Monday, March 31, 2008

Forgive me

Razli for I have sin..I'm watching top model again :))..okok it's been going on like 3 weeks now...I just can't help it :P.Beria lah buat topic kan...AHAHAHA...sial tul.I blame izar and razli for kurang moral support dan mak aku kerana nak tgk :D, oh dan juga sapa yg wat theme song tu kerana agak best..skrg nih dah ep 6 rasanyer...and i'm catching up dah..actually dah catch up pon tadi...but I still say this is the least attractive bunch yet of all top model girls...nah lah a rundown of all the girls these season...kali nih malas predict (we know what happen last season) going for a different approach

What if they win ?

Aimee : Like WOW...seriously Tyra..someone actually really really pretty won?..weirddddd..

Amis : WHAT??!? ok aku tak faham...dah ler muka cam mak malcolmm lois..seriously sejak azali aku tgk show nih aku rasa dia takder bakat model..maybe a comedian..

Allison : Really? that uptight bitch won?well she's pretty but meh..i've seen better.

Anya : Awesome!!!! get a nose job.

Atalya : Who?

Claire : Awesomeeeeeeeeee #1 fav menang!...dah lama my no 1 fav tak menang..weeeeeeeeee!! punk rock mom rocks!!!...and she got an angelic smile to boot.

Dom : Really...well at least Rupaul has competition now.

Fatima : We don't need another Iman..well at least I don't..and ur self absorb..boring..siapa2 sila tendang..dan shave ketiak dia.

Kata : Awesomeeeeeeee...dark sheep..the silent one..and she's hot hot hot..still weird cause uf she wins cause she's like the Mollie Sue/That red hot Kristen Dunst looking girl in Cycle 3/Christina in cycle 4...of their own respected cycle...good..but too silent..

Kim : You go girl!!...ur spunky..i like!..long time I haven't like a real blonde in any cycle (last was Rebecca cycle 5)

Lauren : I prefer Heather last season thank you very much..

Marvita : Grace Jones she ain't!..pls burn that horse hair...and like Amis..i don't get it...

Stacy Ann : OH DEAR GOD DONT...not her...not her! eardrums will bleed!!!

Whitney : Cool..kinda shocking...ok Dela kor leh join top model dah..ada chance

selamat hari minggu all!...(inside joke untuk curls)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In Malaysia is a handfull, yesterday I went through the company's planner and was wow-ed by the difference in numbers of Malaysia holidays and the's like Malaysia -17 vs USA -8. And I have to follow USA's holiday!! arrghhh! bila lah nak keje ikut jadual Malaysia nih!Tension aku tgk perbezaan these two..why can't the States people create more holidays..seriously..ur a BIG ass country...there's always an excuse for a holiday..or does this mean US peeps are more hardworking than us?..i definately don't think so..maybe they have longgg paid leave i dunno..

Then I notice Japan..dates*it's there cause there are some peeps in mah company works under Japan shift*..Japan also got a lotttttttt of holidays..slightly few than us but definately more than the states..and when i go through these holidays...i was like WHAT!?!?!...benda nih pon nak diholiday-kan? here's the 4 example of holidays that I'm a wee bit confuse about..

Greenery Day : I don't get this

Children’s Day : Okkkkkkkkk, we also have childrens day but do we close shop for that day??..don't think so (excuse for a holiday)

Respect of the Aged Day : This one baffles me...what do they do on this day?....let loose the elderly? :P i can see it now..."go grandad.. play!"

Culture Day : Another excuse for a holiday

AutumnDay : ....Then i suggest malaysia should make SummerDay..comeon! Autumn day??!?! excuse gila!!...

*please note i didn't check why they have this holiday..i'm THATlazy..and it could be also that Japan loves flowers..cause most of it is floral related holidays?? it is..i'm gonna put Respect of the Aged Day under the worst excuse for a holiday.

the end, aku nak bercuti sebenarnyer...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Remembering Ed Wood

Arituh tgk Ed's like finally!This is one of Johnny Depp's movie yg aku dah lama teringin nak usha.Then finally found it...Ed Wood is a biography movie bout this one director who is considered the worst director ever (Uwe Boll might be next)is an insight look of his life's work and also the making of one of the suckiest movie to ever have been created...Plan 9 from Outer Space..oh and this movie is directed by Tim Burton.(burton and depp together...shockerrrrr! :P)

Well basically from what I saw in the film...Ed Wood is a weirdo..potrayed ever so excellent by Deep..and also from what I see it's no brainer why he got the worst director ever award..HOWEVER...he got soul...sian tgk mamat nih..he really wants to direct a movie..and he got the passion..but lack of talents..personally i think he should have stop and at least work behind production.But nooo...however it does indicate he have guts..or in denial..hmmm, i'll go with guts.And also after watching came to me that..maybe if I directed a may be the same case as this dude..u'll never know..u may have the passion..but it doesn't mean ur good at it.

