Saturday, August 29, 2009


"kor bawak aku tgk cerita budak lucah yeh...!!?"

Ini adalah statement yg diujar oleh Mils lepas abih berjaya tgk Orphan. Aku time tuh dah kemaruk gila nak tgk wayang..memula Nicky jer ada..tapi then Mills enuff.Ini juga merupakan cubaan pertama aku guna Epayment..which took me like hr to figure it out (yeh dela aku himbo) dan juga nih 2nd time aku view kat cinema Gardens yg teramat so Awesome! tuh. tapi oleh kerana tidak mikir...rupa2nyer salah sorang dari kita kena duduk jauh cause kerusi nih khas tuk berdating jer. Apa2 aku puas tgk situ. Mungkin akan gi lagi..mungkin.

So Orphan...kewwwwwwwwwwwwl gila...mmg worth it aku avoid scandals/gossips/spoilers tentang cerita nih..dan juga avoid dari ber-rapid. Seriously the twist is to die for...aku gila gila gila gila gila gila dan gila tak expect tuh. But be warned..kekadang bila dah digembar gembur camnih..tapi then gi tgk sendiri..boleh turn off kot, it's a possibility.
Budak Esther tuh lak...woahhhhh! saiko hell! tahniah dan salute minah yg berlakon jadi Esther took guts to take on that sort of role..and DELIVER with such ease. Bagi aku..tahap saiko Esther nih leh tandingi si watak Kathy Bates dlm of my fav saiko bitch!...But Esther is not the only gem in this flick...budak kecik bernama Max yg memegang watak budak kecik deaf (fyi real life dia partially deaf) juga berjaya!...dia mmg the exact opposite of Esther..good balance there. Adengan comel2 dia berjaya...juga adengan panic.
As for the gross factor..for a kid...she did a lotttttt of damage..kagum dan agak impossible..but..ala tgk lah..ahahah. Tapi overall bagi aku ada satu adengan seducing to adalah jauh lebih gross dari adengan meng-hammer, stab and tembak combine.

Dia stress lepas tgk cerita nih

So the damage report? Banyak spoof yg direka..ahahaha..we went back quoting "daddy~~!" near all the way back home. Mils dan Nicky suka cerita tuh walaupon ada dengar keluhan stress dari aku puas hati. Juga sebuah cerita "There's something wrong with Syahila"telah direka untuk dijadikan bahan ketawa masa bersahur di kedai mamak mana entah si Nicky bawak semalam...all in all a great movie & night!

Kemudian hari nih aku tengok Dance babi..dah the end.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Scary shit, agak intense cerita nih..and reminds me A LOT of Halloween 2, the pace the intensity nearly the same. Check IMDB a lot of people also acknowledge how similar it is. Thing is...a lot are saying that part 1 is better..damnit! Mati2 ingat unrelated...oh well..BTW it'll be showing at Cathay of the genre..silakan.As for me, hunting the part 1 now.


Alang2 sama cerita,ermmm me like 2nd one better...but then again due to dah tgk #2 dulu aku dah tau dah outcome part 1 nih.nonetheless ada part mmg agak seram...dan like the 2nd dia mmg ada pacing yg agak panjang skit. I don't actually mind for this flick tapi cam aku ckp...aku dah tau outcome so agak nak cepat end lah gak bila usha yg nih.

dan alang2 juga...following loads of the norm status everywhere "selamat berpuasa semua"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey there! night shift today.Got work but figured I should update something since I'm in the mood to update. So here's the things, I'm suppose to fly to Thailand this OCT for holiday with an officemate but me having doubts now. FYI this was planed and booked since May. With H1N1 thingy being such a major crisis here me can't help being slightly scared to go there. That's one thing, the other is because since me dad is recovering from the Big C, he's more prone to be infected by this "thingy", I don't want someone to be contracted to this disease on my account, not good for my conscience. Lastly is cause of my HR rule; "fly somewhere, quarantine 3 xtra days..using ur own leave"....yeshhhhhhhh!

June fwd me this email, persuading me to go..naughty girl

Been asking around and surprisingly, it's 50/50...most of the cuzz said friends say "don't be a pussy, go!"...some friends said dont and others vice versa..I was expecting all no's actually. Hmmm sigh, why my major trips always foiled by something...nobody loves me up there it seems. *nangis bawah what are ur thoughts?

Anyways..this week me excited to Watch District 9, it's one of my must see for this year. End of month we got...Orphan, another must has come out on ..ehem Rapidshare..but me opt not to dl since me and Iwan had discuss how awesome the movie might be earlier last month. Anyhoo been doing some 2009 horrors net surfing and there's a bevy of em I wanna watch (and hopes some of em is showing here)

1. A Perfect Getaway

Definitely gonna watch it as Mila's going to be in it, but will I go booking happy before it comes out here? Nope...this more for the rapidshare..ehehe

2. The Descent 2

Must see @ the movies. This was an unexpected hit 2-3? years fav movie that yeah...I really really wanna see this.

3.The Final Destination

Seen all @ cinema, so gonna watch this one (and going booking happy I might add) @ the cinema..regardless if it's gonna be shown in 3D or not (stupid Malaysian cinemas not showing horror movie in 3D)

4. Halloween II

One of mah fav franchise but ...kentuttttttttt~~~ malas nak excited tgk yg nih.(but still akan tgk)

5. Jennifer's Body

pentingnyer silang kaki

Ada Megan Fox so I'm happy? eh not really...more of an Amanda Seyfield fan actually. Cinema worthy? don't think so...since it might be heavily butchered by Finas. (tak caya search Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body)

6. Night of the Demons

A remake...whoopie!..but xdanyer nak tayang sini..confirm.Love the original..loathe #2, ok with # 3. Hopefully this will be good. Cast looks good enuff :

# Edward Furlong...Colin (cool!)
# Shannon Elizabeth...Angela Feld (wooot!)
# Monica Keena...Maddie (bad actress, cute though)
# Diora Baird ... Lily (paling best!!! wooot!)

