Thursday, November 24, 2011

50/50 chance of massive outpour

First Happy Slapsgiving!

Finally a long awaited holiday for me and my teammates, I'm gonna spend today watching all the shows I've dl, can't go out anyway cause funds x mengizinkan.

So this week got 2 free movie screenings..just my luck I guess. First up was Puss in Boots, and it was a dud. Well not entirely saying the movie is not good, it's just that it brings nothing to the table. I bet kids will like it us adults will just watch it. The early parts were cool, but when in comes Humpty Dumpty everything got boring (for me). Humpty Dumpty was meh, as for Softpaws ..she's ok..I guess. oh oh! Jack n Jill was also very very boring. Overall an average show that I guess only kids will

Then yesterday got tix to 50/50...NOW this movie was awesome..I got in late which was a bummer, it did throw me off awhile but once I settled myself and got into the movie..yum, love it. The movie sorta hit close to me, I guess I was the lead's gf that didn't actually know how to react to someone getting close and ended up being an ass, which I admit I was an ass! but I was an ass that felt bad after. Watching the lead going through cancer also hit close..I can honestly say that they caught the real essence of someone who have cancer, you know the 5? steps, denial-angry etc. The only difference is my dad didn't crack jokes as much as the lead does. Speaking of the lead, Joseph Gordon Levit is the man! he hits all the emotional scenes convincingly, the chic beside me started crying, don't blame her though it was an emotional scene potrayed convincingly by JGL. Seth Rogen surprisingly didn't annoy me as much here, he was a good choice for the best for the others..they did just fine. In the end, a lot of the audience clapped ... I joined in cause really...this is a great movie for you to ponder on

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Am a happy bird

Thank my lucky stars yesterday I got 2 free tix to watch Happy Feet 2, it was that or that sparkling vampire..I opt for Happy Feet 2 of course! Never gonna happen sungguh me watching Breaking Dawn..after Twilight rasa nak jer kelar leher pelahan-lahan.

Anyway gonna keep this short cause am working..I love Happy Feet 2, I actually found it slightly better than the first one. Probably cause the movie felt faster than the first one, the original felt a lil draggy near the end. Another thing I liked about #2 is the songs..they started with Rhythm Nation which is in my book, a great song!..and ended with Under Pressure which surprisingly suits the scene..that song I normally just sang happily in the car..never thought it could suit for other situation, like in this situation to pump up ones spirit (but thinking bout it again it does make sense). Lastly, the father - son conflict plot got me going awww a lot of it.

The things I hated? There's a minor character who started out funny..but got really tired near the end..also the character was sorta like a carbon copy of that Chip? in the Ice Age movie.

And after weeks of moderate or sucky movies (Shark Night, Immortals, In Time) I thank you for Happy Feet 2...seriously..go watch it. Oh go early too cause there's a short cartoon/animation before the movie starts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am Spartacus .. I am Spartacus!

So lets be Frank, Immortals sucked balls right? but noooooooo look at gotta be kidding me an average of 8 over 10????!? heh? The comic bookstore guy (heh cam Simpsons lak) that eavesdrop on my conversation with my cuzz about how sucky that movie is (cuzz lom tgk) said the movie was not bad..I'm like eh? Fortunately going to office this morning..a colleague of mine flat out said the movie sucked...and Thank Youuuuu!!!! I'm not alone , seram dah aku ingatkan aku sorang je kata movie ni entah apa-apa. Anyhoo here's a rundown of what happen during the movie, note that the timeline may not be accurate as I'm old and my memory sux specially while watching dumbass white movie.

entering the cinema :
ooooooouh underworld 3D! Kate such a hottie and she's near 40!

next preview : another nic cage movie and what's with the hair?...ouh! Guy Pearce!

starts : kejadah awal2 ada potong..sigh censorship, u allow people to bring in infants into cinema but it's a no-no when a scene is overly gory (ok enuff rant)

opening scene : ouuh those titans look menacing...ok wtf is with the dude with the bow headgear?...

history lesson time : ok so Titans are god-like or god? me don't get it (serve me right for relying on the subs too much)

and so it begins : ...lalala boring boring boring..hmm this old dude looks familiar...Gandalf? *note to self gotta check the credits later

paint drying : ...ok who's that bitch that push Theseus's mom into the pond?..the nerve for calling someone whore..ur the whore! (aku emo tetiba) ..heh..another weird headgear.

