Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Awesome!!! - Quoting a movie -

I've got this friend, dah lama gak ah kenal mamat nih. Since sekolah, we got this special and may seem stupid to some, form of communication. We quote movies a lot...but mostly movies from the 90s...late 90s to be exact. Mamat nih lah yg rajin bebenor chat ngan aku kisah movie...a mutual fav of ours is Never Been Kissed , probably due to Drew .. but we liked the story. Personally for me its far better than She's All That which came out near the same time..

Here are some memorable quotes we normally use in our conversation..till now I might add

"There goes another lemming"
Muttered by that geeky slightly looks like Helen hunt chic (aku lupa nama betul dia)..this line is the most near every conversation

A cool word created by Guy, the lead cool dude in school.."spread it around like wildfire" he adds. Also sometimes we (aku ngan that dude) use rufulicious , this one was used by James Franco!

"So awesoooooooooooommmmme!!"
Jessica Alba isn't she ur fav star screamed this line..she did it well, that's the only defining moment for me in her entire acting career (her boobs doesn't count)

"I don't care bout ur stupid prom"
Said in disgust by Drew while throwing away her Tiara..this one we rarely use but one time the dude did the line with the exact expression which made me laughed hard.

And finally last month; we were chatting bout what to see that weekend at the movies...this is his reply

oblurs (5/29/2010 2:33:12 PM): about....meant for each other...famous couple troughout history....absalutely rufus..
thanezra (5/29/2010 2:33:22 PM): bodoh!
thanezra (5/29/2010 2:33:24 PM): ahahhahahahaha
oblurs (5/29/2010 2:33:26 PM): hahahahahah

that was another line from Never Been Kissed, when they were deciding on a prom theme....classic...this dude is sick..oh well that bout it..till next time (me wanna add more quotes I use on a regular basis)...Rufus!


Riezal aka Rezdrake said...

Member lama tu thomass yehhh.. patut laa tajuk pun Never Been kissed.. ermm

reza said...


milo boyd said...

all i wanna do is find the way back into loveeee *nyanyi*

whats up ngan drew barrymore nyer citer lately nih eh? aku pon dok menengok2 balik sme citer die. smlm as u know music n lyrics. last week aku layan 50 1st dates. yeah yeah been looking for that 'ever after' nyer muvi. kalo ade..nak sedut yeh!

reza said...

aku mmg minat never been kiss...belasan kali dah kot tgk..tapi music and lyrics...hmmm best gak tuh

ever after akan dicari