Wednesday, October 26, 2011

halloween week! day 2

Let's see if I ca get this going..judging from past aku cepat jer abaikan apa-apa blog project, konon blog project ah.

So last night saw another movie yg rotting dlm collection aku,The Echo 2008. Apparently it's a remake of a Filipino horror flick. Kisah convict ni (Jesse Bradford) dilepaskan dari where to go dia balik ke apartment mak nyer..yg dah deceased.

Watching this movie kan the phrase watching paint dry comes to mind. Bloody boooooring...stuff actually happen near the 1 hr checkpoint. Mystery tu ada lah but after an hr cam ugh udah udah la tu...Jesse Bradford though a good actor in my book couldn't hold this movie for me...and I don't buy him as a convict AT ALL.

Then the ghost sure it's spooky...the kid specially..but eh, I've seen've seen one asian ghost movie you've seen it all (this might come back to haunt me). Then aku particularly annoyed dengan hantunnyer motive membunuh / kacau...some make sense but this one dude seriously didn't deserve to die..what he got to do with the ghost's misfortune ...gila tak patut...annoying gila hantu camnih..Dark Water's ghost comes to mind..whinny ghost.

On the plus side, I did dig the ending. Kinda cool. Pastu ada sorang mangsa nih mati agak gruesome ah gak and else..ahaha..Overall...not really enjoyable but if you got time to kill...why not.

Tonight mebbe tgk Sector 7...wohooooooooooo!