Sunday, April 23, 2006

Masters of Horror Part1

Oleh kerana jurina dah hint,maka updatelah ku sekarang,sorry lah kerana lambat bebenor...mlm time balik keje mmg takder time...pagi lak feel takder...maka lambat lah nak update.N'way today me nak wat topic kisah Masters of Horror, a collection of short horror movie done by the "masters of horror".There are 13 episode's how I rate these episodes.

1.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road

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Plot: A young woman is stranded in the middle of nowhere then stalked by a deformed scary looking serial killer.A game of cat and mouse ensures

Verdict : Pretty good starting for this series.The killer is pretty scary looking and the premise,awesome!The heroine was good enuff for me..she delivered her "konon" defenseless dame very well, and i was totally rooting for her,unlike most horror leads lately.Gore?NOt bad,not bad at all some kewl stabbinga here and there,specially like the trap scene.Plotwise,looooooved the ending...intresting and somewhat didnt see it coming.

Who : Don Coscarelli;Director(this dude did phantasm,i only manage to c part 1 and 2,2's great btw), CAST; Ethan Embry (Bruce)Empire Record fame, Bree Turner (Ellen)

So : # 3

2.Dreams in the Witch House
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Plot: A young college student rents a loft which is somewhat like a portal or dimensional space(he's learning this "dimensional thingy btw) to another place where a witch lives.This witch wants something though.And she wants it bad!Naked witch ensures..

Verdict : Started out kinda slow,but end with a bang!Like before...i loved the ending.But i could live without that stupid looking rat(gila rasa nak lempang),then again this rat plays an important role is this movie.Actingwise?Not bad...the neighbour lady was cool.Gore...not too shabby,i pity the baby(oops said too much)

Who: Stuart Gordon (director),he did Re-animator(intresting story..but not my cup of tea though.Actors..sorang pon tak kenal..dan malas check

So : # 6

3.Dance of the Dead
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Plot : Post-Apocalyptic type of story.Where the survivors of a nuclear holocaust must learn to adapt to the current condition.The plot centers around a club where they re-animate the dead to dance for them (entah apa2).

Verdict : Many people specifically fans of Tobe Hopper booed this story.I for one think its not that bad, i'll give it a so-so.There's nothing much to say bout this story,I saw the ending miles away,and Freddy Krueger...sigh...he overeacts a bit here...and he's toooooo disgusting to like in here.Apart from that...erm not that memorable of a story.

Who : Tobe Hobber (director,he directs the original awesome Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Actors:Jessica Lowndes (Peggy), Jonathan Tucker,this dude is good,was in 100 girls (Jak)

So :#11

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Plot : A hot but yet deformed face lady comes into Frank's life,chaos ensures.

Verdict : Gore gore gore!There are lots of gore wohoooo!...and the kills oh my god..i pity those victims..Nudity?YES YES...terlampau kalau yg baik2 tuh elak lah yeh(jurina hint hint)Storywise?Pretty twist whatsoever...but the story kept me glued to the monitor.All in all a pretty good story..loved it.

Who : Dario Argento(director...horror base..most popular for suspiria) Actors Carrie Fleming (Jenifer), Steven Weber (Frank),i remembered him most in Single White Female

So : #4

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Plot : Jamie jobs deals with artifical flavours in the food industry and starts to experience the life of a mysterious woman with whom he has never met. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZz

Verdict : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ, I found myself doing other things btw...LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME

Who : Mick Garris (director...who?actually he did some familiar movies but..)Actor Henry Thomas (Jamie)...ET fame

So: easily the most hated episode for me so #13

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Plot : Dead soldiers turned into zombies to wreck havoc to the president of united states...tee hee's a horror comedy btw...for me that is

Verdict : Loved it...though it was silly...verrrry silly actually..but i still loved isnt a scary movie..heck its not even scary.The homage to the original Night of The Living Dead is very nicely done!And the ending!with the dead soldier playing the drums WAHAHAHAHA funny image!But on a serious note it does bring out some political issues(make sense?no?...go watch it)

Who : Joe Dante (director...he did gremlins...figures the sense of humour) Actors...hmmm dunno who lah

So : erm # 7

Ok tuh jer for tonight...I'll continue later far the list is like this

3.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road
6.Dreams in the Witch House
11.Dance of the Dead


jue (memang nama sebenar) said...

aku scan ade 2 kali nama aku diulang.. tgk wayang? enuff water spirit.. huh..

reza said...

saja nak acknowledge kor...kalau sorang lagi minah perut tuh kang dia pasan habis...btw water spirit ku tak tgk lagi...nanti2 lah kot...source lain kan ada :)

jun-aidi (juga nama sebenar) aka Ed said...

reza, apsal ko tak kasi tau pasal masters of horror? ya allah mcm best giler... especially after seeing the trailer ->

jue-naidi (sekali lagi nama sebenar) aka Ed said...

owh dah jumpa black christmas? aku tgh tgk sumer dvd yg ko kasik tu... btw, buleh ke aku download kat limewire masters of horror? ke ko dah ada copy? ke ko leh kasik aku link torrent? pliz consult... huhuhu...

Ed said...

owh reza btw, ko tau tak pasal an american haunting -> kalau dah review pliz...

reza said...

ok bila kor comment nih...terkejut aku tiba2 dapat banyak sekali gus...dan aah aku ada masters of horror...dah lengkap...nanti2 aku abihkan review..kalau kor nak next time kor maih aku kasik...dan aku taknah dengor american haunting...thanx for the info

johnsy said...

wow! american haunting....

reza said...

JOHN! long time no hear?...where have u been?I have this aesthetic artwork to show u.

reza said...

JOHN! long time no hear?...where have u been?I have this aesthetic artwork to show u.

Zack said...

Lompat dr blog fadz.

Dude, aku akan selalu ke sini.

Ed said...

reza -> kawan aku fadz dah bookmark blog ko....

Che underscore Lee said...

beeyatch!! bila ko nak dtg nih? jual muka lagi kat hb3.. Kata nak tgk "Richard Gere" in person!!

reza said...

cool dapat kenalan baru,thanx ed kerana fwdkan

spiral said...

dario argento bikin jenifer? aarrghhh aku mesti cari jugak dvd ni. Kau beli kat mana reza?

reza said...

darn tak perasan kor comment spiral...sorry2..aku actually guna source lain...if u know what i mean :D