Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween week! day 3

Gotta make this fast, no time to write shits today..

Saw Sector 7 yesterday..aku agak anticipate cerita nih. trailer looks cool..reminded me of Deep Rising..which was a fun ride! Sector 7 wasn't! Aku sangat kecewa.

The lead was annoying, there was no thrill, the monster was sucky (in the looks department) ,overly dramatic with their never ending slow motion scenes, score nyer gila tak masuk akal dan lacking in UMPH but maybe gak tu style Koreans know how quirky they can be. Speaking of which...most of the characters were quirky but it either fails or got old reaaaallllllllllly fast.

A pity gak cause premise cerita nih dah cool. Trapped in oil pe. The plus, monster nyer after badly injured..kinda cool. 3 characters agak stood out, the pakcik with a past (macho sial)...and the two "love-birds"...their scenes were kinda cool and at least had some real suspense. final act juga agak ok la...kinda reminds me of Ripley's final battle...but after all that...the movie still sucks!

oh office halloween decorations are up...weeeeeeee! observe

plus Esok aku cuti!...woohooooooooooooo! -n-


fadz said...

thx bro for this review, ansib baik x tgk.. hey, tgklah sumpahan puaka gak, hahaha. btw, tolong review Afraid of the dark eh sebab aku nak tgk tapi x sure bagus ke tak.. Paranormal Activity bagu aku mmg scary but dah biasa dan a bit overdone.. but still agak cool (especially the coven part in the end).

reza said...

sumpahan puaka tu apa pon aku xtau ahahahaha..dan kor mmg bijak..mlm kang nak tgk Afraid of the Dark..

as for Paranormal..entah lah...aku teringat PA 3 aku teringat baby menangis..aku dah traumatize