Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween week! day 6 & 7

Yeah did nothing for Halloween during weekend..mebbe next year ah kena plan ngan cuzz like last year..lame lak rasanyer duk rumah layan movie jeh

Day 6 was Saturday..layan The great stuff bout it beforehand

Kisah family ni menyimpan wanita yang hidup dlm hutan..konon nak civilized kan The Woman nih. At first...aku cam tak horror pon cerita nih...psychology thriller at best...tapi lama2 syok gak. Tapi serious first 30 mins or so aku dah losing interest...nasib it pick up itself after. Cerita ni the ladies were AWESOME..also it's a hoot to see May (Angela Betis) on the screen again. The men also did good.

Gore was pretty cool..but the WTF twist? near the end caught me by surprise, wtf was that..I even went to IMDB message board to figure what that was. Great additional info there BTW..which you wouldn't have caught it..ok lah might..setengah orang hyper sensitive..or highly attentive. And in the end I love the open could be this but it also could be that (make sense?) it

Day 7; two movies cause I got time ma...the highly (for me ah) anticipated Red State and Hellraiser : Revelations

Red State kisah 3 horny kids gi jumpa awek online dating..dimana rupanya ada udang sebalik batu..Film ni made by Kevin Smith...I love his work..even the stupid ones but this was a big letdown for me..tapi xdalah kecewa was a hit and miss. Aku suka cerita nih turn a 180 at every turn...memula ingat kisah horny teens (Hostel like)...tetiba kisah Preacher gila lak...pastu tetiba masuk Agents gila lak...mix nuts movie nih. Tetapi boleh turn off gak cause at times it was too much to handle. Part preacher tu preaching specially..though it made him a greater villain at times aku udah lah tu..buhsan. The ending was sorta cool...but I would really love if it was the other way around..interesting enough..bila baca online...mmg Kevin Smith nyer original ending adalah the exact opposite..tetapi terpaksa change due to budget..baaaaah. Overall...boleh lah...

Hellraiser : Revelations? brought nothing new to the was an easy flick really easy..and since it was a made for video flick I won't be overly harsh on it. Kisah nyer senang...2 budak bukak box..abih cerita..tried throwing in some twist but meh..whatever. Oh pinhead in here sucks bigtime..the new guy was pfffft...but on the plus the Chatter still looks cool..that's it..nothing to scream bout this flick