In this movie also we got to look @ Bela something life before he died...he is well known for potraying a Vampire..but aas he got older no one wants him anymore.This part doesn't interest me much though..buttttt! the making of the movies Ed did was a riot!...FYI Ed Wood doesn't believe is second take..he only does 1 take..and thats doesn't matter if someone hit a wall or whatever..he'll just can it.Woah much?The funny thing is he said it's realistic.Then there's this one footage involving an octopus..the stole the robotic octopus but forgot to take the poor Bela have to struggle with the Octopus indicating the thing is trying to kill him.

Anyhoo..i like this did win an award..i think for something..but Johnny didn't win anything..seriously..someone give him an award..bitch lah oscars..what are they waiting for?For him to reach 60 and have saggy tits?shheeesh...great movie, bittersweet ending..8/10

And after watching Ed Wood..I wanted to watch Plan 9 from outer Space..and i found it...whopeeeeeeeeeeeeee!..and it was to die for...everything bout the movie was wrong..the logic..the flow..the fx..acting was ok but nothing to scream about..Vampyra was funny!.She has the tightest waist i've ever does she breath?Seriously..everything bout this movie was wrong..1 time its day then the next shot is night??!?!?WTF...the fx is definately dumb but i'll ignore that since those days the FX is not actually great.

Plot?Something bout an alien invasion, they're pissed and us because the army ignores what do they do...they use their "ray gun" and zaps the recently deceased and bring em back to life..ehehehe.Actually the early part involving pissed aliens was ok i guess..but then they include vamps and undead?? that's silly.

Oh and the shot kept repeating..haiyoooo..reminds me of Shark Attack movies where they kept repeating the shark underwater attack.*see people do follow footsteps from before.But is a sucky movie..but and enjoyable one cause i kept laughing..but it did went dull went all the dialogues kick in near the end..they should have stick with the dumb it if u dare..:D

26/03 : Dah edit nama..puas?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bila rambut start Platinum

Ini reaksi ikhlas aku bila perasan aku ada rambut putih...

*milo mmg betul...aku movie sangat..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tag ur it!

Aku rasa violated bila di-tag milo...tapi dah janji nak wat cause not bad tag this one..but b4 that!...tadi tgk concert TOTO..yeah i know..WHO??!..but actually i do know this one song from them..siap ada vcd..tuh aku leh ingat gak..however lagu tuh cam the most not popular single from them.Pastuh lepas dikaji oleh milo..rupa2nyer ada lah gak lagu zaman 80s yg cam ehhhhh...i know this song!..thanks to youtube..maka gi lah aku ke concert tuh dengan milo, klux,dad, mah uncle and his kids..hmm suprisingly ramai orang...tapi aku rasa derang pon cam aku,dapat tix free....:D kot..cause bila The Toto guy suh sing along...all i hear is mumbles...aku? mmg sah sah taktau 97% of the songs..tapi nampak lah beberapa pakcik..including me uncle...layan sakan.How was it?...oklah kot..gorengnyer syok..serious...the drummer was awesome!!!..gila admire mamat tuh..rasa nak suh milo bukak baju pastuh baling kat dia...but in the end..i got bored..and tired..cause terlalu banyak sangat lagu aku taktau..DAN..sangat letih diri!..DAN..lagu yg aku paling familiar tak kuar..!shito..takper at least i can sing along to 3 songs..and liked 2 songs i haven't heard b4..oklah tuh kan.

Ok on to the tag thingy ;

Me Dad : Erm ayah aku in a way...agak lawak..tapi dulu lah, skrg nih masih lawak..cuma he tends to overdo it..luckily he gets the hint bila aku start naik atas bilik...but kekadang tak faham gak.Dulu masa kecik2...i favour him than my mom..seriously..tapi naik tingkatan 1 terus close ngan ibu lak..maybe cause ayah aku tak reti cover mulut kot..remarks dia snappy dan annoying OR masa kecik dia selalu beli comic tuk aku (aku materialistic).

