Thursday, April 27, 2006

Masters of Horror Part2

Let's continue shall we?...btw i'm rushing today..sikit jer gi nak gi keje

7.Deer Woman

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Plot: A series of peculiar murders brings leads a detective to believe that an ancient Native American mythological creature is behind all these murder...btw this is a horror comedy

Verdict: This is the second horror comedy in the series,and it delivers!..It was sooo funny,though not as funny as Homecoming,but this is a close cotender(mana ada lain lagi pon).The best/funniest scene for me is where the detective assume how the murders happen(really really funny...)and the lead lady!HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!Gorewise?...nuthing much...mostly offscreen nuthin to scream about...all in all...not bad of an episode.

Who : John Landis;director(An american werewolf in London...awesome flick btw! was mention by the detective in this ep).Actors : Cinthia Moura (Deer Woman), Brian Benben (Dwight Faraday)

So : #8

8.Cigarette Burns

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Plot :Jimmy Sweetman ventures out to locate a rare film print called “Le Fin Absolue du Monde”. This film is said to drive people insane after seeing it true?or just mere urban legend.

Verdict:Allright,to tell u the truth I hate art movie...unless I understand them...THIS is an art film...directed by one of my fav director(john carpenter) imagine my "kecewaness" when I saw this flick...not that i'm upset with carpenter...but upset with meself cause i couldnt understand the message behind this best guess is that this story says "legend can be true?"i dunno...but gorewise...whoopeeeeeeeee!There a scene where a woman gets it good.

Who: John Carpenter,director(do i need to say it?.Actor: Norman Reedus (Kirby Sweetman) ...he's a familiar face in tv series..not mistaken he was in charmed once

So : #12

9.Fair Haired Child

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Plot:A 13 year old(she doesnt look 13) is kidnapped and locked in a basement by a scary couple with their younger son.

Verdict:Finally something really scary(for me),to start it off, the opening scene was awesome..looks real,and I was genuinely shocked.Then...came the thing...wohooo really weird looking and a bit scary if u see it at night..alone(i did this),storywise?..intresting,good twist here and there..can't really figure the reason of the kidnapping until near the end.Gore...not bad..but I dont care much for the gore as the story is intresting.Now actingwise was this flicks strenght,the two leads were believable...good characters,very well develop.As for the parents...well..they were just plain freaky(that's good btw).

Who: William Malone director(he did House Haunted Hill(good) and FearDotCom(ekkkkkkkkkk sux) this is a good rebound for him.Actor:Jesse Hadock (Johnny),Lindsay Pulsipher (Tara), William Samples (Anton), Lori Petty (Judith)..Lori Petty is well known for her potrayal of Tank Girl(which I saw only halfway cause it sux)

So: #5

oh look at the time...gotta get finishing the others by the end of the week..later people

the verdict so far :

3.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road
5.Fair Haired Child
6.Dreams in the Witch House
8.Deer Woman
11.Dance of the Dead
12.Cigarette Burns


Dela said...

babi kor nih. sib baik siang. kalo tak aku dis own ko....muka gf ko yg mulut senget tuh hot enouff.

. : obesiti perkapasiti : . said...

hahahaa... best best.. walaupon kesemua citer itu ako lom tgk lagi..ahkahakah tak sempat nok.. mak busy..ape kate ko burn kan dan bg aku tgk selepas aku habes MMU.. muahahahaha

Ed said...

reza... i'm coming tomorrow... so burn la masters of horror tu awal2 k...

reza said...

dela : ahahahhahah berjaya trick aku

obesiti perkapasiti : kor gi abihkan fyp kor tuh dulu

ed : hello aku keje,4-1 am

Dela said...

reaz...ko ade smer citer2 nih..aku nak...burn kan lam cd...aku ganti ngan ...Danial....haha cd aku lah kan. family aku selalu ada gathering tgk citer2 antu everyweekend. tau2 la anak2 sedara aku skali ske. NAKKK NAKKK

Dela said...

reaz saper weh? tak pe . u're a bitch. kasi kor nama baru

spiral said...

cool.. teruskan ber'horror' dude.

reza said...

dela : u come here, aku malas nak ke bangsar...

spiral : thank u kind stranger...

Dela said...

bebila aku datang cyber nanti aku nak kene bawak berapa cd nak gamnti2 kan ngan ko nyer cd nih. tatau X(

Anonymous said...

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