Saturday, April 08, 2006

weekend of suckness

Dont get me wrong this week rocks,BUT! most of my favourite contestant in reality show are out...lets start with ANTM latest casualty;

MOLLIE SUE??!! OH WHY WHY WHY, I didnt really see her winning,but my god i thought she would have lasted longer...and I agree with her..their reasons are i predicted same case like christina,she's out cause she was a bit personality...i quote christina "I dont see how beeing cold means u dont have a personality" or something in the lines of that...and I totally agree!stoopid stoopid judges...this is what i see.Personally i think in the fashion industry, models have to listen and be stupid,cause come on, everytime anyone(the contestant) wanted to say something to defend themselves they are shot down....and they wanted someone whose strong!sheshhhhh!why say u(model) have to accept what their comments are when they themselves wont listen...hypocript(i know spelling..malas check) I tell u...i end with mollie sue EXCELLENT shoots

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MANDISA!!WTF!!!ok i totally didnt see this coming...not saying im a big fan...but she has a great 3 quality at least!and now she's out?!!?it's not even halfway through the show yet!!though i have nothing to comment or point the finger to blame someone...THIS SUX!

The nerds
damnit! no more teams to root for...aka i dont have any comment...tapi mmg usually im bad at picking favs in Amazing Race

that's it!esok mungkin review THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake ngan original, and WHEN A STRANGER CALLS


iizar said...

Mollie Sue aku agree sesangat. Dah la bottom 2 dengan Jade-fade-get laid! Cam pliss la kuarkan that arrogant bitch!

Mandisa...why?why?why? Bottom 2 dengan Elliot plak tu.. my fav! Aku harap2 sangat pasni Bucky or Kellie (I know ko suka dia but she's just OK) out..

Dan the Nerds? Ahaha.. masa aku bukak website aku cam terus nak msg ko nak buat HAHA Nelson tapi nanti spoiled plak. My teams are still strongs.. Go Frat Boys!! Go Hippies!!

p/s: The team of my choice usually did well in TAR kan?

reza said...

dah jantan2 sasa mana taknyer

Razli said...

Aku masih kecewa Desiree dan mak nye terkua. Huh next season taknak ada fav team lah pun. Asal fav je, terkua. Bastard. OK nak sambung kerja, ciau! (sambil nari ala-ala Phil)

reza said...

desiree ngan maknya?,ooo nama anak jer hafal yeh?maknyer tak hafal...bias...actually aku pon tak ingat :))

Che underscore Lee said...

Hahh sedaar pun..
Wanda & Desiree laah!

Che underscore Lee said...

Dan statement ko pasal Jantan2 sasa..

Excuse me, season sebelum family edition tuh (yg Uchenna & Joyce menang over Rob & Amber) aku rooting for the Boyfriends (Lynn & Alex) and Mom & Son (Susan & Patrick) which are faaaaaaar from jantan2 sasa type!!

reza said...

the Boyfriends (Lynn & Alex)(GAY) and Mom & Son (Susan & Patrick)(HALF GAY)

see where im getting at?