Friday, August 16, 2013

Comic covers

Lazy day in office, so let's just write bout something shall we (speaking to self)

Lets change it up to comics shall we? But still in relation to movies. 2nd thing (but can be 1st..depends..I can't decide) I'm passionate bout is comics..been collecting since a wee bit (7 me thinks) comics are a tad expensive..and I'm trying to cut down on the titles I follow.

Thankfully I solely follow X-men related titles..Avengers? Me no likey..EXCEPT till recently (last Dec to be exact) I collected Avengers Arena. I know it goes against my strong believes that Avengers sux hard. Howeverrrrr...the name Avengers is just a title..this title compile a list of fan favorite from different teams in the Marvel Universe...taking teams from Runaways (never read but I heard it's good) , Avengers Academy , X-men Academy and Capt Britain Academy (newly introduced)

These mutant kids were brought together by Arcade (from the covers of X-men and Avengers) who before this is hardly a major villain. The kids are gathered on some mysterious island and are forced to off each other or die on the island ..sounds familiar no? Yep it's Battle Royale baby! ..even the cover of issue #1 pays homage to the legendary flick...see for yourself... I.....L-O-V-E IT ...maybe one day when I have the money I'm gonna frame it..who knows maybe one of those Great Britain kids (mostly first appearance here) will become a popular Avengers / X-men

The 2nd issue cover is amazing as well, it got me guessing awhile..I at first thought it was Apocalypse Now (boleh?) ..and after doing a bit of's a cover from Lord of the Flies's a book cover though..not the flick.. issue 3 and 5 continues with the movie cover theme..with issue 3 being The Hunger Games (pretty obvious) and issue 5 with The Clockwork Orange.

Lord of the Flies Homage

Hunger Games

Kid Briton posing as Malcolm McDowell

Issue 4 is a tricky one..I didn't find any mentioning of it paying homage to a movie flick..I could've sworn I've seen this cover somewhere..maybe you guys know? I was about to say Raging Bull but ooops that's not it. Have a looksie..

Any ideas?
And one of the more recent issue pays homage to Platoon...I didn't notice it at took me awhile to notice that this issue was a movie cover..also side note, this issue rocks hard..the sacrifice made by one of the cast member can shed a tear or two (maybe even bawl) for whoever loves this character..(she's pretty popular)

So that's it for today..comic cover that translate from movie posters...there are a lot more..another more interesting movie covers translated to comics is during the Necrosha run..they covered all the famous Vampire flicks posters..alas I didn't buy the issues..I only bought the Paperback version. I leave you with the Necrosha run cover..(not all)

Loving this one, John Carpenter's Vampires!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Cow Dung

Firstly..Happy EID to all who celebrates this wonderful month. Secondly, again since 2010 the tradition of watching a movie on first of Syawal is still going strong. This year the pick was Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters! was that or Smurfs 2 .. but Smurfs 2? heh...never gonna happen.

Unfortunately unlike Lightning Thief which I kinda dig, the followup to the first flick pretty much sucked. I'd say the whole story line fails to grasp any interest from me. It went too fast from one scene to another. The journey was lame and way too easy! Whenever the lead encounter any problem it was resolve pretty much at the snap of a finger. I don't get the sense of any real danger from the journey / quest the leads were in. Which says a lot cause the monsters/demons/god they encounter were hard hitters. It's Cronos! for crying out loud! Speaking of which...the end battle SUCKED so hard!

Plot holes! A LOT! I asked a lot of question going out the cinema, and some of the leads actions were weird and stupid ,I wonder why they are still alive. FX apart from the Horse thingy it was nothing worth screaming's also most definitely not worth the extra $$ paid for 3D.

Cast was ok I guess, Logan Lerman is a good actor I have no issues with the chap. Alexandra Daddario caught my eye in Lighting looks awfully scrawny, me also no likey the highlights. The newbies Douglas Smith (Tyson the Cyclops) and Leven Rambin (Clarisse) were a not bad addition . I told my friends Tyson looked a lot like a young Brendan Fraser and guess what..he was cast as "year old Brendan Fraser" in Blast from the Past. As for Clarisse, I liked her character..she got spunk. (chic was in Hunger Games and wrongfully canceled Scoundrels) The others were just okay, nothing noteworthy.

...except, now here comes the good. Nathan Fillion! Dude was cast as Hermes (not the brand). My friend heard me gasp when I saw him appeared cause honestly I did not know he was in this flick. His scene was the best scene in the entire movie, it was funny and true to what Fillion normally cast as (character wise) ..the insert joke about "a canceled 1 season - cult favorite show" was a hoot! to those that understand it. (i.e Firefly) Also not to just shine the spotlight on Fillion, Hermes talking staff was equally funny. Watch out for this scene.

With all that said..I still dig the mythology behind Percy. The demi-god, weird characters, Cyclops..etc..I still love watching stories about these..well things. But the lacking of a strong story and everything tied up neatly (and so easy) near the end really turned me off at times. Luckily there was Mr Fillion to lighten the mood (eventhough it's really just a 5 - 10 minute scene) which is why I give it a so-so 5/10