paint drying not any faster : Theseus commenting on the priest's headgear (seeeeee!)..more boring moments

I'm gonna say Imperial Guards? are coming : I know that dude..Klaus of Vampire Diaries! ..(yeah I watch Vampire Diaries..sue me)

lalalala : some mindless fighting...and Klaus got "potong tangan" as the subs say...hey at least the subs are entertaining...(potong tangan..bwahahahah!)

traitor : should have figured Klaus is a douche..he got the face for what the what...oh hell no! anywhere but there..fuh,thank god for

attack on the village : finally some great action scenes..that Theseus coming to mom's rescue was well choreographed, not as good as the double team action in 300 but still pretty rad.

gods looking over : ...ok seriously what's with the headgear??!?!?!? Poseidon looks like Princess Leia!...and look at em posing looking over the humans...pffft..abih pious ler tu.

enter the boring Oracle : boring Oracle coming through..but lookie what we got here..Stephen Dorff! wohoo! now we're talking. (later) that's how Oracle transfer water..I dunno if I should be arouse or disgusted by this..ok I'm going with disgusted . (much later) ..the sisterhood in a not sexy enough...but wait! some stabbings THAT is sexy!

yadayadayada : Poseidon looking all sly "helping" out the humans and later the sisterhood of the oracle going all Spartacus on Hyperion (and his WTF headgear)....I'm the I'm the Oracle...I'm the Oracle!...hehe in my head it was all I'm Spartacus...this is how I amuse myself..god.

more yadas : back at old village..found the bow (how convenient)..minotaur attacks! and no..I wasn't excited..and then the awesome arrow's ability is shown..but if u've seen the trailer it's nothing new...I'm Spartacus! (can't help it)

now that oracle is a ho! : first clear shot of getting laid and she went for it..but what about ur ability dumbass! least keep it till all is over...shesh...oh well there are some gratuitous nudity...WHICH IS CUT OUT!

after sex : ..they went to one of Hyperion's base..and somebody is trying to push a cow statue over..I've seen this form of torture before but can't recall where...oh well. and lookie lookie what we have in here..I'M SPARTACUS..I'M SPARTACUS..I'M SPARTACUS..and oracle unconvincingly cries.

god action : yea god to the rescue!!..but but.what the what..everyone on the floor already?..I only saw like 2 kills...haiyaaaaaaaaaa!..oh Zues came..and he looks pissed..and then he whipped Ares..whip him good!

@ some mountain fortress later : maannn the horsies died..sian...and then begins what I feel like a whole lot of yadayadayadas.

fight begins : ..Theseus gave a speech..I didn't buy it..I would have run and wish em all the best..then begins the tunnel fights which was okay..but not great.

Klaus! : ITU JER??? to quote a friend of mine...MOTIF?

Titans are loose : ...and Steohen Dorff just died (ok I'm over this movie)..but wait the gods came down (without their headgears thank god!)..and battle ensues ..not too shabby..specially when the gods started dying WOHOO..I'm team Titan..kill em kill em all! (p/s: zues must have been kicking himself for killing Ares earlier..he is in fact God of War)...

In the end : The gods lost..Zeus cheated, Hyperion died but I forgot how cause it was too boring...Theseus went somewhere..and fast forward some years later Theseus's kid is looking at Theseus statue that tells/carves the not that awesome event..the carvings are nude I might add..pervs. The end!...oh the credits..John Hurt! that's about it.

Overall...shoot me now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Aaaaaah 10 days of sup everyone? Movies nothing to scream bout this past week..Shark Night was was In Time, I actually snickered when Justin TRIED to cry. And with that I end my movie rant.

Now I wanna rant bout the other love of my life..comics!Last month Uncanny X-Men ended it's run at #544, what a looongg journey it was. I started my X-Men collection at #244 (u know I just realize this when I'm writing this down! bonkers!) that issue came out 1989. Stopped when I got into college at 13 cause I guess my dad didn't have sufficient funds..hehe...did collect some issues from time to time but only really got back into it at #455 (hmm interesting) only because I heard my fav X-gal was back! (Psylocke) was already working own money,no need disturb dad anymore. Since then I've been collecting X-men again..along with other X related comics i.e uncanny x-force; New Mutants (a FAV!) etc.