Ayah aku juga overly sensitif..traits itu juga ada bakat jatuh kat aku (like 30% of it..aku tak over sensitif sangat..but still sensitif) tapi trait yg paling ketara dan aku sangat emo...adalah the nose!...mmg aku akui...idung aku ikut ayah aku..malah worst!Nih traits from me dad's side..majority sedara aku belah sana basically have the same nose..aku gila benci idung aku..malah aku pernah ckp kat ayah aku yg first paycheck aku nak buat nose surgery (tapi tak wat cause..hello?mahal dan malas).Nak add fuel to the fire..ayah aku tak abis2 guna ayat "kor nih if hilang kat botswana ke africa ke...tentu orang tau anak Noordin" was funny..but it got old after 20 years.Apa lagi...haaa ayah aku suka menabung..tiap malam dia bukak tabung dia yg cam ada 10??!!? nyer dia kira tiap2 10 sen a day gonna make much difference?..Ayah aku juga i.t phobic..dia gila takut technology...dan mmg aku selalu mengena dia ngan benda camnih..Eh banyak nyer negative..

Well on the plus side..ayah aku agak tabah..cekal gak hulu hilir amik anak sedara,tak abih2 gi umah akak aku lately..pastuh amik my aunt sampai syah alam (which lately seems like a monthly event)..juga cekal dlm Q dkt pejabat pos dan yg sewaktu ngannyer..tapi bila sampai counter...siap lah..complain gila panjang OH let it be known as well that without me love for movies wont even exist..also my love for i thank you dad for that..The end...but if i could just use one word to describe my dad.. I would say mouth.

Me Mom : Am a self proclaim and proud of it Mama's boy..there.But once upon a time...i sorta takut teramat dgn me mom.Mak aku masa aku kecik gila garang..dan obviously bad cop selalu akan dibenci kan,dan good cop (ayah aku) disukai...mana taknyer aku dicurah ngan comics tak abih2.However as i grow older..sorta understands why she does it.Tapi aku still takleh lupa mak aku koyakkan comic aku pesal dia bengang ngan aku..dah ler tuh issue psylocke yg hot!..wuwuwu masih sedih aku mikirkannyer.

Mak aku juga cepat jump into conclusion..mcm the aunts..fuh kalau semua ada dlm satu rumah...takut aku..speaking of that side of the family, like me dad's nose..belah mak aku pon ada...which is the chin yg sorta kena ada,no matter how roundish ur face is..haih the nose and the chin..well at least the chin is well refine..tak cam the lump @ the middle of me face called the nose. (ada orang pernah ckp idung aku cam plastic yeh..celaka tul)Hmm apa lagi? mak aku cool..seriously...dia layan apa aku layan,movie atau tv series selalu layan ngan dia..dia juga leh tahan tgk horror movie dibanding ngan ayah aku.Kekadang pandangan dia masa tgk movie/tv series agak spot on..which impress me a lot!Dia juga agak stylo...from what i heard..she's quite the hottie masa muda2 dulu(dia ada wig ok!)..and in a way aku cam pelik camner ayah aku leh dapatkan mak aku..AHAHA.erm i think that's it..apa2 mak aku awesome!

Me bro : Masa aku kecik gila kurang memory kisah aku ngan abg aku...mana taknyer..he's really not that close with us..but that was back then..skrg he pull a 360.Dengan very family oriented nyer dan sangat kuat bersosial...dulu gila stone..dia bukan stone malu..stone ah whatever to others.But ada lah once..tiba2 dia bawak aku tgk wayang dimana aku terkejut badak..cerita Hocus Pocus.

He's a rocker..skrg pon..masa kecik2 dulu aku masih ingat dia duk pasang2 lagu rock dlm bilik yg aku cam udah2 ler tuh aku nak tido(we have those double storey beds),pasang lah A-ha takleh?So if rocker = ?...yeh garang..dia gila garang..aku mmg takut ngan dia..aku rasa aku ada kena pukul gak ngan dia..cuma tak ingat.

