Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey there! night shift today.Got work but figured I should update something since I'm in the mood to update. So here's the things, I'm suppose to fly to Thailand this OCT for holiday with an officemate but me having doubts now. FYI this was planed and booked since May. With H1N1 thingy being such a major crisis here me can't help being slightly scared to go there. That's one thing, the other is because since me dad is recovering from the Big C, he's more prone to be infected by this "thingy", I don't want someone to be contracted to this disease on my account, not good for my conscience. Lastly is cause of my HR rule; "fly somewhere, quarantine 3 xtra days..using ur own leave"....yeshhhhhhhh!

June fwd me this email, persuading me to go..naughty girl

Been asking around and surprisingly, it's 50/50...most of the cuzz said friends say "don't be a pussy, go!"...some friends said dont and others vice versa..I was expecting all no's actually. Hmmm sigh, why my major trips always foiled by something...nobody loves me up there it seems. *nangis bawah what are ur thoughts?

Anyways..this week me excited to Watch District 9, it's one of my must see for this year. End of month we got...Orphan, another must has come out on ..ehem Rapidshare..but me opt not to dl since me and Iwan had discuss how awesome the movie might be earlier last month. Anyhoo been doing some 2009 horrors net surfing and there's a bevy of em I wanna watch (and hopes some of em is showing here)

1. A Perfect Getaway

Definitely gonna watch it as Mila's going to be in it, but will I go booking happy before it comes out here? Nope...this more for the rapidshare..ehehe

2. The Descent 2

Must see @ the movies. This was an unexpected hit 2-3? years fav movie that yeah...I really really wanna see this.

3.The Final Destination

Seen all @ cinema, so gonna watch this one (and going booking happy I might add) @ the cinema..regardless if it's gonna be shown in 3D or not (stupid Malaysian cinemas not showing horror movie in 3D)

4. Halloween II

One of mah fav franchise but ...kentuttttttttt~~~ malas nak excited tgk yg nih.(but still akan tgk)

5. Jennifer's Body

pentingnyer silang kaki

Ada Megan Fox so I'm happy? eh not really...more of an Amanda Seyfield fan actually. Cinema worthy? don't think so...since it might be heavily butchered by Finas. (tak caya search Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body)

6. Night of the Demons

A remake...whoopie!..but xdanyer nak tayang sini..confirm.Love the original..loathe #2, ok with # 3. Hopefully this will be good. Cast looks good enuff :

# Edward Furlong...Colin (cool!)
# Shannon Elizabeth...Angela Feld (wooot!)
# Monica Keena...Maddie (bad actress, cute though)
# Diora Baird ... Lily (paling best!!! wooot!)

7. Saw VI

will watch it...but won't be too excited bout it..#V did it for me...please stop for at least 2 years...puhhhleezzzz

8. Sorority Row

Cerita banyak aweks, it's a remake..never saw the original...and gonna stay that way for now..hope it's good

Plot : Girls accidentally killed someone, year later revenge..guy/gal in hood stalk em..WOOOOOO!

Those who knows me know that this is my drug, Slashers!

9. Nine Dead

Plot :Communication is the key to the survival for nine strangers who have been kidnapped by a masked gunman and told that one of them will die every ten minutes until they discover how they are all connected. Who of the nine lives and who dies?

Oh it has Melissa Joan Hart in that's hot enuff for me.

10. Trick 'r Treat

Cerita nih cam dah lama hype..tapi tak kuar2 lagi..aku pon pelik..malah action figure dia dah kuar..weird..rapid pon xda. Agak pelik..tapi banyak kasik me highly anticipate this one. Ok dah the end,teruskan kojer.

Note : majority amik info dari Wiki yg cool


Siberkop said...

Hmm.. District 9...

Ko sudah layan short movienya?

Alive in Joburg. Agak cool tapi slangnya aku tak phm sgt.

Reza said...

belum layan ba (dan xtau pon)
saya nampak trailer
suka berminat...tak lupa poster coolness..terus berminat
oh dan movienyer best

dan apakah itu alive in joburg

..*1 min kemudian..

oh another short eh?

Che underscore Lee said...

final destination sila ajak saya plss... terasa looser setelah lama tidak tgk wayang bersama rakan2

Reza said...

boleh tapi aku rasa fd kuar time puasa..we see how ya

** JT ** said...

hahaha....u also found the JB movie eh!! i saw Megan's Twitter been updating so much!!

Reza said...

really? it looks sexy..ehehehe...she post her "coming out of the lake" pix or not? :P

eh banyak nyer org u follow dlm twitter???! so how's mah gellar?

** JT ** said...

yes posted a lot!! even some ALMOST NAKED!! but that tweet acc bcoming like fans side..cis...the real megan no longer using that.

ur once a mth update jer...BORING!! but i think she delivered!

Reza said...

haaa and that's why it won't be shown here..kot..then again megan fox tgh hot..oh well still opt for other opt

eh gellar masih 2nd trimester lah i think..if she deliver she sure tell me one

ladyfisz said...

setelah sekian lama... ko bole pegi tapi jd mask rider. n cucilah tangan selalu. :D

Reza said...

akhirnyer ada orang kasik feedback pesal benda nih..tapi benda aku dah decide lama dah...dan gila kor gi merata2 pakai mask...lucah!

cuci tangan pasti!

DeVito DiaRy said...

The Final Destination , aku lagi prefer Original actor Devon Sawa FD1 , best and Pshycosomaticaddictinsane !!!! all in 1 word hahaha

Reza said...

heh..aku cam pening baca ayat tuh..tapi yeah 1st one mmg still the best..but other installments have it's moments gak,

cam pile up scene dlm FD2 bagi aku terlalu believable