Sunday, April 30, 2006

Masters of Horror Part3

Ok let's finish this up,

10.Sick girl

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Plot : Lesbian love....yadayadayada...enters a big ass bug(corny looking btw)...all hell breaks loose

Verdict : Me likey this story.Me likey Angela Bettis,she's an excellent actress.Like in MAY she potrays yet another weird,goofy,shy young woman..and I lovee it!The characters is what draws me most into this flick.All awesomely potrayed.Storywise...very direct but it sticks with u,oh!but there is 1 twist in it...a small one but still a twist.Gore?Hmmm got some...but this flick is more towards the icky factor..slime here and there.All in all a great story..with a corny looking bug(this is my 1 negative thing in this flick)

Who : Lucky McKee,Director(he did MAY,no wonder huh)..Angela Bettis(Ida)...and Erin Brown (Misty)

So : #2

11.Pick Me Up

Plot : Two serial killers,different style but one purpose.Killing hitchikers!(...and other unlucky people)

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Verdict : Very veryyyyy typical.Its the same thing over and over again...but 1 difference,2 killers (oh shocker!!,yes I am beeing sarcastic)There's nothing that special in this's just watchable..if you've watched The Hitcher or Joy Ride..,u wont miss much..Heck!once on astro,there was this episode of Horror special something..that was just the same as this one...2 killers,1 run run...scream...yeah! she wins.(im not spoiling anything mind u).But if u are a fan of Faizura Balk or just plain like her(like me)it doesnt hurt to watch this an itsy bitsy twist at the end here..but nothing to go "OHHHHHHHH MY GOD!".

So : #10

Who : Larry Cohen,Director(ehehe not familiar)...Actor: Fairuza Balk (Stacia),was great in The Craft

12.Haeckel's Tale

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Plot : The tale of a guy who finds shelter in a couple's cabin.But the couple is hiding something..something that lives in the woods..

Verdict : Ok first of..sorry for the poyo plot.Ok moving on..hmmm what can I say bout this flick...well it's ok.Like before...doesnt bring anything new or excitment for me,but it wasn't bad...just..erm slow I guess,and there wasn't fright factor in here.It was disturbing though..i'll give em that..but I wont rush to see this flick again..

Who : Clive Barker,Director(Hellraiser!woopeee!).Actors , Leela Savasta (Elise Wolfram), Derek Cecil (Ernst Haeckel)

So : #9

13. Imprint

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Plot : An American journalist in 19th century Japan is hoping to find the love he left behind. His long search leads him to a dark island where the only sanctuary is a brothel. He ends up spending the night with an interesting woman where he learns that some things are better off left in the past.

Verdict : Ok this got to be the best episode of the bunch!It is sooooooo freaky,disturbing,bleak,eerie nak mampus.The torture scene is to die for!God how the asians(cam aku bukan asian jer)know how to make people wince.Storywise gooooooood!Weird and twisted...I was almost lost..but found myself again then got lost at the ending,but I dont care.All i know is that i really really enjoyed this episode..Actingwise..the asian lady was great..but the englishman,over the top.

Who : Takashi Mike,director (azmir fill me in with his movie pliss,ur the pro bout him here).Actors ,Youki Kudoh ,Billy Drago ,Michie Ito .

So : 1

2.Sick Girl
3.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road
5.Fair Haired Child
6.Dreams in the Witch House
8.Deer Woman
9.Haekel's Tale
10.Pick Me Up
11.Dance of the Dead
12.Cigarette Burns

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Masters of Horror Part2

Let's continue shall we?...btw i'm rushing today..sikit jer gi nak gi keje

7.Deer Woman

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Plot: A series of peculiar murders brings leads a detective to believe that an ancient Native American mythological creature is behind all these murder...btw this is a horror comedy

Verdict: This is the second horror comedy in the series,and it delivers!..It was sooo funny,though not as funny as Homecoming,but this is a close cotender(mana ada lain lagi pon).The best/funniest scene for me is where the detective assume how the murders happen(really really funny...)and the lead lady!HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!Gorewise?...nuthing much...mostly offscreen nuthin to scream about...all in all...not bad of an episode.

