Monday, August 27, 2012

1 week leave = a bucket load of of movies

So how's everybody? I took a week leave for times. Continued my now 3 years tradition of watching a movie @ the cinema on the 1st of Syawal...this year..The Expendables 2..but I won't just cover that, I watched few more flicks at the cinema and online..during the 1 week here goes.

1.The RAID : Redemption

An Indonesian action flick that received rave reviews end of 2011. Bout a SWAT team infiltrating a rundown (looks rundown to me) apartment that host a bevy of criminals.

and...? : This flick is AWESOME! Why it took me so long to watch this one, been reading lots of good stuff bout The Raid. The fight scenes were awesomely choreographed and the level of brutality? fuh up to par to my level of violence I love to watch. And coming from Indonesia? I'm impressed...mucho for the plot...well I don't care if there's any...the action is enough to keep me glued to the tv.

2.REC 3

Not continuing from REC 2, this time the infection takes place at a different venue (a parallel timeline with REC2) a wedding party!...someone got infected and all hell breaks loose

and...? :
well, it's not as great as the first 2, but it's ok I guess. The only cool and new thing they added for the 3rd installment is the image of the demons infecting the humans..oh and the bride going nuts with the times.


The Expendables are back and this time they're out for revenge when one of em got killed on a mission (don't worry it's no one awesome)

and...? : ok truth, I feel asleep around 15 minutes somewhere in the middle of the movie, I was really really tired due to the lack of sleep, but the remaining minutes I was awake I really really enjoyed what I saw...the cameo appearance by the big names were totally awesome and funny (the lines were to die for)..a friend who tag along who isn't big on action flick actually liked Expendables 2 after the movie ends. Few problems though, Jet Li wasn't the flick long and was replaced by an Asian chic who made me go ugh! ..the chic didn't do it for it...and why Van Damne is made as the bad guy...I want him to be in the sequel! But overall movie was a fun bring in Steven Seagal and let's see how he fares against the other action heroes.

4.LOVED ONES (2009)

Psycho high school chice kidnapped a dude so that he'll become her prom date in her very own prom fantasy.

and...? : another flick I've been meaning to watch after reading good reviews bout the flick. It's interesting I'll give em that..and the villain was too awesome, I also like how she tortured her victims..pretty new..and you gotta hear the scream the dudes she kidnapped..freaky shit. The problem I had with the flick?..some plot that really wasn't resolved or handled properly..other than that..kinda cool flick


JGL (a bike messenger in NYC) gotta deliver an envelope before 1900 hrs or unfortunate things will happen to the dame that gave him the envelope.

and...? : this one is still fresh in my head cause I just watched it. I dig the was cool and slick..and I'm pretty familiar with the subject matter cause I got this colleague who is an avid cyclist (check out his blog and online store)...ANYWAY..I love watching how these bike messengers work..pretty cool..but also I gotta agree they're a menace to society. I've seen one time on youtube (provided by the colleague) a new yorker complaining how the cyclist are a danger to I guess what was portrayed here is true. Casting was great...JGL delivers another great performance (what can I say 3 name actors normally rules..cough SMG)..Michael Shannon was also good..dude was crazy and looked funny while doing crazy..loved it. That Heroes chic, you know with the bleeding eye power (pfft) did pretty good (hot bod)..of look out for the bike policeman..he was a riot! As for the bike stunts..pretty rad! only quiff about the flick is the felt silly and easy...but seriously cyclist would loveeeeeee this movie..go watch it.

special note : thanks CUZZ eda for the treat! ..also to readers stay awhile for the credits in Premium Rush and watch how dedicated + cool JGL is.

Friday, August 03, 2012

It's not on MARS?!?!?!? BLOODY HELL!

I think I was duped, before going into watching this flick I was expecting monsters / mutants cause of that one episode in Face Off I covered here. But noooooo what we got were just droids and a chic with 3 boobs...hish!

Since I just got back from hanging out with friends and it near 7am I'll just review Total Recall in point form..good and bad

Good :

- FX was nice!
- Fight scenes were pretty good but not as brutal as the original
- Kate Beckinsale's character was AWESOME! Her character was elaborated a lot more than the original Sharon Stone played..alas she didn't delivered one of my fav line in that movie "tie me up!" reow!
- Setting at first reminded me of Fifth Element (a movie I love so much!) but then me friend said it looks more like Minority Report which makes more sense..well whatever I just like the change of settings.
- Colin Farrel did pretty good.
- there's this one familiar scene from the friend and I was like "that lady that lady!"...but it wasn't! nice trick there...I won't say more cause it may spoil the movie for whoever that haven't seen it.

Bad :

- WTF is with the lense flare I watching a JJ Abrahams flick?!?!? looks classy at first but as the movie progress enough is ENOUGH!
- Jessica Beil...u sleepy or something?
- eventhough I said the settings was should still have been in MARS!
- resistance ...sigh lame.
- no mutants? like seriously why why why why why. and again I was duped..the hell with that one episode of Face Off that requires the contestant to create a mutant/monster for Total Recall 2012?..pffft
- the epic scenes that made the original flick memorable was pretty blah in this remake i.e awesome nose picking scene (it wasn't a nose this time)
- no holograms tooo?!?!? sigh.

and that is all, I end with stating that the flick is plain seriously could have been better

awww I miss this scene

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Days of Future Past

X-Men: First Class 2 - Bryan Singer Confirms Days of Future Past - IGN Video

Today is gonna be a good day cause I woke up to this! Bryan Singer ...wohooo! Days of Future Past ! double the woohooo! Fingers cross for appearance of Rachel Summers a.k.a Phoenix