Thursday, April 26, 2012

hmv my idea of heaven

Since I can't sleep let me write, mr. siber can post his review next week ( I saw under draft he has written down something ) erm no new reviews, didn't watch any movie last week at the cinema..wanted to watch Lockout but no one bought my pitch ...come on it's Guy Pearce! the dude's cool!

Anyway, it's been near a month now since my trip overseas .. I miss most of the stuff I enjoyed there, one in particular was the HMV store. I've been to HMV before once when I was a wee bit and the other time was in Singapore. HMV is a huge movie/books/music store..HUGE!...but during the two times I visit that store my source of money was me dad. So I can't really go nuts on the movies. I only bought Stepford Wives (the old one..not the weird ass remake with Nicole Kidman) at Singapore HMV in which I immensely regret cause the movie was ... blaaagh!

Now I have my own money so I can shop till I drop, and boy did I shop! My cousin clocked me, she said I was in there for 1 and a half hour and it could've been longer if I had not been rushing. What made me stuck there was the HUGE tv series collection .. I honestly think they have 80% tv series released in America or Britain. I grabbed The full set of Big Bang Theory (S1-4), then grabbed Spartacus: Blood & Sand + God of the Arena. Then I saw the X-men cartoon from the 90s full set!...I grabbed that too and a couple more series that I now forgot what it was.

Then I saw the best section ever...HORROR!...and like those zombies in 28 days later I went on a rampage...I grabbed everything I deemed cool without caring bout the price-tag (eh Jessie J ? )...and after an hour my basket was full! I kid you not. and THEN I realized something...I'm not rich!...bwahahaha. So I did some editing, I dropped a lot of titles!...mostly the old classics cause it was freakin expensive! pfft! After editing I pay up went back home, packed the stuff in my luggage and only last weekend I unpack (after near a month!) and saw what I bought...and ... I think my editing skill SUX! Here's what I ended up with

Not one classic horror flick!...yeeeesh! all 2000-ish movies, well maybe except Mannequin which was the very last movie I picked up near the counter oh and it's not a horror flick. (I'll get back to Mannequin later). Though all the movies I took back with me were relatively good horror flicks (for me, if korang x suka pfft) .. I would have preferred something older / rare. I guess I was thinking bout the price AND the bonus feature, I'm a feature watching behind the scenes or the deleted scenes. I'm freakish (or geekish?) like that. The movies I ended up with are packed with extras which was cool. So far I only have watched Piranha 3D .. the features were good!..I dig..that's why I don't really buy original dvds here in Malaysia...the features sucks...(eh but I do buy original movies! just..not a lot :P ). I haven't check the others yet .. probably will do so in june when I finish up my leftover leaves.

I'm however...really really glad I bought Spartacus box set cause I think I can't find that here in Malaysia (or can I?)...based on the features I read earlier...there's a lot in there and I think I'll enjoy it..well I hope I will enjoy it. Oh and as for Mannequin ...why in the world did I buy's a cool movie..I really do like that movie but to buy it as a keepsake (with no features I might add) ...what was I thinking? dl jer patutnyer kan?'s lesson..hehe. Ok will try to sleep again..till next time peeps.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ulasan dari Rumah: Jidin Sengal

Saya tidak pasti kenapa saya selalu ada perasaan 'ingin tahu' bila ada pilihan untuk menonton filem-filem seperti ini.

Dengan tajuknya yang sudah pasti akan dijauhi oleh kebanyakkan peminat-peminat filem (yang bijak), saya tetap ingin beri peluang untuknya (untuk ditonton, walaupun hanya melalui DVD).

Tapi, seperti yang telah saya duga, ia mengecewakan. Amat mengecewakan.

Mempunyai permulaan yang baik dengan kerja kamera dan pengenalan watak, filem ini merudum sebaik sahaja Jidin mula kenal dengan watak yang dibawa oleh Jue Aziz.

Filem ini agak bercelaru dalam menyampaikan hala tuju sebenar Jidin. Adakah dia sebenarnya mencari kekasih waktu kecilnya Piah atau memang ingin menjadi seorang pelakon? Apapun, pencarian Jidin nampak hambar dan kerjaya filemnya juga tampak bodoh dan kadangkala seperti menunjukkan sisi dangkal para pembuat filem sedang saya rasa tak semuanya bersikap sebegitu.

Kesimpulan, satu lagi persembahan lemah dari Angah dan Along (walaupun sebenarnya dalam babak berlakon filem, Along nampak meyakinkan) selain lakonan melebih-lebih dari Zac dan pengakhiran yang bercelaru dan melebih-lebih.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nerdgasm Issue 1

Saw this at mudah

Nak...tapi good grief! look at the price


Saturday, April 14, 2012

SMG isn't she ur fav star?

