nih "Saya Suka Filem Seram" .. tajuk Burning Bright, honestly I don't get the title ..tapi aku mmg lembap skit bab bab metaphor ni.

Anyway kisahnyer Harimau nih tersesat dlm umah (yg agak besar) dimana ada 2 orang tgh menginapi. One a college chic one an autistic kid. Aku baca je syspnosis terus aku fikil kewlness! Dibintangi Brianna Evigan in which me like! Another fast up and coming scream queen..yg tolerable.

From beginning movie nyer agak slow ah gak, nearly lost me, plus the flick cam made for video jer aku tengok. But when the tiger starts prowling on it's prey..aiyo..suspen. The first time the tiger started to attacking that was a killer scene..aku gila suspen part tu (pada sapa dah tgk ...part laundry chute tu)..tambah hot..muka tiger tu gila Fierce! pandai ko bakon! Part-part lain cool gak..but the first attack scene tu..fuh! awesome.

Budak autistic tu..agak annoying, gila tahan minah tu...kalau aku xtau lah nak sabar camner. But it add in great conflict to the story..klu budak biasa jer mau normal gak cerita nih. Speaking of which, budak tu..not bad bakon. Brianna pon...but seriously pemenang nyer adalah tiger tu..kor rule with your sharp/menacing eyes...FIERCE! ..and in the nih agak menghampakan aku skit dari segi resolution dia..agak..meh...tapi overall..for this sort of flick yang berjaya make me jump...aku kata worth it..sila tengok.

iklan : aku tgk Paranormal Activity 3 weekend aritu, tapi xleh judge kerana ada pasangan nih bawak BABY dlm pawagam..yg tak abih2 nangis lak tu...manusia sekarang awesome kan?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real Steel

Gonna keep this short and simple, Real Steel sangat lah best..I was really pumped watching the friends and I got separated in the cinema..while watching the movie...I can't wait to meet up with em screaming "BEST GILA CERITA TADI!"...that's how cool the movie it

Friday, October 14, 2011

Aku tak suka binatang

kata Ju lepas realized bahawasanyer cerita aku bawak dia tgk berkaitan ngan binatang/alien/monster or whatever lah ur gonna call it. Tapi in the long run, I think Ju consider the enough, I think lah..she didn't say much after..just "cerita dia ok" which is good enough for me. Hey it's Ju, getting a reaction out of her ain't easy.

Now as for me, I love The THING 2011 ! Love it Love it ! And I thank to god that it's not a carbon copy of The Thing in the 80s. yeah I know it's not a remake, but a prequel! mind blowing is that!.

Now before I go on, nak cakap yg TGV ada cam contest where you watch a horror movie during this month, a zombie will walk in the cinema (before the movie starts of course)..and start picking on the patrons. If it picks you, ur in the running to win an Ipod Nano...I was so stoked! when I saw this...gila feel tgk wayang ada zombie dlm cinema! THIS is what I call a great cinema exprience.

Ok the movie..I'll start with casting...solid! Mary Winstead is pretty to look at and seriously in the running to become an excellent Scream Queen with titles like FD3 and Death Proof under her belt!..take up more horror flicks..the other cast members?..I honestly don't know who they are, except that young scientist..however they are all solid. What I like about the Thing (old & new) is the paranoia factor, I remember watching the old one and kept guessing who's infected and who's not, I love playing the guessing game. (That's why I love slasher flicks) Few troubling factor though, if you've catch the trailer beforehand..ur bound to guess few of the infected peeps. The test scene! it! simple! not as good as the old one (i love to compare sue me)..but a nice touch and fairly logical...Mary Winstead character is a smart one..I did at first thought they were going for heat theory which made me roll my eyes back..I was surprisingly impress with this new test.

The not so cool? The CGI took away most of the alien's original glory, the old Thing looks raw and original...the new one while I salute em for staying true to the ain't the same when it's conveyed in CGI..looks cartoon-ish (not always). One more thing I don't like is the alien space looked too awesome for a slimy creature..but eh it's just me...overall though...LOVE THE MOVIE..and I actually jumped once during the movie..and I needed that!...tq THE THING!

oh and p/s: I just wanna let something out...fuck you end