Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Am a happy bird

Thank my lucky stars yesterday I got 2 free tix to watch Happy Feet 2, it was that or that sparkling vampire..I opt for Happy Feet 2 of course! Never gonna happen sungguh me watching Breaking Dawn..after Twilight rasa nak jer kelar leher pelahan-lahan.

Anyway gonna keep this short cause am working..I love Happy Feet 2, I actually found it slightly better than the first one. Probably cause the movie felt faster than the first one, the original felt a lil draggy near the end. Another thing I liked about #2 is the songs..they started with Rhythm Nation which is in my book, a great song!..and ended with Under Pressure which surprisingly suits the scene..that song I normally just sang happily in the car..never thought it could suit for other situation, like in this situation to pump up ones spirit (but thinking bout it again it does make sense). Lastly, the father - son conflict plot got me going awww a lot of it.

The things I hated? There's a minor character who started out funny..but got really tired near the end..also the character was sorta like a carbon copy of that Chip? in the Ice Age movie.

And after weeks of moderate or sucky movies (Shark Night, Immortals, In Time) I thank you for Happy Feet 2...seriously..go watch it. Oh go early too cause there's a short cartoon/animation before the movie starts.


Henzy said...

Teringin nak bawa anak gi tengok ni.

Tapi kalau penguin2 tu dah mula menyanyi dan menggoyangkan kaki, adakah anak saya akan terus berdiam diri?

Hmm, decision, decision.

asrap virtuoso said...

Better than the first? Good to hear as I loved the first one...

thanezra said...

henzi! lama tak bersua bawak jer anak cartoon (yg heavy sikit) so boleh dimaafkan..tapi bawak siang..

asrap : slightly better..depends lah kot..I found the first one slow near the end...toooo slow

Nora Latiff said...

Aku dah setahun tak tengok wayang! Oh my, rindu pulak nak tgk movie sambil mkn pop corn..tapi tunggu la anak aku besar dulu.. maybe have to wait for another year.. -.-'

reza said...

nole : bagus ko..ko prihatin tak merepek bawak baby tgk wayang...bagus...salute kor..ada common courtesy, tapi if nak gak bagi jer kakak ko jaga semalam