Monday, June 14, 2010

When Will Dexter / Weeds begin????! Yeesh

Due to a lot of cancellation or season finales and also one Tv series finally ended I'm in need for new shows. Am waiting for Weeds and Dexter, these series really do take their time per season and If not mistaken only in September they'll emerge. Oh if anyone cares Flashforward and Ghost Whisperer are both canceled! double whammy! I specially hated that G.W got canceled only cause it didn't get closure, 5 seasons and no closure??? Geeeeeeeeeez if I knew earlier I wouldn't follow this series, oh well bye bye Melinda's cleavage *sobs.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a list made by the ever so reliable yahoo peeps. Something bout what's to watch for during fall (or whatever season aku x reti tarikh season). Some have already came out and I'm sorta liking em. So here's what I'm following now (if u readers care lah).

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Only wanted to see it cause I thought it was like Malcolm in the Middle, one of my fav shows ever (buffy still # 1)...and it is not. It's pretty crude BUT me like!...Ahaha I laughed so hard it hurts. It's about a loser kid with big errr member..I'll just leave it to that.

Persons Unknown

Ooooo a mystery, bout bunch of peeps kidnap and placed in a deserted community, reasons unknown. It's no Lost but it'll do...for now. My only concern is that it'll get canceled cause this sort of show normally doesn't last long. Well at least it ain't Happy Town oh god does Happy Town suck hard.

Pretty Little Liars

Was promoted as I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Gossip Girl...blaaahhh to Gossip Girl but I'm sold after I heard I Know What You Did Last Summer. Bout 4 chics keeping some secret after the Queen B went missing for a year and then later found dead. Personally after viewing, it is sorta meh...but I'll keep watching, if it's still "meh"..bye bye. P/S: the latin chic is cute!

And since I'm bored I've been downloading old series

Wonder Years

Waaaaaaaaay wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back I used to watch this as a kid, and loved it (though now I can only remember 1 or 2 eps only). Kevin Arnold changed my world..hehe. I've just finished season 1 (6 ep jer) and so far I still like it. The innocence of this "perasan" lil dude is priceless. Ahh to be young.

A Nightmare on Elm Street : The Series

I jumped like Chun Li after winning a battle after seeing this @ Rapid. I've only seen a couple of eps when I was a kid but those two eps really sticked in my head. I've only watch 1 ep anddd....hehe it didn't really aged well, maybe it's due to the quality (VHS rip) but I'll be watching the whole series 24 eps only..I got time..bulan nih pokai dah so weekend would be in front of pc only.

United States of Tara

A cousin of mine have strong taste in tv series; she told me to watch Dexter..and some other crap I don't remember but I trust her taste..and then I saw her status in FB, something in the lines of "United States of Tara Rocks!" so..why not?I only dl-ed the first ep and I loved it! Toni Collette is awesome in it!..and it's funny, the sorts of funny I like, showtime never fails in delivering great shows, I applaud u people. So this one is for keeps.

ha tuh jer lah...dan weekend aku tgk A-Team then Lagenda Budak Setan, guess which one I hated so much? Sooo sooooooooo much.


Ed said...

hmm... u hate A-Team sooo soooooo much?

Because I think u never missed Ahadiat Akashah's book back to Bainun time.

reza said...

sejak bila aku baca novel melayu?????
in fact....sejak bila aku baca novel??!?!?!?!??!?!?