Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Face Off Season 2 : It's Back!

Oleh kerana aku xmo blog ni 2 post je bulan ni dengan itu teterbit lah post ke-3 ni.

I posted last year bout this f/x makeup reality show which I personally think is pretty cool. The guest judge they had were pretty special, 1 episode they had Sean Cunningham ... Sean Freakin! Cunningham!.. (p/s : love that ep)

Anyway the season begun awhile's now ep 7.. so why I'm highlighting this particular ep? Well for starters the challenge is for the remaining contestant to come up with the alien/mutant designs for Total Recall 2012! (oh side note: one of the judges is the fx director for Total Recall 2012; Patrick Tatopoulos). These designs however must be based on the existing 4 concepts created by Patrick.

Early concept design...hell no!

I love this challenge cause it gives us a sneak peek of what's to come...but slowly after Patrick showed the concept design I'm scared for the Total Recall future..the aliens/mutants were just too Alien-ish...TOO Alien-ish. It's more animal than human. Remember Arnie's Total Recall...the mutants were cool! has a nice blend of human and animal part..what mutants are suppose to be. But Patrick's design looks more suited for an Underworld flick (he directed one btw), it looks monster-ish.

Fortunately there are a few good creature designs in the end..I mostly like the aliens/mutant designs that stray slightly from the original concept...cause really...mutants don't need to look like a freakin Vampire Monster! I guess these people wanna cater for this generation of youngsters. I'm putting up some of the final look of these alien/mutants... whaddya think bout it?

One of the more reasonable looking monster

I dig this one...humanoid

Oh as for the show itself..I dig this season..