Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok this is hard...been tweaking the list since a week ago & I still can't get it down to 10! so u know's 20! go ahead whine..I dare ya.


Yeaaaaaaaah...I didn't love it as much as most of you people do...but it is good. I gotta admit that...My architect friend (nak sebut gak) loves this movie and I can see why...visually it's really really stunning..was in awe...
I like the first half of the movie...and then it got slightly annoying to me with all it's bloody levels and such...and then the ending.I felt is interesting yes...but I really felt cheated...I actually groaned in the cinema when the screen fades to black.

Defining moment : Of kos it's that anti-gravity scene..yo! much?

19.Book of Eli

The first movie I really enjoyed in started out quite slow...but halfway (well 1/3 maybe) it got better. you know what I really enjoy post apocalyptic movie..and this one is one of the finer ones...later I'll be watching Vanishing @ 7th Street..on paper it sounded good..hoping the ok back to Eli..acting great..Mila Kunis cute!..action hot enuff...and the ending..yummers! #19!

Defining Moment : here's a spoiler...Eli's blind!...woooaaaaaaaaah!

18.The crazies

Birthday movie..yea!...
But honestly this is a great's quite dark..never expected that. And the leads rule!..and after this flick I hunt down the original Crazies and what the let me just say that the remake is far superior than that what in the world Crazies original.

Defining Moment : The poster got it right..the pitchfork scene..yum!

17.The horde

A french flick bout a group of terrorist and the police? trapped in a building (it's always like that huh) while a horde of zombies banging the doors wanting to come in. It's ur typical zombie flick but two things stood out for me...1.all the characters are a-holes ...and there's a zombie fight scene that got me all giddy. Watch this..its pretty fun

Defining moment : Hand boxing fight with two zombies....rrrrrwaaargh now this is cool!


Simple movie...a train that can't stop...but I love it..somehow I find this movie know what's gonna happen...u can predict it like 30 minutes in..but I'm still at the edge of my seat. The style also is a bit rough in which works fine with Chris Pine is the man!

Defining moment : any scene with the train nearly hitting a car,truck, other train etc (my highlight is the train with kids in it..though it's obvious it won't get hit...I was a wee bit worried that it actually might)

15.Shutter Island

I actually found the movie pretty lame at first...but after second viewing it ain't really that fact it's good. I was probably sleepy during my first what's to like...well good casting is first..u have Leo, Michelle Williams and Mark Ruffalo...all mucho great actors..the the mind fuck we get while watching this movie..I honestly felt sorry for Leo's character to a point where I wanted to scream "leave him alone already..!"...hmm what else..the twist I actually predicted...but still the ending has some is he or isn't he question left which I LOVE! there u have it..good movie..PASS!

Defining moment : The ambiguous he aware..or pretending??


I thought I was watching something in the lines of Cloverfield..(in which I love)...but surprisingly it's entirely something else..yeah you get monsters turning up here and there (cool looking monsters I might add)we also have a pretty interesting story + mucho nice settings..It's about two Americans heading their way back to Mexico , but things went awry went their passports were stolen..hence the adventure into Monster territory (at this point monsters have already landed and terrorizing Mexico) at your own risk..some hated this movie cause it's boring (it is a lil..but still love it)

Defining moment : ...I moments..but the monsters were just lovely...If I have to choose..I love the underwater monster scene..pretty!

13. Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1

Another some hated it movie..I for one love this compare with the last installment this was much much better...I love how dark this movie went...I love that snake attack which actually was pretty darn scary...I also love how the off Dobby - a character I hated so much but actually felt a bit sad of his demise. And the built up for the 2nd chapter was nicely made in which made me scream...SHOW POTTER FASTER LAAAAA!

Defining moment : The snake attack scene...luv it

12.The Last Exorcism

3 Exorcism related film stood out for me, Exorcist (obviously), Emily Rose and this one episode from X-Files..yeeesh scary. Now add this movie into the fold..the kid that got posses in here is frightening!..the way she bend...yeeesh! I was genuinely scared till I open the bathroom light. However the ending...what in the world..either you love it or hate it... as for me..I'm baffled I dunno what to say bout the ending..but me leaning more towards hating it...but don't judge the movie solely on the a's a great one.

Defining moment : The poster got it...when she bend her body..I was like...WTF!

