Friday, February 03, 2012

2012 : Currently Watching

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Ok no one around, I can write stuff.
Few weeks have been hard on me, been seriously busy..I don't even have time to watch movies/series I've dl, the only ones I can squeeze in are those 20+ minutes tv series...and sometimes those really really you can't wait to see series. Nway this years tv offerings is pretty neat, from the new series to the ones returning, here's what I'm currently watching (not all but some of the noteworthy ones)

Spartacus Vengeance

It's back! and spotting a new lead(Andy Whitfield died of cancer..sniff). Those who love the previous seasons? should continue .. it's still gory/sexy and the fx are stunning. Though the new Spartacus is not as awesome as Whitfield..he did ok but looks too young though(jambu sangat).And those who moaned when Lucretia seemingly died in the first season?..fret not...she's back! rejoice! Anyway..I'm only judging by the sole episode I've seen this season? but it's not really as compelling as the previous seasons were (gods of the arena was rad!) but like I said..I've only saw 1 episode, who knows what else can the writers come up with next.

Shameless Season 2

This show is fuhhhhnnneeeey. It's a bit over the top..and politically incorrect. Conservatives might wanna stay away from this one, you might not like what you see. But people like me who enjoys a good laugh and not looking for a show with family values or even a positive WILL enjoy this. I also love the cast, everyone picked for the show is favorite is Joan Cusack's character..that lady cracks me up!


Emily VanCamp is someone you really gotta watch out for..I think she can be one of the it girl in Hollywood soon(if she plays her cards right). In Revenge she plays Emily a girl out for revenge to those who wronged her pa. Show is simple really..but you can't turn away from it, it's want to know what she's planning next and how the antagonist (Madeliene Stowe to name one) counter back while still in the dark about the saboteur. My parents also love the show..I guess it reminds them of those Dallas/Dynasty type of shows where everyone is out for something.

Walking Dead 2

Currently waiting for it's return after the midseason break. Reviews were just okay but I think this season is far from okay..I think it's better than the first season specially after that god awful season 1 finale. The first episode of season 2 was intense!, that first act...I was at the edge of my seat..though it did get slightly slower after a few episodes but it made up with jaw dropping mid season finale final scene...I didn't see that coming.

American Horror Story

With a tv series titled American Horror Story how can I NOT stay away...and unlike the other recent series from AMC *cough The Killing...this show at least gives us the chills, a story (The Killing is like watching PAINT DRY!) good acting eh scratch that GREAT acting and some gruesome kills...and how they ended the season.?.woah..that's pretty gutsy move..and weird I might add. Oh I also like how the incorporated one real life american tragedy into the story (It made me google Black Dahlia)

The Ringer

Gellar's in it...hey that's enough for me!..though I gotta admit it's a tad boring..but as long as Gellar's on tv..I'm a happy chap. I guess those are into those old hitchcock noir thriller type of shows..u might actually like this one.


asrap virtuoso said...

akhirnya aku berjaya layan gak Revenge... best2.... and Emily VanCamp is super-duper hot!!!

reza said...

dan character dia best!