Friday, June 25, 2010

Lil Birdie Gave me this - more movie quotes -

Fair warning this is a dumb movie...a really really dumb movie! And I'm in the mood to write fact there's maybe more after.

However, at least for me..this is one of those "it's sooo dumb yet it's good movie". Granted there are a few scenes I wished that it wasn't made. You know that cow scene to name one. Movie is Kung Pow - Enter the Fist(?), watched it during Uni days..the lazy days the how the ef I got THIS fat cukup...
Kazumi was the dude that brought the movie in (btw where the hell are ya?if ur reading this which is unlikely..holler!)... we laughed near all the way. The voice over for Ling and Evil Beeeeeeeettty is to DIE for!

My fav line of all which I use near everyday is "hot bout now??" (normally minus how bout now)..maybe it's the voice which sounded slightly similar to a chic I named Pam...or maybe it's the scene itself..well whatever it is...fuhnnneeeeeeey!..Here's an update though...apparently I mix up the lines, the line did flow together...ah whatever..I'm still using "hot enuff how bout now"

The scene below is Extinct Lil Birdy's fav line...she love to suddenly quote this when I call her birdy..or dodo.."koorkoor koorkoor...I'm Just a Birdy too"...dem this never gets old..especially if you use the same voice as Betty did (it ain't me)

Thanks to dodo for the video above..she found it...and then some..

Recently one dude in mah office quoted Betty too, and in Betty's tone..priceless. Shows how a dumbass movie can actually touch so many lives...(not for the artsy fartsy movie goers) -n-

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