Friday, June 25, 2010

Lil Birdie Gave me this - more movie quotes -

Fair warning this is a dumb movie...a really really dumb movie! And I'm in the mood to write fact there's maybe more after.

However, at least for me..this is one of those "it's sooo dumb yet it's good movie". Granted there are a few scenes I wished that it wasn't made. You know that cow scene to name one. Movie is Kung Pow - Enter the Fist(?), watched it during Uni days..the lazy days the how the ef I got THIS fat cukup...
Kazumi was the dude that brought the movie in (btw where the hell are ya?if ur reading this which is unlikely..holler!)... we laughed near all the way. The voice over for Ling and Evil Beeeeeeeettty is to DIE for!

My fav line of all which I use near everyday is "hot bout now??" (normally minus how bout now)..maybe it's the voice which sounded slightly similar to a chic I named Pam...or maybe it's the scene itself..well whatever it is...fuhnnneeeeeeey!..Here's an update though...apparently I mix up the lines, the line did flow together...ah whatever..I'm still using "hot enuff how bout now"

The scene below is Extinct Lil Birdy's fav line...she love to suddenly quote this when I call her birdy..or dodo.."koorkoor koorkoor...I'm Just a Birdy too"...dem this never gets old..especially if you use the same voice as Betty did (it ain't me)

Thanks to dodo for the video above..she found it...and then some..

Recently one dude in mah office quoted Betty too, and in Betty's tone..priceless. Shows how a dumbass movie can actually touch so many lives...(not for the artsy fartsy movie goers) -n-

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Awesome!!! - Quoting a movie -

I've got this friend, dah lama gak ah kenal mamat nih. Since sekolah, we got this special and may seem stupid to some, form of communication. We quote movies a lot...but mostly movies from the 90s...late 90s to be exact. Mamat nih lah yg rajin bebenor chat ngan aku kisah movie...a mutual fav of ours is Never Been Kissed , probably due to Drew .. but we liked the story. Personally for me its far better than She's All That which came out near the same time..

Here are some memorable quotes we normally use in our conversation..till now I might add

"There goes another lemming"
Muttered by that geeky slightly looks like Helen hunt chic (aku lupa nama betul dia)..this line is the most near every conversation

A cool word created by Guy, the lead cool dude in school.."spread it around like wildfire" he adds. Also sometimes we (aku ngan that dude) use rufulicious , this one was used by James Franco!

"So awesoooooooooooommmmme!!"
Jessica Alba isn't she ur fav star screamed this line..she did it well, that's the only defining moment for me in her entire acting career (her boobs doesn't count)

"I don't care bout ur stupid prom"
Said in disgust by Drew while throwing away her Tiara..this one we rarely use but one time the dude did the line with the exact expression which made me laughed hard.

And finally last month; we were chatting bout what to see that weekend at the movies...this is his reply

oblurs (5/29/2010 2:33:12 PM): about....meant for each other...famous couple troughout history....absalutely rufus..
thanezra (5/29/2010 2:33:22 PM): bodoh!
thanezra (5/29/2010 2:33:24 PM): ahahhahahahaha
oblurs (5/29/2010 2:33:26 PM): hahahahahah

that was another line from Never Been Kissed, when they were deciding on a prom theme....classic...this dude is sick..oh well that bout it..till next time (me wanna add more quotes I use on a regular basis)...Rufus!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Story 3 was awesome!

Just got back from watching Toy Story with the nieces and nephew, and takut memory lost me wanna say this now! Toy Story 3 is thus far the best movie I've seen this year. The first was cool enuff the 2nd I love a lot cause it was funny and Jessie's story flashback with Sarah Mclachlan's song playing at the back was perfectly made. I thought nothing can beat that scene, I was wrong. First half of the movie was just a-ok but the ending!...dude me love! the love love...very well made..and a perfect ending to a chapter, nearly brought me to tears (nearly yeh). Also some of the new characters are wickedly cool. Bonnie's my fav. Ok tuh je...again..last 30 minute is cool. 9/10.

Monday, June 14, 2010

When Will Dexter / Weeds begin????! Yeesh

Due to a lot of cancellation or season finales and also one Tv series finally ended I'm in need for new shows. Am waiting for Weeds and Dexter, these series really do take their time per season and If not mistaken only in September they'll emerge. Oh if anyone cares Flashforward and Ghost Whisperer are both canceled! double whammy! I specially hated that G.W got canceled only cause it didn't get closure, 5 seasons and no closure??? Geeeeeeeeeez if I knew earlier I wouldn't follow this series, oh well bye bye Melinda's cleavage *sobs.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a list made by the ever so reliable yahoo peeps. Something bout what's to watch for during fall (or whatever season aku x reti tarikh season). Some have already came out and I'm sorta liking em. So here's what I'm following now (if u readers care lah).