And now one of the longest running comic ended..and got rebooted back! It's now Uncanny X-Men #1 again...I dunno what the deal is however I'm grateful X-men is still up and running..still find it weird though. And here's another thing...there's another title...Wolverine and the X-men #1 ...hish! Just so you know...I hate Wolverine with a passion. HATE!..the movie Wolverine (Jackman) is cool..but the comic one is one whinny fame whore bitch (redundant I know).

Thing is, comics per issue cost a LOT..back when I first started it was rm2.80 - rm3.50. Right now the price of a comic range from rm12 - rm16, and this is depending on where ur buying it from. I'm collecting as per last month 4 titles 2 of em comes out twice per month...and sometimes I do even buy TPB of old compiled X-related throw in Wolverine and the X-men in the mix..which conveniently comes out twice a month.

Like how the original Uncanny X-men ended, the X-people are suppose to choose Cyclops or team is ego maniac summers (cyclops) and the other fame whore all over the marvel world logan (wolverine)...GREAT choice..I like neither. So I'm gonna base my choice on who goes where.

Here's team Cyke (sorry yeh Marvel aku curik)

and Here's team slut

both teams broken down to 4 different Issues, New Mutants I will never stop collecting, cause I grew up with this team. Generation Hope sux that's a no..X-men (just x-men) which is sorta a new comic that came out last year got Psylocke in it so I guess I gotta start buying that one (sigh), Uncanny X-men team sux! but since it's the core title I've been familiarized with all this while..I guess I'm collecting that one too.Oh another reason to collect Uncanny X-men..Sooraya Qadir is in team Cyke! Love that chic!

team wolvie (ho!) you have Uncanny X-Force, which I am collecting and will be continuing solely cause Psylocke is still in that title (Psylocke is playing double agent..yum!) Wolvie and the X-Men I'll be collecting only for a couple of issue..just for keepsake then I'm dumping it!..X-Men Legacy I was collecting but I'm thinking of dropping it..a pity though since Gambit / Rogue / Phoenix is in it. As for X-Factor..I've been collecting only as TPB but now with Havoc and Polaris (love both!) thrown into the new team..I'm having doubts..should I buy it as a monthly issue?..only time will tell cause Havoc and Polaris will be joining only next year..I have time to choose.

It's like Sophie's Choice..which one should I continue and which one should I drop, plus some titles come out twice a month! arrrgh! (I need a financial advisor). On the bright side thankfully I can now choose to not look at wolverine's mug..before this the dude was everywhere!...eeeeeveeeerywhere!..which annoys me to no end...nuff said..hehe (yeh aku end camtu je)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It's Halloween Baby!

..but today am working night :( sadden by this..but fikir-fikir balik officenyer Halloween prop masih boleh jer mengarut dengan props kat office nun..but before that sempat ah gak usha 1 filem, I went back to the 80s, zaman cheesy cool horror flicks. I choose The Blob, cause at least I know what to expect..unlike these recent horror flick I got which sangat-sangat lah mengecewakan most of it.

So The Blob, cool flick..masa kecik-kecik dulu aku tengok...adengan paling mengkagumkan bagi aku yg stuck selamanyer adalah adengan sorang budak nih kena sedut ngan The Blob..gila aku terkejut..dah ler budak..onscreen lak tu...siap muncul balik ngan bloodcurdling scream...brrrrrrrrr. Memang selalu if kids kena bunuh dlm film akan kekal embedded in my mind forever...that scene was one of it.

Aku juga suka The Blob cause ia main telan jer sesapa..even the good guys..yg made ko go "awwww dia mati? dem!"..patut ke aku samakan ngan watak Janet Leigh dlm Psycho? eheheh x patut kot..tapi this one dude mmg memula dulu aku ingat lead...sedor2 kena telan...hoh!...Cerita nih juga cheesy cool...dengan scientist mengarut mana entah yg tak abih ngan rant "infected!!" nyer...gila aku gelak lakonan ngan line pakcik nih..tapi it works lah for this movie. Cause in the end aku masih enjoy this Shawnee Smith...reyeoooow! (I can't believe I just wrote that)

A douche posing in me office..loving the decorations!

And now I bid you all farewell...letih update 8 hari turut-turut..tapi aku berjaya ga...wohooooo!..and now..hiatus! (until tetiba aku ada mood)...Happy Halloween peeps!