Thursday, November 10, 2011


Aaaaaah 10 days of sup everyone? Movies nothing to scream bout this past week..Shark Night was was In Time, I actually snickered when Justin TRIED to cry. And with that I end my movie rant.

Now I wanna rant bout the other love of my life..comics!Last month Uncanny X-Men ended it's run at #544, what a looongg journey it was. I started my X-Men collection at #244 (u know I just realize this when I'm writing this down! bonkers!) that issue came out 1989. Stopped when I got into college at 13 cause I guess my dad didn't have sufficient funds..hehe...did collect some issues from time to time but only really got back into it at #455 (hmm interesting) only because I heard my fav X-gal was back! (Psylocke) was already working own money,no need disturb dad anymore. Since then I've been collecting X-men again..along with other X related comics i.e uncanny x-force; New Mutants (a FAV!) etc.

And now one of the longest running comic ended..and got rebooted back! It's now Uncanny X-Men #1 again...I dunno what the deal is however I'm grateful X-men is still up and running..still find it weird though. And here's another thing...there's another title...Wolverine and the X-men #1 ...hish! Just so you know...I hate Wolverine with a passion. HATE!..the movie Wolverine (Jackman) is cool..but the comic one is one whinny fame whore bitch (redundant I know).

Thing is, comics per issue cost a LOT..back when I first started it was rm2.80 - rm3.50. Right now the price of a comic range from rm12 - rm16, and this is depending on where ur buying it from. I'm collecting as per last month 4 titles 2 of em comes out twice per month...and sometimes I do even buy TPB of old compiled X-related throw in Wolverine and the X-men in the mix..which conveniently comes out twice a month.

Like how the original Uncanny X-men ended, the X-people are suppose to choose Cyclops or team is ego maniac summers (cyclops) and the other fame whore all over the marvel world logan (wolverine)...GREAT choice..I like neither. So I'm gonna base my choice on who goes where.

Here's team Cyke (sorry yeh Marvel aku curik)

and Here's team slut

both teams broken down to 4 different Issues, New Mutants I will never stop collecting, cause I grew up with this team. Generation Hope sux that's a no..X-men (just x-men) which is sorta a new comic that came out last year got Psylocke in it so I guess I gotta start buying that one (sigh), Uncanny X-men team sux! but since it's the core title I've been familiarized with all this while..I guess I'm collecting that one too.Oh another reason to collect Uncanny X-men..Sooraya Qadir is in team Cyke! Love that chic!

team wolvie (ho!) you have Uncanny X-Force, which I am collecting and will be continuing solely cause Psylocke is still in that title (Psylocke is playing double agent..yum!) Wolvie and the X-Men I'll be collecting only for a couple of issue..just for keepsake then I'm dumping it!..X-Men Legacy I was collecting but I'm thinking of dropping it..a pity though since Gambit / Rogue / Phoenix is in it. As for X-Factor..I've been collecting only as TPB but now with Havoc and Polaris (love both!) thrown into the new team..I'm having doubts..should I buy it as a monthly issue?..only time will tell cause Havoc and Polaris will be joining only next year..I have time to choose.

It's like Sophie's Choice..which one should I continue and which one should I drop, plus some titles come out twice a month! arrrgh! (I need a financial advisor). On the bright side thankfully I can now choose to not look at wolverine's mug..before this the dude was everywhere!...eeeeeveeeerywhere!..which annoys me to no end...nuff said..hehe (yeh aku end camtu je)