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Only wanted to see it cause I thought it was like Malcolm in the Middle, one of my fav shows ever (buffy still # 1)...and it is not. It's pretty crude BUT me like!...Ahaha I laughed so hard it hurts. It's about a loser kid with big errr member..I'll just leave it to that.

Persons Unknown

Ooooo a mystery, bout bunch of peeps kidnap and placed in a deserted community, reasons unknown. It's no Lost but it'll do...for now. My only concern is that it'll get canceled cause this sort of show normally doesn't last long. Well at least it ain't Happy Town oh god does Happy Town suck hard.

Pretty Little Liars

Was promoted as I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Gossip Girl...blaaahhh to Gossip Girl but I'm sold after I heard I Know What You Did Last Summer. Bout 4 chics keeping some secret after the Queen B went missing for a year and then later found dead. Personally after viewing, it is sorta meh...but I'll keep watching, if it's still "meh"..bye bye. P/S: the latin chic is cute!

And since I'm bored I've been downloading old series

Wonder Years

Waaaaaaaaay wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back I used to watch this as a kid, and loved it (though now I can only remember 1 or 2 eps only). Kevin Arnold changed my world..hehe. I've just finished season 1 (6 ep jer) and so far I still like it. The innocence of this "perasan" lil dude is priceless. Ahh to be young.

A Nightmare on Elm Street : The Series

I jumped like Chun Li after winning a battle after seeing this @ Rapid. I've only seen a couple of eps when I was a kid but those two eps really sticked in my head. I've only watch 1 ep anddd....hehe it didn't really aged well, maybe it's due to the quality (VHS rip) but I'll be watching the whole series 24 eps only..I got time..bulan nih pokai dah so weekend would be in front of pc only.

United States of Tara

A cousin of mine have strong taste in tv series; she told me to watch Dexter..and some other crap I don't remember but I trust her taste..and then I saw her status in FB, something in the lines of "United States of Tara Rocks!" so..why not?I only dl-ed the first ep and I loved it! Toni Collette is awesome in it!..and it's funny, the sorts of funny I like, showtime never fails in delivering great shows, I applaud u people. So this one is for keeps.

ha tuh jer lah...dan weekend aku tgk A-Team then Lagenda Budak Setan, guess which one I hated so much? Sooo sooooooooo much.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

An outing with the birds

Saw Killers yesterday, early plan was to do something after Friday with a friend but unfortunately the friend went on a vacation (it was my bad, aku lupa). As always, I would be booking movie tix for the weekend in case I'm in the mood and this weekend wasn't an exception, the only movie that stood out from the list is Killer, mind u I've already seen Persia and Shrek 4 the week before..and as for Lagenda Budak Setan...hehe..ntoh..maybe..dunno..depends..ya I'll stick with depends. Went online friday afternoon just to stick myself out there, who knows maybe someone might msg with the phrase "JOM WAYANG!"...and someone did!.

So me went out with the birds...watching a chic flick..ala sekali sekala tak salah kot..ahahaha. Oh note extinct bird came too...lama tak jumpa kor dodo!asyik gaduh kat fb/ym! je. Me reached around 8.40 p.m due to the god-awful can people survive here in KL..I would have hang myself due to boredom in the car.

Dodo was the last one to reach, was about to leave the tix at the counter under the name "dodo" just for fun (like I did with Model before!) but birdy tiung said "xpalah kali nih kita lepaskan..sian lak dodo selalu kena"...hence tunggu jer ah burung tuh. Got in late as we heard Katherine Heigl already babbling inside. As we usher ourselves while wiggling our bums to the audience...the screen changes to Ashton Kutcher...and instantly both Dodo and Tiung got weak feet..can't blame them. Watch the movie lah to understand. Now as for the movie!'s a chic flick, I know what I'm getting myself into so expectation IS low, also IMDB rating is sorta bad. BUT surprisingly I'm digging the movie...not as a whole though. I love the first half, mid section when all hell breaks loose..not so much. Katherine Heigl have played this sorta role before (Ugly Truth, err that dress movie) but I do love her awkward scenes it was funny eventhough I've seen that from her A LOT of times. Ashton was way cool, he's no longer the Jackass in the 70s show and he finally looks mature, erm that's it from him kot. Catherine O' Hara was FUNNEEEEEEY loved her bengong tm gila.
Storywise not mind blowing, but as I said, it's a chic flick..and I really wanted to see something light. And as I said above I love the early scenes, the awkward moments when guy meets gal then trouble ensues but after the assassins kept showing up one by one it felt..huh? Like, OK WHO ELSE IS AN ASSASSIN? raise ur for the ending..not too shabby, oklah..acceptable. Yang pasti aku dapat dengor Milo and Dela swoon, mengilai pukul2 kerusi the whole movie...and cam dah lama tak dengor korang ngilai..ahahaha. Syah control macho :P. Oh before I conclude let me just add movie nih pesta skin..ok thats it.

Overall, movie was enjoyable..I had fun. And while I'm at it..Shrek 4 boooooooooooo! Persia was fun so that's all folks..mesra