Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And yet another X-men rant

Remember few post back I was contemplating to buy a Lead Base X-Men figurine or Scream 4 poster ..well I made my decision and my fellow colleague is there in the States now with the thingy..waiting for it to reach Malaysia...can't wait!!!!..anyway..observe

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wolverine...that fame ho

This is a comic related yapping post.
Wolverine, I hate im...he's seriously overexposed nowadays..dude needs to be killed and then bring back like 4-5 years later (like most X-Men characters were)
Initially when I started reading X-men late 80s Wolverine was pretty cool, a rugged middle age soldier..but since the movie came out..the dudes is overuse. Bub is everywhere!..he's even in the Avengers now!!!
Plus most covers even he's not a major character in that particular issue, his mug would be there..up front along with other X-men..but most of the time..he'll be place in the middle. He's even in some of the comics that doesn't really require his presence like New Muntants (fav!) and Generation Hope..bore man bore! ..
There a lots more of X characters to be develop like Dazzler or the lately really underuse Storm...heck even the new batch of kids could share some of the spotlight from time to time...look at Sooraya Qadir..where is she now?..the most I've seen her is like just 1 panel in like 5 issues this year...yeeeeeeesh!

and now..Cyclops and Wolvie are fighting..and Uncanny X-men..the longest running X-book..will end (until they decided to continue it again after a year..I'm hopeful) and 2 new books will be created..with 2 different X-Men groups. One team Emma (I dunno what will happen to Cyclops..dead?recovering?) and one team Emma comic will be titled Uncanny X-men #1 (rebooted..but why bother kan?)...and Wolverine's team? ...Wolverine and the X-men #1 ...sigh. Oh come on! I know which comic I'll be buying now..however..I think I may even have to buy Whore n the X-men..solely due to the fact that my fav X-Men Psylocke might be in it..i don't see her joining team Emma...dang it! I guess I just have to deal if that happens..oh well..till next time..oh how's puasa? (sempat)

Saturday, August 06, 2011


She's in this movie???? Didn't know!..suka!..the end..oh happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"NO" kata beruk tu

A short one before I ter-forgot to update; Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a pretty damn cool flick. My favourite moment gotta be when Ceaser spoke...brought chills to me bones!...and the climax battle..yow!..well made. I only wish that the ending would be slightly better. But overall I enjoyed the Ape infested movie..oh...the apes were very well made!

Monday, August 01, 2011

My Julie/Julia Project : 2 # 228 and more stuff

First off, Salam Ramadhan to all..have a pleasant month. Now to the movies we go..last week was fortunate enough to be treated to Captain America, honestly not a BIG fan of Capt..he bugs me..heck even the whole Avengers team I don't like..X-Men is still my team. Anyhoot, Captain America the movie is pretty good, the 2 hours spent in the cinema went pretty fast..which is good for me. Story was pretty clear..straight forward...I hate when all the pro america thingy came up but what do you expect from a movie titled Captain America right? I like Chris Evans..he was cool..but I wish someone else was cast as Capt..Chris Evans is still Human Torch to me. The chic was cool I guess but her gun blazing scene was pretty impressive. Red Skull was great!..but I may be bias a bit cause I like Hugo Weaving. Oh oh Stan Lee's cameo was funny! took me a few sec to notice him..he looks older than usual As for Captain America as a character..he was cool, was made too squeaky clean but when the action takes place the dude packs a mighty punch,plus his shield throwing action was fun(was waiting for that)...erm yeah that's about it..wasn't really blown away by Captain America..but the Avengers trailer at the end credits looks AH-MAZING!...Loki's back! *shriek!!!!

Out of topic, ini adalah kelibat puaka celaka dlm pawagam yg angkat phone bebel dlm 10 minit tentang hidup...nak je terajang seat dari bakang tapi dia adalah seorang MAKCIK!!!!!!!

Later after that I saw Hobo With a Shotgun. Some Grindhouse movie project I guess. I didn't like it at first...but the second half grew on me. Gross factor was way up got guts, blown of penis etc. No one was spared in this movie, kids got torched/ rape (offscreen), a baby was burnt and nurses were hung to name a few damages that were done. I like watching great kills, those kids that got torch was pretty funny..seriously, the scene before they were killed cracked me up..but I don't actually like the burnt baby scene, fortunately it was done offscreen..I prefer babies to be off offscreen (not like Feast 2...sick sick!) Rutger was pretty cool as the Hobo but Gregory Smith for me personally was a weird pick..he doesn't ooze psychotic creep to me. Then the ending...lame. Overall movie was just ok for me...preferred Machete or Planet Terror more..

And now the Julie/Julia project; I saw movie # 228 which was ...


Unlike Fallen, I've seen this movie before in Ipoh. Why I decided to hunt this movie down is solely due to Catherine Zeta Jones very I'll just say awesome (cause it's Ramadhan hehe) training scene. Second viewing it still delivers, though now I find it extremely disturbing that Sean Connery was watching attentively from the side...brrr. Back then I use to think this movie was the shit..but now...the story was pretty crappy, the first 2 heist was pretty cool (solely thanks to Zeta) ..but the last Heist was kinda lackluster plus it's amazingly illogical. It is cool though to see the film shot in Malaysia, I wasn't actually bothered by the geographical error made by the least Zeta said "it's this beautiful" when she was in Malaysia, though it does seem forced. Overall I can say it is entertaining and I can watch it again but only till the 2nd went downhill for me after that..a pity too since Malaysia was shown after the 2nd heist..haih.

Next Film; I haven't seen this before..Field of Dreams