Tuesday, September 27, 2011

W-1-1-L 8-10-10

Yesterday I watched this supposedly horror flick Titled DreamHouse and it sorta reeks. With big names like Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts you would expect something good, but by god this movie was lame and far tooo easy.

What ticked me off the most is how it was marketed, on radio they were advertising it as some horror flick with spooky kids, eh look at the poster itself..two kids blended to the wall...oooooh..but no..we have none of that..there were no spooky kids! The movie is more like a psychological thriller but seriously don't waste your time on this..you're better off watching Secret Window (which was so-so for me). Another thing I hated bout this movie is that it was way toooo easy!...How the lead figured everything out was easy..the twist was easy AND predictable...the ending was also tooo easy!..seriously..everyone involve in this movie appears to be lazy...pfft lame movie..avoid


Henzy said...

Easy movie.

reza said...

breezy life