Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Scary shit, agak intense cerita nih..and reminds me A LOT of Halloween 2, the pace the intensity nearly the same. Check IMDB a lot of people also acknowledge how similar it is. Thing is...a lot are saying that part 1 is better..damnit! Mati2 ingat unrelated...oh well..BTW it'll be showing at Cathay of the genre..silakan.As for me, hunting the part 1 now.


Alang2 sama cerita,ermmm me like 2nd one better...but then again due to dah tgk #2 dulu aku dah tau dah outcome part 1 nih.nonetheless ada part mmg agak seram...dan like the 2nd dia mmg ada pacing yg agak panjang skit. I don't actually mind for this flick tapi cam aku ckp...aku dah tau outcome so agak nak cepat end lah gak bila usha yg nih.

dan alang2 juga...following loads of the norm status everywhere "selamat berpuasa semua"