Friday, February 21, 2014

Ramblings of a mad X-Men fan

Decided to not do work today, boss ain't around so why not...right?

Early this week, Monday to be exact was a holiday..I actually thought it was Memorial Day, turns out it's Presidents Day..whoops my bad ( you'll know why later) So I decided to occupy myself with TV series that some I've been behind with and watch some flicks.

In the evening I decided to watch my least watched X-Men flick, which was The Last Stand. If you've been following my blog from the beginning, I've actually said the movie was so-kay.. but as time pass and with some inputs by X-fans and one of my friends who is a Marvel fan...I ended up hating the flick...A LOT! ...I went on a Twitter Rant the whole movie.,,observe

Yea ..see there, I actually wrote Happy Memorial Day..whoops!

Okay I know ef you is kinda uncalled for, but me ANGRY

I did not continue with First Class nor Wolverine Origins..maybe one day before DOFP is scheduled to premier here. I do think DOFP would be at least good, cause it's Mr Singer behind the chair (thank god) but I do have my doubts specially when they made Wolverine the x-chap who went back in time instead of Kitty and also ..AND especially when I saw what Quicksilver looks like, dear god. And my friend did point out that it's kinda risky to add a whole lot of mutants in 1 flick..cause..well..look at The Last Stand...a lot of mutants but really there wasn't much depth to their character (plus the fact they change a lot of their personality..why Psylocke why! ). The new addition though does look good...Warpath - Blink - Bishop look is acceptable , I'm especially excited to see em fighting Sentinels in the flick..oh man..May can't come any sooner. Well until Joss Whedon decides to dabble with X-Men franchise..make my MARVEL!


asrap virtuoso said...

I didn't hate Last Stand. Wolverine Origins was 10 times worse to me.

Aku suka Bryan Singer, tapi last flick yg dia direct, Jack The Giant Slayer was not good. But I do still believe that DOFP will be great.

reza said...

I dig Jack the Giant Slayer sebenarnyer, but mmg some moments ia agak dull...oh but dont get me started with Origins...horror..