Friday, February 21, 2014

Ramblings of a mad X-Men fan

Decided to not do work today, boss ain't around so why not...right?

Early this week, Monday to be exact was a holiday..I actually thought it was Memorial Day, turns out it's Presidents Day..whoops my bad ( you'll know why later) So I decided to occupy myself with TV series that some I've been behind with and watch some flicks.

In the evening I decided to watch my least watched X-Men flick, which was The Last Stand. If you've been following my blog from the beginning, I've actually said the movie was so-kay.. but as time pass and with some inputs by X-fans and one of my friends who is a Marvel fan...I ended up hating the flick...A LOT! ...I went on a Twitter Rant the whole movie.,,observe

Yea ..see there, I actually wrote Happy Memorial Day..whoops!

Okay I know ef you is kinda uncalled for, but me ANGRY

I did not continue with First Class nor Wolverine Origins..maybe one day before DOFP is scheduled to premier here. I do think DOFP would be at least good, cause it's Mr Singer behind the chair (thank god) but I do have my doubts specially when they made Wolverine the x-chap who went back in time instead of Kitty and also ..AND especially when I saw what Quicksilver looks like, dear god. And my friend did point out that it's kinda risky to add a whole lot of mutants in 1 flick..cause..well..look at The Last Stand...a lot of mutants but really there wasn't much depth to their character (plus the fact they change a lot of their personality..why Psylocke why! ). The new addition though does look good...Warpath - Blink - Bishop look is acceptable , I'm especially excited to see em fighting Sentinels in the flick..oh man..May can't come any sooner. Well until Joss Whedon decides to dabble with X-Men franchise..make my MARVEL!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Best of 2013 : Part 2 10 - 1

God was so busy, ok let's finish this

10. This Is The End
I wrote early last year I was gonna enjoy The World's End  more, I did not. This is The End was the better funny apocalyptic flick. TITE is stupid but fun stupid, the kind of flick I enjoyed. It spots a great cast too..apparently playing themselves ( douche Hollywood celebs )

Best Scene : Jonah Hill possessed, funny shit

9. Now You See Me
I love this flick, I love the whole cast, I love the storyline, I love that it kept me guessing bout the twist, I love the magic trick, I love the heist, I love that one scene was shot in Paris in which I recently went (brought back memories) love love

Best Scene : the first heist or big magic show was hella was the second

8. Hunger Games : Catching Fire
I never got into the first Hunger Games, probably cause I was a big fan of Battle Royale and thought the flick was sorta like a tone down version of BR. But the second one was so so much better. It proves that the flicks is not just about the games, but so much more. Also it's so not another Twilight wanna be flick which is a relief. I also love that Effie was give more to do this time, I like her.

Best Scene : The big reveal of the Mocking Jay!

7. Prisoners
Woah, this one was edgy. A flick so intense you gotta see it to the end (even though it like a 2 hr plus flick) . This flick kept me guessing the whole way. Hugh Jackman gave a wonderful performance as the distraught father. I wonder why this flick didn't get any award nom, it deserves something.

Best Scene : The big reveal..yum

6. The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug
Like Hunger Games, I love the 2nd installation of the franchise so so much better. The Hobbit was okay but kinda dull, now Desolation .. now that's an adventure flick! The kinds we love from the 80s like Willow and others. Plus the Dragon..yo!

Best Scene : The Barrel! and well coordinated fight sequence

5. Star Trek Into the Darkness
I don't get the hate some people have towards the flick. But I love it, granted the 1st flick is better, Into the Darkness was still good. Khan (oh u know by now it's Khan!) was a great villain. A one man army sort of villain .. that's rare .. normally the hero is the one man army.

Best scene : Khaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Gravity
Oh finally a flick I like that is nominated. Gravity is good, not a lot of people love this sort of 1 person flick. My colleague hated this one, I was left confused. I thought it was compelling flick about survival. And the scenery..yo beautiful! And Ms Sandy? Great acting!

Best Scene : Sandra in a fetal position ..beautiful

3. Frozen
Do you wanna build a snow man~~. I love this flick. It's simple and yet there are a few plotlines that made you gasp. Well I did at least. Plus the songs! so uplifting (Let it Go) so sweet yet sad ( Do you wanna built a snowman) it's like what Disney movie used to be, great songs that fit the moment. Do tell how many recent 201-ish cartoon flicks that generated good songs? Epic? Hell no! Monster University? pfft! none of it. This movie I love, it made me all mushy and p/s : elsa hot!

Best Scene : Do you wanna built a snowman scene was a win for me, I was all awww the whole way...the thought of a lil kid playing alone kinda gets to me.

2. You're Next
HAH! managed to watch this in the nick of time. It was suppose to come out in MY but till now it never did. I heard lots of good stuff bout this and after watching it, yes it delivers. It delivered the gore, the excitement, the chase, the exciting cat and mouse games between the killer(s) and victims. What stood out for me is that the victims are a family, a large one. Which made it harder to stomach cause you know there is a definite bond there. However being the horror fan that I am, I saw the ending coming a mile away...but it's still a good flick me.

Best Scene : it involves a running girl and a wire, go figure.

1. The Conjuring
No surprise this is gonna be # 1 right? But if you look at the history, horror flicks rarely made it into #1 in my list, for a horror fan..that's kinda weird right? Anyway, The Conjuring totally blew me away..I came in expected to be scared and I got scared! Recently I saw this movie at my sis's and even she said she hasn't been this scared since Evil Dead. I'd say my sister could be right, the flick really felt like those old haunted house horror flicks which scared you as a kid. Plus the additional information that this is based on actually event (but really overly sensationalized) kinda make your skin crawl when thinking bout it. Plus with the good cast (really good cast) and a solid story made this flick a gem to me.

Best Scene : My favorite moment gotta be the scene when Christine (tomboy-ish hair, acted in White House Down) first encounter with the entity ..I was spooked, we didn't see anything but the sheer terror in the kid's eye sold me, would like to also add that when Lily Tomlin was possessed (whoops spoiler) scene was a WIN!

that's it, phew! -n-