Monday, April 02, 2012

Behold my Wrath!

Yeah base on the title you know which movie I'm gonna talk about. But first let me go through the movies I saw last week.

I saw Hunger Games Wednesday : and I've covered that

Thursday I saw John Carter.

It was pretty cool, reminds me A LOT of Star Wars. You know, sand dunes..the Arena..weird Jar Jar like aliens though THANK GOD! I dunno what more I can say...the movie is only big problem is the leading lady..she had the worst dialogue anyone can imagine..acting wise still ok...her dialogues were...very very CORNY!..luckily she fought well...and not just some princess bimbo hiding out at the corner. Oh just wanna add I love those green aliens!..the Thark!..they were cool, funny and pretty cute. Overall enjoyable.

Thark clan..I dig em

oh I just remembered something!..I love that dog reminded me a lot of Lockjaw from Marvel (Crystal's teleporter dog )


the dog in John Carter..definitely inspired by Lockjaw

Then saw Wrath of the Titans. This one was a as predicted by many..was a letdown. Clash was better and that was a lukewarm film for me. From the beginning everything felt wrong..the story was everywhere and weak..the baddies were pffft-able..SPECIALLY the big bad near the end. The Journey? ..boring...boring boring boring ... most of the crew got killed of mid way which was stupid and lame..the underworld scenes were too brief..lame ass everything was lame ah..there wasn't anything much .


As for the's a paycheck to all of em I suppose...specially the veterans. And I dunno why they think it was a good idea to kill of Gemma's character from Clash..she was lovely and had that ethereal look. The new leading lady...though pretty...didn't do much for me. Yes, I like a woman who fights back but this one was eh...she was better as a bond girl...maybe she didn't have that look? But I think it was what she was too mannish. And with that...I don't like this movie.

Lastly is a post apocalyptic movie I dl, I watched the trailer early this year and like what I saw..and when I saw the cast list I decided I really gotta watch this. Movie had Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette, Milo Ventimiglia and Ashton Holmes to name a few. About a group of people that survive a nuclear attack hiding in their apartment's basement.

I dig this one, I love how they showed each survivor cope with being trapped in the basement not knowing what actually happened outside. The mystery surrounding what's happening outside was also a nice touch..and then when everyone went nutty all hell breaks got slash throat, self mutilation..etc. Milo did well here..I normally find him annoying with his constant crooked roar shape mouth when expressing have that look..a lot of it..but when he went extra nutty / transformed into a loony ..he did was probably due to the makeup as well..but nonetheless I was impressed.

My big problem with this ran way too long. Luckily they know how to add some excitement when I started to feel bored..still to long though. Above average.

Ok that's it!


asrap virtuoso said...

Dialogues aside... Dejah Thoris is HOT!!!

reza said...

boleh la...too tan for me..ahaha
but from the pix I saw in the net...looks like she is suppose to be THAT tan