Saturday, June 05, 2010

An outing with the birds

Saw Killers yesterday, early plan was to do something after Friday with a friend but unfortunately the friend went on a vacation (it was my bad, aku lupa). As always, I would be booking movie tix for the weekend in case I'm in the mood and this weekend wasn't an exception, the only movie that stood out from the list is Killer, mind u I've already seen Persia and Shrek 4 the week before..and as for Lagenda Budak Setan...hehe..ntoh..maybe..dunno..depends..ya I'll stick with depends. Went online friday afternoon just to stick myself out there, who knows maybe someone might msg with the phrase "JOM WAYANG!"...and someone did!.

So me went out with the birds...watching a chic flick..ala sekali sekala tak salah kot..ahahaha. Oh note extinct bird came too...lama tak jumpa kor dodo!asyik gaduh kat fb/ym! je. Me reached around 8.40 p.m due to the god-awful can people survive here in KL..I would have hang myself due to boredom in the car.

Dodo was the last one to reach, was about to leave the tix at the counter under the name "dodo" just for fun (like I did with Model before!) but birdy tiung said "xpalah kali nih kita lepaskan..sian lak dodo selalu kena"...hence tunggu jer ah burung tuh. Got in late as we heard Katherine Heigl already babbling inside. As we usher ourselves while wiggling our bums to the audience...the screen changes to Ashton Kutcher...and instantly both Dodo and Tiung got weak feet..can't blame them. Watch the movie lah to understand. Now as for the movie!'s a chic flick, I know what I'm getting myself into so expectation IS low, also IMDB rating is sorta bad. BUT surprisingly I'm digging the movie...not as a whole though. I love the first half, mid section when all hell breaks loose..not so much. Katherine Heigl have played this sorta role before (Ugly Truth, err that dress movie) but I do love her awkward scenes it was funny eventhough I've seen that from her A LOT of times. Ashton was way cool, he's no longer the Jackass in the 70s show and he finally looks mature, erm that's it from him kot. Catherine O' Hara was FUNNEEEEEEY loved her bengong tm gila.
Storywise not mind blowing, but as I said, it's a chic flick..and I really wanted to see something light. And as I said above I love the early scenes, the awkward moments when guy meets gal then trouble ensues but after the assassins kept showing up one by one it felt..huh? Like, OK WHO ELSE IS AN ASSASSIN? raise ur for the ending..not too shabby, oklah..acceptable. Yang pasti aku dapat dengor Milo and Dela swoon, mengilai pukul2 kerusi the whole movie...and cam dah lama tak dengor korang ngilai..ahahaha. Syah control macho :P. Oh before I conclude let me just add movie nih pesta skin..ok thats it.

Overall, movie was enjoyable..I had fun. And while I'm at it..Shrek 4 boooooooooooo! Persia was fun so that's all folks..mesra


milo boyd said...

OMG ashton...*melting..*

reza said...

catherine o' hara...MILF

Dela Ahmad said...

hahahah setan korang. ooo ada initial plan yer rupanyer.

reza said...

kami kami just wanna have funnnn....ohhh we just wanna have funnnn