Thursday, April 26, 2012

hmv my idea of heaven

Since I can't sleep let me write, mr. siber can post his review next week ( I saw under draft he has written down something ) erm no new reviews, didn't watch any movie last week at the cinema..wanted to watch Lockout but no one bought my pitch ...come on it's Guy Pearce! the dude's cool!

Anyway, it's been near a month now since my trip overseas .. I miss most of the stuff I enjoyed there, one in particular was the HMV store. I've been to HMV before once when I was a wee bit and the other time was in Singapore. HMV is a huge movie/books/music store..HUGE!...but during the two times I visit that store my source of money was me dad. So I can't really go nuts on the movies. I only bought Stepford Wives (the old one..not the weird ass remake with Nicole Kidman) at Singapore HMV in which I immensely regret cause the movie was ... blaaagh!

Now I have my own money so I can shop till I drop, and boy did I shop! My cousin clocked me, she said I was in there for 1 and a half hour and it could've been longer if I had not been rushing. What made me stuck there was the HUGE tv series collection .. I honestly think they have 80% tv series released in America or Britain. I grabbed The full set of Big Bang Theory (S1-4), then grabbed Spartacus: Blood & Sand + God of the Arena. Then I saw the X-men cartoon from the 90s full set!...I grabbed that too and a couple more series that I now forgot what it was.

Then I saw the best section ever...HORROR!...and like those zombies in 28 days later I went on a rampage...I grabbed everything I deemed cool without caring bout the price-tag (eh Jessie J ? )...and after an hour my basket was full! I kid you not. and THEN I realized something...I'm not rich!...bwahahaha. So I did some editing, I dropped a lot of titles!...mostly the old classics cause it was freakin expensive! pfft! After editing I pay up went back home, packed the stuff in my luggage and only last weekend I unpack (after near a month!) and saw what I bought...and ... I think my editing skill SUX! Here's what I ended up with

Not one classic horror flick!...yeeeesh! all 2000-ish movies, well maybe except Mannequin which was the very last movie I picked up near the counter oh and it's not a horror flick. (I'll get back to Mannequin later). Though all the movies I took back with me were relatively good horror flicks (for me, if korang x suka pfft) .. I would have preferred something older / rare. I guess I was thinking bout the price AND the bonus feature, I'm a feature watching behind the scenes or the deleted scenes. I'm freakish (or geekish?) like that. The movies I ended up with are packed with extras which was cool. So far I only have watched Piranha 3D .. the features were good!..I dig..that's why I don't really buy original dvds here in Malaysia...the features sucks...(eh but I do buy original movies! just..not a lot :P ). I haven't check the others yet .. probably will do so in june when I finish up my leftover leaves.

I'm however...really really glad I bought Spartacus box set cause I think I can't find that here in Malaysia (or can I?)...based on the features I read earlier...there's a lot in there and I think I'll enjoy it..well I hope I will enjoy it. Oh and as for Mannequin ...why in the world did I buy's a cool movie..I really do like that movie but to buy it as a keepsake (with no features I might add) ...what was I thinking? dl jer patutnyer kan?'s lesson..hehe. Ok will try to sleep again..till next time peeps.


Henzy said...

The Descent aku rasa agak classic dan dlm kelas tersendiri.

Tapi dah lupa pasal episod 2 nya.

Haih, teringat zaman selalu ke loteng kau menyelongkar barang2 camni.

asrap virtuoso said...

wahhh.. x-men cartoon from the 90s!!!!!! Haven't seen Mannequin in decades. Plus, aku memang minat bonus features nih.

reza said...

henzy :shhhhh! don't mention my loteng...episode 2 ok jer...impact tak se-hot the first descent

asrap : x beli x-men mahal benor...hehehe