YEP! Still is, and today is her Birthday!! Happy 35th Gellar and here's hoping to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion some day (outlook looks grim) Ok that's it. Happy weekends

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cabin in the Woods : Worth the wait!

Finally!...Cabin in the Woods opens after much delay (was suppose to be released last year) Was eagerly waiting for this one..hey I posted it as one of my must watch movie for this year.

And it was awesome!!! First let me just say that I love Joss Whedon's work! He created / directed / produced / wrote Buffy ( my # 1 tv show ever! am dead serious!) He created /wrote Firefly (a great show that was canceled WAY too soon!) , directed Serenity (very cool Sci Fi Flick) .. wrote for Astonishing X-Men the first 10 (or more issues) ...dude knows his shit!

He knows how to create awesomely cool characters. They were plentiful here, each and every one of em have their own special quirks. The Stoner / Fool was the best...he got the best lines! Speaking of line true to Joss's work he comes up with great lines and comedic scenes...just like it was in this one scene a Baddie was being all seriously yapping away but then stop when he realized that he was being punked .. that has Joss written all over it!

As for the was weird but cool. Early into the movie I didn't know what this movie was about, what was the whole idea..even the Title threw me off came out of no where..BOOM in ur face...but as the story progress you will get what the cabin is all about. The reasoning behind the whole Cabin is pretty cool..(also has Buffy written all over it *5th & Final Season)

The actors? Solid performance from all, like I said earlier..the Stoner / Fool..he was mucho cool! Thor (Chris Helm) another familiar face actor was cool as well..I love seeing him getting beat up cause It looked like Thor getting beat up. The leading lady was adorable..dunno her..but adorable.Then the minor characters...I was so excited seeing some of the minor have 2 Buffyverse Alumni ..Amy Acker and Tom Lenk!..I was excited to see em on screen...and finally one very cool cameo at the end..I love it!..I'm not gonna spoil it for you guys.

The monsters? Plentiful..I can't say much cause it might spoil for those who haven't seen it yet..but I assure you there were a lot of em..A LOT!..I was excited when I see these monsters in action.

A minor complain though, if you see the might be spoiled on some of the outcome of the who edits trailer..please edit carefully. I knew something was not right when one of the character died

Overall? ...I rarely rate a movie here but I'm just gonna do it cause I love this movie.. 8/10

Monday, April 09, 2012

Dark Flight 407 ... nok!

Pantas ini Siber, aku baru nak update dia dah update..

Nway..last weekend was a fun one, saw a Thai Horror Flick Dark Flight 407, it was marketed as the first 3D horror from Thailand..but I wasn't really interested in watching it in fact wasn't interested in watching it at all (trailer looked lame)..was pushing for Mirror-Mirror (which was weird, cause I'm more of a horror fan) ..but alas the majority won. So Dark Flight it is.

And as expected, it was pretty stupid...HOWEVER the movie is admittedly enjoyable. It's stupid but still enjoyable..this solely base on the characters (which also includes ghost) they came up with whom were mostly was probably unintentional but I found it mucho hilarious! The "penari kebudayaan" ghost (as my friends called her, NOK! (yes there's a character named NOK!) ..which made the whole group I was with LAUGHED OUT LOUD instantly...then there's Prince who was sorta over the top but has his cool moment..the scientist turned priest...the 2 whites who were not appealing at all...and many many more. There were all cool and funny! (and as mentioned earlier it could be unintentional but I laughed at em). Now the 3D , eventhough I did not watch it in 3D,it was obvious where the 3D scenes were utilized...and I think it could have been awesome. (think) As for the scares...not too shabby..there were a few eerie moment. 1/3 of the movie was pretty good.

The bad (a lot), the set was laughable..please point me which airline has a wide aisle as what was shown in the movie...seriously Please! Logic wise I'm gonna let it slide since it's a horror flick but there were some WTF this won't happen in real life. Some of the ghost were really idiotic looking...the constantly levitating 3 air stewardess were not only annoying, they looked stooopid! The heroine lead...LAME..and didn't do much. Resolution and reason behind the hauntings? pretty dumb..

Overall watch it with your friends like I did, we were howling making fun of the idiotic ghost and weird characters in that movie the whole way, but don't expect it to be something like Shutter or the more establish horror flicks from Asia.

Ulasan dari Rumah: Limitless

Sudah tentulah saya tidak menonton filem ini dari DVD seperti yang dipaparkan di sebelah. Tapi saya pasti ia tetap sama mengujakan dan menarik untuk diperbincangkan.

Selepas setahun (lewat?) baru saya sempat menonton kisah Eddie yang melalui detik sukar dalam hidupnya. Beliau seorang penulis yang sudah kekeringan idea, teman wanita sudah tidak mahu peduli lagi dan rumah kucar kacir seperti sarang lipas.