Who : John Landis;director(An american werewolf in London...awesome flick btw! was mention by the detective in this ep).Actors : Cinthia Moura (Deer Woman), Brian Benben (Dwight Faraday)

So : #8

8.Cigarette Burns

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Plot :Jimmy Sweetman ventures out to locate a rare film print called “Le Fin Absolue du Monde”. This film is said to drive people insane after seeing it true?or just mere urban legend.

Verdict:Allright,to tell u the truth I hate art movie...unless I understand them...THIS is an art film...directed by one of my fav director(john carpenter) imagine my "kecewaness" when I saw this flick...not that i'm upset with carpenter...but upset with meself cause i couldnt understand the message behind this best guess is that this story says "legend can be true?"i dunno...but gorewise...whoopeeeeeeeee!There a scene where a woman gets it good.

Who: John Carpenter,director(do i need to say it?.Actor: Norman Reedus (Kirby Sweetman) ...he's a familiar face in tv series..not mistaken he was in charmed once

So : #12

9.Fair Haired Child

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Plot:A 13 year old(she doesnt look 13) is kidnapped and locked in a basement by a scary couple with their younger son.

Verdict:Finally something really scary(for me),to start it off, the opening scene was awesome..looks real,and I was genuinely shocked.Then...came the thing...wohooo really weird looking and a bit scary if u see it at night..alone(i did this),storywise?..intresting,good twist here and there..can't really figure the reason of the kidnapping until near the end.Gore...not bad..but I dont care much for the gore as the story is intresting.Now actingwise was this flicks strenght,the two leads were believable...good characters,very well develop.As for the parents...well..they were just plain freaky(that's good btw).

Who: William Malone director(he did House Haunted Hill(good) and FearDotCom(ekkkkkkkkkk sux) this is a good rebound for him.Actor:Jesse Hadock (Johnny),Lindsay Pulsipher (Tara), William Samples (Anton), Lori Petty (Judith)..Lori Petty is well known for her potrayal of Tank Girl(which I saw only halfway cause it sux)

So: #5

oh look at the time...gotta get finishing the others by the end of the week..later people

the verdict so far :

3.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road
5.Fair Haired Child
6.Dreams in the Witch House
8.Deer Woman
11.Dance of the Dead
12.Cigarette Burns

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Masters of Horror Part1

Oleh kerana jurina dah hint,maka updatelah ku sekarang,sorry lah kerana lambat bebenor...mlm time balik keje mmg takder time...pagi lak feel takder...maka lambat lah nak update.N'way today me nak wat topic kisah Masters of Horror, a collection of short horror movie done by the "masters of horror".There are 13 episode's how I rate these episodes.

1.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road

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Plot: A young woman is stranded in the middle of nowhere then stalked by a deformed scary looking serial killer.A game of cat and mouse ensures

Verdict : Pretty good starting for this series.The killer is pretty scary looking and the premise,awesome!The heroine was good enuff for me..she delivered her "konon" defenseless dame very well, and i was totally rooting for her,unlike most horror leads lately.Gore?NOt bad,not bad at all some kewl stabbinga here and there,specially like the trap scene.Plotwise,looooooved the ending...intresting and somewhat didnt see it coming.

Who : Don Coscarelli;Director(this dude did phantasm,i only manage to c part 1 and 2,2's great btw), CAST; Ethan Embry (Bruce)Empire Record fame, Bree Turner (Ellen)

So : # 3

2.Dreams in the Witch House
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Plot: A young college student rents a loft which is somewhat like a portal or dimensional space(he's learning this "dimensional thingy btw) to another place where a witch lives.This witch wants something though.And she wants it bad!Naked witch ensures..

Verdict : Started out kinda slow,but end with a bang!Like before...i loved the ending.But i could live without that stupid looking rat(gila rasa nak lempang),then again this rat plays an important role is this movie.Actingwise?Not bad...the neighbour lady was cool.Gore...not too shabby,i pity the baby(oops said too much)

Who: Stuart Gordon (director),he did Re-animator(intresting story..but not my cup of tea though.Actors..sorang pon tak kenal..dan malas check

So : # 6

3.Dance of the Dead
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Plot : Post-Apocalyptic type of story.Where the survivors of a nuclear holocaust must learn to adapt to the current condition.The plot centers around a club where they re-animate the dead to dance for them (entah apa2).

