Tuesday, February 21, 2012

nah .. all from early feb

Been awhile .. I can see tumbleweeds already making their way in my blog. Been busy, and yeah I know that's my typical excuse but honestly I AM busy. I still have a lot of catching up to do (tv series wise) fortunately last weekend was a long weekend..since I'm following US holiday Monday was off..FINALLY!..a long weekend..been waiting for one..and true to my character, I went for a movie each night .. Sat-Sun-Mon. Here's the short review..I'm also adding all movies I saw this month..I'm doing this early cause I don't think I'll be watching a movie this weekend (tapi..Woman in Black...ish!)

The Grey

I love this one..and I knew I was gonna love this one. It didn't disappoint..humans vs nature flicks are regularly good like Cujo or The Edge, now add The Grey into the mix.The flick from the very well made crash scene till end credits was intense!(speaking of credits..there's an additional scene..and baaah I missed it) Then the characters! majority pretty likeable which is good since it's harder to see em get knock off one by one. Lastly..Liam Neeson he is the MAN!..never was a fan but since 2000-ish he's been acting in a lot of good action flicks..and for an old man, he still got charisma and can hold a movie on his own.


This one was slightly weird for me...I didn't hate it..didn't love it either. I believe the story is good..it is different but the lack of ..erm I'm gonna say noise..(cause there was a score) made the movie unbearable at times..it was just too quiet! for an action flick. On the plus side..like I said earlier..the movie is different from your typical action flick and the fight scenes were good!...(Lead vs Magneto scene was awesome!)..oh and I didn't like the lead..she had a "poyo" face.

Underworld Awakening

Underworld flicks NEVER fails..very consistent franchise..even the 3rd which lack the presence of the lovely Kate Beckinsale (core reason to watch Underwolrd) was still a good flick. This one..was good..but in comparison to the other Underworld flick prior to Awakening...it is at the bottom of the totem pole. Main problem is that it was too short...and the movie didn't actually accomplish anything. It felt..incomplete...yes I know the ending begs for another sequel but what I mean is that it didn't really resolve any issue. However overall..still a good flick.

This Means War

..it's cute..at times. Love the middle part where the agents started dating Reese...but the ending was pretty blagggh!..it's still watchable though..I only wish that the lead chic wasn't Reese..she's cute an all...but can't they find anyone younger?

Ghost Rider Spirit Vengence

Cam Palat..the end.


Finally I got the chance to catch this one. It's good..I can see why people are praising it. It's a nice change from ur average superhero flick. However I find the hand held style (eventhough clever at times)..pretty distracting , out of place and illogical ..like seriously why they (police/doctors?) need to record the lead dude in the emergency room? Acting and fx was top notch...specially the flying + playing ball in the sky was cool!..even I feel like joining em. Story was also nice. Good flick..recommended.


eDa said...

Okay dalam banyak2 ni hanya haywire dan ghost rider je aku sempat tgk..still..in my oppinion...by comparing haywire dan "hantu bonceng" US version tu..I found hantu bonceng US version is enjoyable to watch rather than haywire...though ko kata cam palat..hahahaha

seiously aku gelak bila komen ko hanya cam palat..hahahah :P

reza said...

eh bkn anda dah tgk underworld ke?...hantu bonceng tak best...merepek...merepek...Nicholas Cage cam drunken uncle at a wedding..

Henzy said...

Nak tgk Chronicles. T_T

reza said...

Henzy : u know I'm just a call away daaa