Friday, October 14, 2011

Aku tak suka binatang

kata Ju lepas realized bahawasanyer cerita aku bawak dia tgk berkaitan ngan binatang/alien/monster or whatever lah ur gonna call it. Tapi in the long run, I think Ju consider the enough, I think lah..she didn't say much after..just "cerita dia ok" which is good enough for me. Hey it's Ju, getting a reaction out of her ain't easy.

Now as for me, I love The THING 2011 ! Love it Love it ! And I thank to god that it's not a carbon copy of The Thing in the 80s. yeah I know it's not a remake, but a prequel! mind blowing is that!.

Now before I go on, nak cakap yg TGV ada cam contest where you watch a horror movie during this month, a zombie will walk in the cinema (before the movie starts of course)..and start picking on the patrons. If it picks you, ur in the running to win an Ipod Nano...I was so stoked! when I saw this...gila feel tgk wayang ada zombie dlm cinema! THIS is what I call a great cinema exprience.

Ok the movie..I'll start with casting...solid! Mary Winstead is pretty to look at and seriously in the running to become an excellent Scream Queen with titles like FD3 and Death Proof under her belt!..take up more horror flicks..the other cast members?..I honestly don't know who they are, except that young scientist..however they are all solid. What I like about the Thing (old & new) is the paranoia factor, I remember watching the old one and kept guessing who's infected and who's not, I love playing the guessing game. (That's why I love slasher flicks) Few troubling factor though, if you've catch the trailer beforehand..ur bound to guess few of the infected peeps. The test scene! it! simple! not as good as the old one (i love to compare sue me)..but a nice touch and fairly logical...Mary Winstead character is a smart one..I did at first thought they were going for heat theory which made me roll my eyes back..I was surprisingly impress with this new test.

The not so cool? The CGI took away most of the alien's original glory, the old Thing looks raw and original...the new one while I salute em for staying true to the ain't the same when it's conveyed in CGI..looks cartoon-ish (not always). One more thing I don't like is the alien space looked too awesome for a slimy creature..but eh it's just me...overall though...LOVE THE MOVIE..and I actually jumped once during the movie..and I needed that!...tq THE THING!

oh and p/s: I just wanna let something out...fuck you end