Verdict : Many people specifically fans of Tobe Hopper booed this story.I for one think its not that bad, i'll give it a so-so.There's nothing much to say bout this story,I saw the ending miles away,and Freddy Krueger...sigh...he overeacts a bit here...and he's toooooo disgusting to like in here.Apart from that...erm not that memorable of a story.

Who : Tobe Hobber (director,he directs the original awesome Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Actors:Jessica Lowndes (Peggy), Jonathan Tucker,this dude is good,was in 100 girls (Jak)

So :#11

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Plot : A hot but yet deformed face lady comes into Frank's life,chaos ensures.

Verdict : Gore gore gore!There are lots of gore wohoooo!...and the kills oh my god..i pity those victims..Nudity?YES YES...terlampau kalau yg baik2 tuh elak lah yeh(jurina hint hint)Storywise?Pretty twist whatsoever...but the story kept me glued to the monitor.All in all a pretty good story..loved it.

Who : Dario Argento(director...horror base..most popular for suspiria) Actors Carrie Fleming (Jenifer), Steven Weber (Frank),i remembered him most in Single White Female

So : #4

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Plot : Jamie jobs deals with artifical flavours in the food industry and starts to experience the life of a mysterious woman with whom he has never met. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZz

Verdict : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ, I found myself doing other things btw...LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME

Who : Mick Garris (director...who?actually he did some familiar movies but..)Actor Henry Thomas (Jamie)...ET fame

So: easily the most hated episode for me so #13

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Plot : Dead soldiers turned into zombies to wreck havoc to the president of united states...tee hee's a horror comedy btw...for me that is

Verdict : Loved it...though it was silly...verrrry silly actually..but i still loved isnt a scary movie..heck its not even scary.The homage to the original Night of The Living Dead is very nicely done!And the ending!with the dead soldier playing the drums WAHAHAHAHA funny image!But on a serious note it does bring out some political issues(make sense?no?...go watch it)

Who : Joe Dante (director...he did gremlins...figures the sense of humour) Actors...hmmm dunno who lah

So : erm # 7

Ok tuh jer for tonight...I'll continue later far the list is like this

3.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road
6.Dreams in the Witch House
11.Dance of the Dead

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dari izar

Saja wat tengah2 boring nih

A - Available?: Nope, but working on it :D
A - Age: 24 tak lama lagi...sangat tak lama lagi
A - Annoyed me: Mr. Know It All, and Mr/Mrs Look at Me Look at me, everything is about me

B - Best Friends: hmmmmm...i would say..NOI
B - Books: Stan Lee...a.k.a comic
B - Birthday?: Guess

C - Celebrity Crush: Sarah Michelle Gellar
C - Car: Dah kena jual...menunggu Myvi...entah kurun apa akan dapat
C - Cat: Hate em

D - Date Today: April 12, 2006
D - Dialled numbers: Nano...whooops
D - Dog: Big NO-NO

E - Easiest person to talk to: None
E - Eggs: Scrambled
E - Email: t@!%!

F - Favorite colour(s): Blue, Black, White (wow sama ngan izar..but mine's dark blue)
F - Food: Erm MCD
F - Foreign Language(s): German...but dah lupa

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
G - God: Allah The Almighty
G - Good Time: maksud?...erm good time for me?..nitetime

H - Hair Color: Natural black
H - Height: 6'2
H - Happy: Not bad

I - Ice Cream: Anything with choc in it
I - Instrument: I played the drums, base drum only :))
I - Illness: Not that i know of

J - Jewelry: Couple of rings...lost em all..dunno where it went
J - Job: GSE somewhere in CJ
J - Joke: Scrubs and Homer...absolutely funny

K - Kids: Yes-Yes
K - Karate: I tried silat...really not joking
K - Karaoke: Only once

L - Longest Car Ride: aaaaa...dunno,could be Kl-Pahang if i was the sole driver if not...IPOH - Terengganu
L - Longest Relationship: A year
L - Longest Hair Lenght: Dunno never cared about it

M - Milk Flavor: Chocolate
M - Masturbation: No commentgak cause Jurina masuk blog nih...kena rating G skit
M - Movie Last Watched: erm Stay Alive

N - Northern or Southern State: North
N - Number(s): 4 and 9
N - Name: Nathaniel :))

O - One Wish?: My very own DVD store
O - One Phobia?: Dunno...really dont know
O - Otter Pop: Something to do with shit?