Tapi sian gak dia, susah dia nak couple ngan isteri dia sekarang zaman dulu2..dgn aku kuat report nyer...ehehe!..pastuh mak aku tak setujunyer..agak drama ah lah..dan difeul dengan the ever excellent aunts..:P..lagi teruk ah jadiknyer..luckily all is well now.Dapat jer first cucu terus ok..skrg abg aku ada..5 anak..4 girls one boy..dulu rapat lah gak ngan derang masa rajin kat ipoh..skrg..kurang dah..but i really like the 4th kid..Pop we call her..really cute and always happy...apa2 pon aku kagum abg aku leh pull a 360 he's so not the very quiet,dark,reserve and angry person cam dulu.

Me sis : The headstrong lady, the smart one of the bunch..and probally the whole cousins clan put together, probally yeh.Aku tgk gambo akak aku dulu2 gila lawak...geeky gak..but she turned out ugly duckling gak ah.

Kalau tgk dulu cam hmm akak aku lurus nyer jenis..but i was proven wrong.She's wild!.she did a lot of things..tambah masa kat USA..gila lah buat semua benda high risk bagai...and good for her..enjoying life.Dia juga perkenalkan aku ngan 80s yg sampai skrg aku stuck bercinta dgn lagu2nyer.Satu jer aku kureng skit..opinion dia kekadang memeningkan..maybe that's how smart minds work..i dunno.But other than that..i'm A ok with her.Oh dia dulu ada nickname..BOBO dan Liza Burung Hantu..i get the burung hantu..but i dont get the BOBO..abg aku lah nih kasik nick.

She's married now..with 3 kids..all lovely..specially liked Nuha..she's a dear.And she's(me sis) doing ok now, she got it all made..with the exception of the maids.Eh rhyme.

The maids : Semua gila!..kecuali muthalingah..dia awesome..leh ker aku masuk maid nih?..well apa2 Wani paling saiko...SAYA SUNYI KAK!...drama gila

ok the end..aku taktau nak tag sapa..hmm razli lah..dan jurina..dah malas mikir lagi..nite all..oh razli, take care (inside joke)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahhh..those days

Tiba2 mlm buta nih aku reminiscence those days...ahahah tiba2 jer..mungkinkah kerana Brooke White gitu hebat tadi? sampai aku dlm umah pon nak kasik standing ovation atau Milo reveal apa antara lagu Toto kat aku ...dimana aku cam ehhhhhhhh! aku ingat lagu nih!..actually nak buat tag milo...tapi esok2 lah...tgh nangis sorang2 dlm bilik gelap nih...AHAHAHAH kidding2..sebenarnyer aku tgh pandang luar tingkap cam milo...mengharap ada shooting star :D..sorry Milo...ahahaaha,actually bagus ada youtube nih...banyak lagu fav2 aku cam aku tgh dengar balik haih lagu nih..teringat zaman sekian2, this is my top 5 fav songs of all if aku nak dengar again and again...nih lah lagu2nyer


Of course lagu Abg Long in my list...lagu nih walaupon dah banyak lagi lagu yg sedap cam Unwell dan Little Wonders, this one still remains as my fav Matchbox/Rob Thomas song..kenangan? erm entah...mungkin teringat balik aku Form 3 kot...zaman2 perasan hot...AHAHAHAHAH..but really abg long gila cool dlm video nih...dan aku not really into into gak...cuma lagu nih yg aku cam wow lagu2 sedemikian rupa cool...kalau tak tentu aku layan 911..EH?


Ahh Till I hear it From You...suka gilos lagu nih...dan aku mmg suka EMPIRE matter how slightly silly the movie was/is..bila dengor lagu nih...teringat empire record..juga teringat time aku start pindah kl slowly...dan rasa sangat teruja nak round2 times.


Torn...alahai Natalie...sampai skrg aku rasa dia hot..malah sapa2 muka seakan2 Natalie mmg aku cam eh kor cun!cth Paloma AusNTM Cycle 3.Lagu nih pon syok nyanyi sorang2 dlm kereta cuma time lyric kena ubah skit..pehal aku nak nyanyi...I thought i saw a man bought to life????Tapi kekadang diabaikan jer...ahahah..specially dlm kereta time lalak....kenangan?,nih juga zaman start berjinak kat k.l...pastuh memalam dengor lagu dia kat dorm pakai walkman..tgh2 sejuk tido dengor natalie...masyuk weih (eh betul ker spelling P4)


