Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dari izar

Saja wat tengah2 boring nih

A - Available?: Nope, but working on it :D
A - Age: 24 tak lama lagi...sangat tak lama lagi
A - Annoyed me: Mr. Know It All, and Mr/Mrs Look at Me Look at me, everything is about me

B - Best Friends: hmmmmm...i would say..NOI
B - Books: Stan Lee...a.k.a comic
B - Birthday?: Guess

C - Celebrity Crush: Sarah Michelle Gellar
C - Car: Dah kena jual...menunggu Myvi...entah kurun apa akan dapat
C - Cat: Hate em

D - Date Today: April 12, 2006
D - Dialled numbers: Nano...whooops
D - Dog: Big NO-NO

E - Easiest person to talk to: None
E - Eggs: Scrambled
E - Email: t@!%!

F - Favorite colour(s): Blue, Black, White (wow sama ngan izar..but mine's dark blue)
F - Food: Erm MCD
F - Foreign Language(s): German...but dah lupa

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
G - God: Allah The Almighty
G - Good Time: maksud?...erm good time for me?..nitetime

H - Hair Color: Natural black
H - Height: 6'2
H - Happy: Not bad

I - Ice Cream: Anything with choc in it
I - Instrument: I played the drums, base drum only :))
I - Illness: Not that i know of

J - Jewelry: Couple of rings...lost em all..dunno where it went
J - Job: GSE somewhere in CJ
J - Joke: Scrubs and Homer...absolutely funny

K - Kids: Yes-Yes
K - Karate: I tried silat...really not joking
K - Karaoke: Only once

L - Longest Car Ride: aaaaa...dunno,could be Kl-Pahang if i was the sole driver if not...IPOH - Terengganu
L - Longest Relationship: A year
L - Longest Hair Lenght: Dunno never cared about it

M - Milk Flavor: Chocolate
M - Masturbation: No commentgak cause Jurina masuk blog nih...kena rating G skit
M - Movie Last Watched: erm Stay Alive

N - Northern or Southern State: North
N - Number(s): 4 and 9
N - Name: Nathaniel :))

O - One Wish?: My very own DVD store
O - One Phobia?: Dunno...really dont know
O - Otter Pop: Something to do with shit?

P - Pets?: All died and then cooked
P - Part of your appearance you like best: Buttocks :))
P - Part of your Personality you like best: Movie Freak

Q - Quote: When it comes to food i Dont Care about u
Q - Question for the person who read this: Am I nice?...nada gedik nih
Q - Quick or Slow: Somewhere in the middle

R - Reason to smile: Latest Horror Movie
R - Reality TV Show: HMmmm, mencari cinta ..NOT!
R - Right or Left: Right

S - Song Last Heard: Natalie Imbruglia - Wishing I was there
S - Season: Winter
S - Sex: Male ...that's what u wanted right?RIGHT?

T - Time you woke up: Currently always 10
T - Time for bed: Somewhere before 3.30 am
T - Talkative?: When with friends...close friends if not BATU

U - Unknown Fact about me: i have a third nipple.....kidding!
U - Unicorns?: FOOD!
U - Understand who you need to be?: dont really get this.

V - Vegetable you hate: dunno...i eat what i c and like what i c (make sense?)
V - Vegetable you love: like above
V - View on Politics: Poliwhaaaa..?

W- Worst Habits: Bully my father
W- Where are you going to travel next?: Australia...not joking
W- What's the closest thing next to you?: Ridsect

X - X-Rays: Just last month...
X - X-Rated Porn: ....educational
X - X-xtra special someone: kalau aku ckp mak disturbing..maka tukar...ermmmm GEllar..u know who u are

Y - Year you were born: 1982
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow?: HELL NO

Z - Zoo Animal: Cool
Z - Zodiac: Aries
Z - Zoolander?: funny


Che underscore Lee said...

A - Age: 24 tak lama lagi...sangat tak lama lagi [ni nak promote birthday ke?]

C - Celebrity Crush: Sarah Michelle Gellar [ke Jude Law????]