P - Pets?: All died and then cooked
P - Part of your appearance you like best: Buttocks :))
P - Part of your Personality you like best: Movie Freak

Q - Quote: When it comes to food i Dont Care about u
Q - Question for the person who read this: Am I nice?...nada gedik nih
Q - Quick or Slow: Somewhere in the middle

R - Reason to smile: Latest Horror Movie
R - Reality TV Show: HMmmm, mencari cinta ..NOT!
R - Right or Left: Right

S - Song Last Heard: Natalie Imbruglia - Wishing I was there
S - Season: Winter
S - Sex: Male ...that's what u wanted right?RIGHT?

T - Time you woke up: Currently always 10
T - Time for bed: Somewhere before 3.30 am
T - Talkative?: When with friends...close friends if not BATU

U - Unknown Fact about me: i have a third nipple.....kidding!
U - Unicorns?: FOOD!
U - Understand who you need to be?: dont really get this.

V - Vegetable you hate: dunno...i eat what i c and like what i c (make sense?)
V - Vegetable you love: like above
V - View on Politics: Poliwhaaaa..?

W- Worst Habits: Bully my father
W- Where are you going to travel next?: Australia...not joking
W- What's the closest thing next to you?: Ridsect

X - X-Rays: Just last month...
X - X-Rated Porn: ....educational
X - X-xtra special someone: kalau aku ckp mak disturbing..maka tukar...ermmmm GEllar..u know who u are

Y - Year you were born: 1982
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow?: HELL NO

Z - Zoo Animal: Cool
Z - Zodiac: Aries
Z - Zoolander?: funny

Saturday, April 08, 2006

weekend of suckness

Dont get me wrong this week rocks,BUT! most of my favourite contestant in reality show are out...lets start with ANTM latest casualty;

MOLLIE SUE??!! OH WHY WHY WHY, I didnt really see her winning,but my god i thought she would have lasted longer...and I agree with her..their reasons are i predicted same case like christina,she's out cause she was a bit personality...i quote christina "I dont see how beeing cold means u dont have a personality" or something in the lines of that...and I totally agree!stoopid stoopid judges...this is what i see.Personally i think in the fashion industry, models have to listen and be stupid,cause come on, everytime anyone(the contestant) wanted to say something to defend themselves they are shot down....and they wanted someone whose strong!sheshhhhh!why say u(model) have to accept what their comments are when they themselves wont listen...hypocript(i know spelling..malas check) I tell u...i end with mollie sue EXCELLENT shoots

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MANDISA!!WTF!!!ok i totally didnt see this coming...not saying im a big fan...but she has a great 3 quality at least!and now she's out?!!?it's not even halfway through the show yet!!though i have nothing to comment or point the finger to blame someone...THIS SUX!

The nerds
damnit! no more teams to root for...aka i dont have any comment...tapi mmg usually im bad at picking favs in Amazing Race

that's it!esok mungkin review THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake ngan original, and WHEN A STRANGER CALLS

Monday, April 03, 2006

R.I.P students of xaviers

IF u guys dont know (kalau taktau mmg korang tak kenal langsung aku...hmph)i collect comics, specifically xmen.One of the x-men(21&22) ended with a bang!42 students were killed and I was so damn shocked.Some of them i really wanted to see more...damnit lah marvel.Here are the current status of the popular students of X-men...oh btw from the X3 trailer i think the boy from cosairs team;quill is the spiky boy in the trailer...i think lah...oh and SOORAYA STILL LIVES!YIPEEE

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