AHA...lagu nih lama seh!...tapi memula aku tgk video nih...(yg ditape oleh akak aku yg tak abih lagi jerit2 bila aha nih keudara..ehehehe)mmg aku impress gila ngan video nyer...ignore the fact that mamat nih nyer pitch gila high lagu nih sedap!..dan video dia awesome!..dan ia buat aku terkenang masa kecik2 tgk video2 lagu kat rtm..dan bila aku dengor A1 yg entah apa2 btw nak remake lagu nih mmg aku DONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNT...NO FU!@%@% WAY! mmg outcome hampeh..nasib dah entah gi mana band tuh..


tak jumpa video yg leh link...ass tul..anyhoo Time after Time mmg antara lagu syok aku pernah dengor sepanjang aku hidup...walaupon masa first time aku dengor cam hmm apa maksud lagu nih, ia sedap..mendayu2..dan cam agak nyer pon cool..dan walaupon Cyndi Lauper gila hodoh..i just don't care...majority lagu dia mmg aku layan..sampai beli cassete 12 inch yg the best of tuh...dimana mmg awesome..tapi nampaknyer kena beli cd lah pasnih cause cassette aku nak pasang mana???cerita sikit...anyhoo lagu nih pon dah diremake too death..fortunately remake2nyer not bad...but i still prefer the first one..nostalgic...hmm esok drive ke office jamin dgr lagu semua2 nih..baiklah aku nak tido

milo next post kisah family yeh...u rock!..razli pon cause kenangkan balik kat youtube..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

10 000 B.S

Semalam tgk 10,000 BC, dan aku mmg agak takut nak tgk cerita nih...cause...mmg dgn rumours agak menghampakan cerita nih...tapi alang2 dah book dan takder cerita lain nak usha cause The Mist usha last week (finally!)...dan last2 minit aku cadang bawak datanglah burung tuh ngan cliques dia..Anyhoo 10000 BC

Plot : Ala kisah zaman2 dulu tuh...time sabertooth tiger wujud lagi...pastuh ada lah prophercy bagai mak nenek yg tak abih2...pastuh tiba2 ada pyramids cam kat America Latin tuh, apa nama puak tuh dah lupa...then ada lah gaduh2 lawan2...pastuh ending yg agak best...tiba2 hancur kerana director nak happy ending...dumb i tell u.

Verdict : Cerita nih ZZzzzZzzz, it gave me the z's.Paling aku tak suka yg ada prophercy yg tak abih2 tuh...semua puak pon nak ada dukun..dah ler puak hero nih nyer dukun gila overacting...rasa letak Dela pon better kot.Plot mmg mudah gila...mudah mudah gila....tak mind blowing...malah my mind terus log off kot..cause aku start buhsan kat tengah2...mana aksi2nyer? I was expecting Apocalypto damnit!.

Journeynyer pon cam lalalalalala...Care Bears movie(yeh dulu aku tonton) nyer journey lagi syok kot dari nih..arggh! stress!..Pastuh ending yg patutnyer dah ok skit...tiba2 cahaya gemilang muncul...WTF!...i don't want that weih!!! bongok sangat.

The good, well at least slightly better dari apa entah Vikings last yearnyer flick tuh..then CGI mmg cun...cuma...SEKEJAP! tuh jer..promotion bukan main...poster bukan main tayang sabertooth semua, last2 kuar semua binantang dlm ada 15 min kot kalau kumpul semua sekali..tapi last attack guna gajah2 tuh cun gak ah..Apa lagi good...ho! ok yg nih bukan intentional kot, banyak benda2 tahyul cam prophercy semua tuh cam lawak...cth:lukisan sabertooth ngan hero atas batu...personally that was a riot!...aku nak gelak...then tak lupa pakcik albino yg diangkat kuar dari some dungeon...kalau ada sapa nak tgk..sila tunggu adengan nih...LAWAK GILA!..pakcik albino tuh unintentionally lawak!(i'm mean..i know)...milo sampai tahan2 tutup muka nak gelak.Tuh jer lah kot benda dlm movie nih yg made me happy...those unintended stupidity stuff..

I end with cerita nih snore-ish..sila lah avoid..4/10..oh dan para pelakon juga membohsankan..

The Mist..

Plot : A small town is overshadowed? by mist..and there's something in it.