Datang Vernon, bekas adik iparnya, dengan sebiji pil lutsinar yang mengingatkan saya sedikit kala Morpheus halakan pil biru dan merah pada Neo dahulu. Pil NZT yang Vernon tawarkan ini tidak pula buat Eddie 'bangun' dan masuk ke lubang arnab tetapi lebih kepada menjadikannya lebih segar, mata lebih buntang dan pemikiran lebih jelas dan teratur. Dari situ bermulalah cerita yang sedikit kalut tetapi bersama pengakhiran yang ceria di akhirnya.

Sepanjang pengembaraan Eddie bersama pil NZT membuatkan saya tertanya, adakah ini jalan yang saya akan pilih jika saya berpeluang untuk menelan NZT? Adakah saya akan cukup berani untuk mempergunakan otak saya dan menipu dunia hanya untuk berada selesa di atas sana?

Persoalan ini sedikit terjawab bila setiap tindakan Eddie, seperti meminjam wang dari lintah darat, cuba bermain dengan dunia bursa yang kejam dan cuba kembali kepada kekasih lamanya Lindy disimpulkan dengan penyelesaian yang menyenangkan. Eddie nampaknya kebal bila bersama pil tersebut.

Saya suka lakonan Bradley Cooper sebagai Bradley. Beliau yang juga penerbit amat meyakinkan perubahannya dari seorang yang lemah dan sudah hilang harapan kepada seorang yang berkuasa dan hampir tidak takutkan apa-apa sudahnya. Robert De Niro datang dengan mengingatkan saya sedikit dengan wataknya dalam Meet the Parents. Tapi paling saya suka adalah watak Gennady yang Andrew howard bawa, bukan kerana beliau bagus sangat tapi kerana mengingatkan saya kepada Jason Statham.

Apapun, filem yang baik untuk mengisi masa terluang. 7/10 (Saya sebenarnya letak 8/10 di IMDB tapi, entahlah, tiba-tiba jadi makin kurang suka pula).

Monday, April 02, 2012

Behold my Wrath!

Yeah base on the title you know which movie I'm gonna talk about. But first let me go through the movies I saw last week.

I saw Hunger Games Wednesday : and I've covered that

Thursday I saw John Carter.

It was pretty cool, reminds me A LOT of Star Wars. You know, sand dunes..the Arena..weird Jar Jar like aliens though THANK GOD! I dunno what more I can say...the movie is only big problem is the leading lady..she had the worst dialogue anyone can imagine..acting wise still ok...her dialogues were...very very CORNY!..luckily she fought well...and not just some princess bimbo hiding out at the corner. Oh just wanna add I love those green aliens!..the Thark!..they were cool, funny and pretty cute. Overall enjoyable.

Thark clan..I dig em

oh I just remembered something!..I love that dog reminded me a lot of Lockjaw from Marvel (Crystal's teleporter dog )


the dog in John Carter..definitely inspired by Lockjaw

Then saw Wrath of the Titans. This one was a as predicted by many..was a letdown. Clash was better and that was a lukewarm film for me. From the beginning everything felt wrong..the story was everywhere and weak..the baddies were pffft-able..SPECIALLY the big bad near the end. The Journey? ..boring...boring boring boring ... most of the crew got killed of mid way which was stupid and lame..the underworld scenes were too brief..lame ass everything was lame ah..there wasn't anything much .


As for the's a paycheck to all of em I suppose...specially the veterans. And I dunno why they think it was a good idea to kill of Gemma's character from Clash..she was lovely and had that ethereal look. The new leading lady...though pretty...didn't do much for me. Yes, I like a woman who fights back but this one was eh...she was better as a bond girl...maybe she didn't have that look? But I think it was what she was too mannish. And with that...I don't like this movie.

Lastly is a post apocalyptic movie I dl, I watched the trailer early this year and like what I saw..and when I saw the cast list I decided I really gotta watch this. Movie had Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette, Milo Ventimiglia and Ashton Holmes to name a few. About a group of people that survive a nuclear attack hiding in their apartment's basement.

I dig this one, I love how they showed each survivor cope with being trapped in the basement not knowing what actually happened outside. The mystery surrounding what's happening outside was also a nice touch..and then when everyone went nutty all hell breaks got slash throat, self mutilation..etc. Milo did well here..I normally find him annoying with his constant crooked roar shape mouth when expressing have that look..a lot of it..but when he went extra nutty / transformed into a loony ..he did was probably due to the makeup as well..but nonetheless I was impressed.

My big problem with this ran way too long. Luckily they know how to add some excitement when I started to feel bored..still to long though. Above average.

Ok that's it!