7. Saw VI

will watch it...but won't be too excited bout it..#V did it for me...please stop for at least 2 years...puhhhleezzzz

8. Sorority Row

Cerita banyak aweks, it's a remake..never saw the original...and gonna stay that way for now..hope it's good

Plot : Girls accidentally killed someone, year later revenge..guy/gal in hood stalk em..WOOOOOO!

Those who knows me know that this is my drug, Slashers!

9. Nine Dead

Plot :Communication is the key to the survival for nine strangers who have been kidnapped by a masked gunman and told that one of them will die every ten minutes until they discover how they are all connected. Who of the nine lives and who dies?

Oh it has Melissa Joan Hart in that's hot enuff for me.

10. Trick 'r Treat

Cerita nih cam dah lama hype..tapi tak kuar2 lagi..aku pon pelik..malah action figure dia dah kuar..weird..rapid pon xda. Agak pelik..tapi banyak kasik me highly anticipate this one. Ok dah the end,teruskan kojer.

Note : majority amik info dari Wiki yg cool

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Aku sebenarnyer malas ya amat nak update blog dah nih. Maleh gila idea ada tapi malas nak menaip, malah copy paste pon malas. Tapi oleh kerana arinih kat office gila gila gilaaaaaaaaa sangap. Maka aku bukak lah blog..nak ckp apa pon xtau sebenarnyer skrg..idea2 yg difikirkan sebelum nih perlu dicaps gambar2nyer dari movie..dengan itu aku bebel jer lah sini yeh.Lagipon dah mual aku tgk muka Jessica Alba ur fav star mencuba everytime aku bkk blog aku.(nyesal lak letak)

Pertama sekali..Junie, here's the poster of that movie where ur fav star(bkn Alba) is attached to. The movie looks good, cast also...u have Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster and Cam Gigo..whatever ur fav star tuh...about Space Horror Adventure me thinks..harap ia
sehebat Event Horizon..hmm cam nak dl lak Event Horizon.

cool poster no?

Err err aku xtau nak ngarut apa lagi, tapi perlu tuk mengelak kesangapan, hmm pagi tadi aku bangun lewat..mungkin kerana gatal nak gi tgk G.I Joe yg xda pon dlm list must see aku.Tapi oleh kerana Daria dah ajak dan Siber pon lama tak jumpa..
oklah gi jer. Agak good ceritanyer..action best..tapi FX melampau dimana leh jadi bohsan seperti mana aku rasa buhsan bila aku tgk banyak benor sub-terminator dlm Salvation. Tapi overall..actually not that bad..highlight adalah lagu Boom Boom Pow masa credits..kerana Jurina tiba2 nari, eh ke sbb Mila embedded the idea
into me head hmmm hmmmm, oh well yg pasti ada mental image Jurina swinging rapidly beg LVnyer.

kor cool

Err apa lagi, pagi nih sangap..LOL..xda keje weih.Junie kejam tak tinggal ticket tuk aku..skrg nih keje aku mengelamun/surf barang2 kat ebay/ tgk2 org. Oklah cerita keadaan office...well office buhsan di waktu pagi...kerana beberapa org jer..tambah buhsan kerana yg ada skrg jenis yg aku xda apa nak sembang ngan..Raymond? aku
nak ckp apa ngan dia? money matters? hishh xpolah..aku xmo mencuba..Allan?mungkin leh cerita kisah movie tapi karang dia mintak pinjam duit lak..ohhh nooo nooo..baik duk diam sini. Tadi si Raymond tiba2 bangkit gi pandang luar tingkap..agak apakah lah jugak..reflecting on life kot..ntah. Allan nyer ass masih planted kat seat
dia...aku budget dia layan movie tuh..mentang tempat duduk dia terselindung,demnit tul..heaven if aku dapat duk tempat dia.Kat office ada awek baru duk elok jer elakang aku..secretary Ron kot sbb dia duk silang kaki dan tunduk-tunduk bila masuk bilik Ron.Oh Ron nih boss orang putih, agak baik orgnyer..nak jer aku kiss
a$$ bawak teh masuk dlm bilik dia dan jerit "WOULD U LIKE A CUP OF TEAAAAY!" *dela kor tau lah tonasi/slang apa aku sebut nih. Oh btw awek bakang aku nih cun...but bak kata bobby..xkan nak tiba2..nak "Hi, u new here?"...gila line.

Hmm keje masih xda..banyak benda pending..aku lagi emo bila setengah2 user nih mengarut jawab balik benda yg redundant,nak jer aku tutup terus ticket under resolved!..bye..N.Contoh mangkuk:


We have no idea what this is about.

Judy Goodwin-Zarra
Director of AIWC

*nama jer Director tapi berjuta tahun aku nunggu jawapannyer..pastuh, no idea lak tuh.jeeeeez..dan tak lupa dia panggil aku Ali.tsk tsk. But pernah sekali ada org awab email aku ckp

Hi Ali and Noordin!;

Nak gelak pon ada...menyumpah pon ada..oh well.Blaming dad for the long name.Mannnnn when will the day end! The end.

p/s: this is for u dela "1-2-3-4 , jiggle-jiggle-shake-shake"