Verdict : Should have been the best movie, last year..if I saw it properly last year...damn this movie is fine!(tiba2 ckp omputih leh?)...It got one of the best ending in recent movie history( at least for me)..gila the fact that the preacher beyotch might have been right!..

Speaking of precher bitch, Marcia Gay Harden ,that lady really got on my nerves...seriously she made into my list of top hated beyotch in movie..gila annoying tapi berjaya! least nominate lah minah nih..damnit lah oscars..asyik nak drama 3 jam jer..bitch.

Cerita nih taklah takut sangat..but in a way sorta freaky..maybe cause the "things" is not really that outstanding..CGI sorta sux in a way..gotta admit that..but whatever lah..can overlook!personally aku rasa nih kisah human defying god, which is good in a way.

Another good thing bout the movie is the premise...syok..trap in a mart...awesome..big cast best.Tambah dlm disaster2 related movie nih..Anyway i would urge people to watch this flick...8.5/10..again..the to die for!

Monday, March 03, 2008

What if...

Hi readers, aku tgh saiko kat office nak legakan diri dengan menulis sat..saiko weih...calls duk masuk lagi...aiyoyo...nak jadik designer balik lah..dela kor ada position kosong kan?
Anyhoo..on the way here I thought of something..nuthing mind blowing related but just stuff that I'm currently a wee bit mad about.My lovely comic shop has gone downhill since my fav store keeper went bye bye.And the new guy?Haiyoooo...geek alert..dah lah cam taktau buat keje..DAN...dah berminggu aku duk datang ke kedai tuh...x kenal2 lagi aku...apa aku kena ada cleavage ker baru nak cam???! shheeesh.

Skrg nih cam mogok takmo datang selagi dia tak call..cause dia janji nak call tapi aku gak kena datang check ada skrg ego sat..dah 3 minggu aku tak tgk comic skrg dah agak gersang...nak tgk comic baru..tapi ego aku masih hebat.So I was like apa kata suh member jer I thought of u guys(member aku) one by one how would it come down to...

Razli ;

Razli : Hi, saya Reza...saya macho.
The idiot : Kau pehal???!

Dela ;

Dela : Hiiii storekeeper....*gedebuk..........
The idiot : Ma'am are u ok?
Dela : Mooooooooooooo....

Izar ;

Izar : Hiiiiii!..nama saya Reza...i nak com..WOW! u nih cute lah...nak # digit phone
The idiot : GILA KE??!

Ed/Cyber ;

Ed/Ber: Nyahhhhhhhh, mak nak comic X-men yg mak dah tunggu 3 minggu nih, berair fefet mak...kau ingat kau cantik simpan lama2?Nama i Reza tapi leh panggil Fifi.
The idiot : ok don't come here again.

Jurina ;

Jurina : Nak comic
The idiot : Nama?
Jurina : Reza
The idiot : Yg nih ke?
Jurina : Ye
The idiot : Nak plastic?
Jurina : duh
The idiot : Rm12.90...ada 90 sen?
Jurina : .......
The idiot : okkkkk...come again..
Jurina : hmm..

Faredah ;

Faredah : Hi saya datang nak pick up comic tuk Reza
The idiot : yg nih kan?
Faredah : Erm tak pasti lah..arituh dia ckp issue #199...tapi mungkin #200, erm erm
The idiot : rasanyer yg nih kan
Faredah : ermmm tak pasti lah...
The idiot : KAK!!! yg mana satu??!
Faredah : TAPI TAPI TAPI..

tuh dulu circa 1999-2003

Faredah now : Hi comics for Reza pls
The idiot : it is.
Faredah now : Here's 20..keep the change...

kemudian dia balik rumah dan bakar comic aku..takpon..bagi kat aku dlm keadaan koyak..dengan jawapan "it was like that when i bought it"

Joe ;

The idiot : Hi welcome to blah blah blah!

Jaa ;

The idiot : Hi welcome to blah blah blah!
*kaca satu building pecah...
The idiot : Please dont kill me ma'am

--the end..keje letih

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jessica Alba isn't she ur fav star?

I was browsing through some pics on the net and i stumble upon these..

ahahahahaha!fail sial

Kitty 70's show did better

1.takder orang lain ke?
2.aku dah lama tunggu fotoshoot sedemikian dlm ANTM
3.jessica...udah2 ler tuh
$.Jessica photoshoot should only be beach wear related!sekian