H - Height: 6'2 [ahahaha... and hahahaha and more ha!]

P - Part of your appearance you like best: Buttocks :)) [hmmm.... buat muka curious]

S - Sex: Male ...that's what u wanted right?RIGHT? [WHAT?? Means you wanna have sex with a male ke?]

Razli said...

A - Available?: Nope, but working on
D - Dialled numbers: Nano...whooops

Aku tumpang gembira. :)

ajurina said...

besday ko 19 april kan?

ajurina said...

dem.. tak perasan ade name aku..

reza said...

yeah jurina terror!suka kau...moh ke zouk...

izar : height(kalau betul camner?), celebrity crush (could happen) sex(hello sex gender lah kan...kor yg beria tulis kisah sex,tengok jurina..dia pon tulis female)

razli : aha...and what u mean?

ed said...

1 - ridsect? err...
2 - weh saper nano...
3 - working on dgn saper? waaaa reza... diam2 ko... patut la tgk wayang tak ajak... ceh....

Dela said...

OOoooo patua la aku ajak pi tgk wayang ko payoh beno. ooo nano yehhhhhhh

M - Masturbation: No commentgak cause Jurina masuk blog nih...kena rating G skit [BAHAHAHA....aku tahu jawapan dia..everydayyyyy]

Q - Quote: When it comes to food i Dont Care about u [sumpah aku miss quote nih :))]

W- Worst Habits: Bully my father [waahahahaha :)) true. but sian...]

W- Where are you going to travel next?: Australia...not joking [NAK IKOTTTTTTTTTTTT]

Che underscore Lee said...

height(kalau betul camner?)

ahaahahaha in your dreaaamss!!!

ed said...

height tu betul la izar... reza masa sekolah supermodel beb... saper tak kenal reza... nih serius nih.... betul tak tipu... serius...

Razli said...

Reza dkt MMU pun dulu supermodel gak. Aku ada satu gambar dia, silap, aku ada satu SET gambar dia. Nak pamer ke tidak ye, hmm, eh tapi dia boleh blackmail aku lah pulak (tapi yg nak diblackmail tu rasa takde dkt tangan dia hehehe!). Selain aku, sape lagi ye ada amek gambar dia, jab mikir..

Dela said...

post je razli....kasi sme rang tengok. supermodel my ass =))

Dela said...

ed tuh...masa dia skolah mata dia he's not seeing the real reza aku rasa =))

Anonymous said...

dela dela....ur a bitch

reza said...

dela dela ur a bitch comment tuh adalah aku, saja nak bitau cause razli confuse tadi...(not that type of confuse mind u)

Ed said...

dela dela... huhu... reza nih pon apsal tak tunjuk gambar ko yg sexy tue... ingat tak... yang SEXY tu... kat Blok A tu... yang cam tu tu... huhuhuhu.... takper reza... ko dgn noi tetap next supermodel ku... muahahahaha...

Ed said...

reza... aku dah tgk hostel.. and its damn saiko... sampai aku tersaiko sorang... u should see it... i guess u like it... especially there are hundreds of scenes with babes and hot asses... owh not to mention some tits... ewh....

Che underscore Lee said...

Hostel saiko sangat...
Ending scene dalam toilet sangat gore I almost puke!

jue (bukan nama sebenar) said...

hostel tu movie ke?

Dela said...

tertanya pasal hostel gak. movie ker? reza is still not a supermodel.

dela dela ......ur a bitch? i know you like to sebut my lovely name. thank you!

Ed said...

hostel is a movie.. gore+cult... ko tgk org potong jari, cungkil biji mata depan ko.. ehw... aku sampai nak termuntah tgk movie nie... neway cast yg aku kenal sorang jer... jay hernandez...

ajurina said...

bile nak tebas rumput?

xpe ke wish besday ko kat sini? dah wish dah semalam kan? arini just nak remind je..

Dela said...

ya? anyway ed...ko ensem.. (saja nak buat reza jeles)

. : obesiti perkapasiti : . said...

eh sayur nye ko nk update??? anyway tak suke ke ucapan arses aku kt ko?