11. Rec2

Continuing directly from the first one, this time we follow a group of soldiers?..and 3 curious kids. They venture into the infected house and shit happens. What I love bout REC2? Well for starters it felt like a video game..(for me dunno bout u lah)...I'm referring to the scene where they're trying to find the old hag...where they switch from infra red and to ..well normal. Totally dig that concept..Then the kids, love it when they get kids involve in life or death matters..and lastly..the virus/possession reveal..I love it!..I thought it was just your normal zombie infection movie..I was totally wrong! let's see if the Americans can make good of Rec2 remake (though I heard they're not following the same plot)

Defining moment : Like I said earlier..the switching from infra red to normal was way cool..(but maybe this is just me)

*will continue when I got the dol

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010 Turds

As per my typical January are last year's turds..according to me

10. Polos

I may have gotten the title wrong I'll recheck...but apart from the pretty cast...this stupid wannabe horror flick failed, it got no motive at all!..felt like a tease..but then again..maybe I got lost in translation...maybe.

Saving Grace : Honestly the pretty cast..hehe

9.Repo Man

A Jude Law movie that I actually hated so much..never would have thought this day would the #10 movie, I felt the movie was also a tease..bitch ass ending..hate hate hate!....

Saving Grace : The mass runaway scene..pretty cool

8.Jonah Hex

Here's the thing...I can't remember a thing bout this movie!...seriously..all I remember is I got bored..and started chatting away in YM!..oh oh!..I also remember Megan Fox in a corset...yummy? ..I've seen better..hehe.

Saving Grace : ...corset?

7.Hatchet 2

Hatchet 1 was great! introduce a new horror icon to the world...Crowley.The 2nd movie included cool actors like Danielle Harris and Tony basically it will rock again right?...WRONG!..The movie was lame lame lame!..people were killed wayyyyy too easily and dumb I might add..and no one is funny..hence..Hatchet 2 sucked!..the end

Saving Grace : Danielle Harris...I wanna add Tony Todd but he actually sucked in this movie

6.Solomon Kane

Yeah...this is one boring movie...nuff said...oh and the lead was overly dramatic..I wanted to shoot myself dead rather than hearing him preach.

Saving Grace : The Big Bad was pretty impressive

5.Warriors Way

Yesssh another boring least Solomon Kane got some action...this movie the action only starts near the end...and I was already asleep..However one must admit the fx was pretty impressive

Saving Grace : The cute lil baby...awww kuchi kuchi kuchi..

4.Vampire Suck

This would have been in the #1 spot..however I knew this movie would be I didn't expect much of it plus I did "gelak ikhlas" a few times.

Saving Grace : Nope...none of it

3.My Soul to Keep

When Cursed came out I was a bit frustrated cause it came from a fav director of mine..Wes Craven...but suckier movie..yea!yesssh. The movie felt a's here and there...oh and the most of the kills were offscreen...I'm like WHATTTTTTTTT!..bitch!..low point mr crave...definitely a low point.

Saving Grace : Poster..yum!

2.Lagenda Budak Setan

"Sapa saya tak kenal...di mana nih"...WAAAAAAAAAAAAA sesungguhnyer aku nak bunuh diri ngan lakonan minah nih. I would never put a Malay film in this list..but this one is exceptional...I hated everything bout it..I was like scratching the seat due to the stress level watching this breaking point was the 2nd lead incarnation (I dunno her name..sue me) acting chops...WHAT IN THE WORLD! the supposedly Setan not really setan-ish...I've seen worst setan...FAIL!

Saving Grace : Fazura...there was a Fazura in there right?


Good work Shamalan..NOT..dah this movie just sucked. It felt easy...rushed...and when this one princess died..I felt no TIME.

Saving Grace : The Indian dude beside me who can't stop talking was more entertaining

Nearly made the list
Night of the Demons(cause the movie is in 2009)
Dorian Gray (same reason as above)
The Tourist (expected much much more)
The Hole (what the hell happen halfway)
Eclipse (it actually didn't suck as much)
Saw 3D (getting bored of this franchise)
2001 Maniacs Field of Scream (I saw it only it's not fair to put this in)

Overall banyak horror flicks..which saddens me..oh!..the best of 2010!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Bring on 2011!

So...what's in 2011? List looks good...but 2009 anticipating 2010 was better...however!there is one movie that I'm really really looking forward's what stood out for no particular order :


Firstly..great cast Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Harrison Ford..Secondly aliens in the wild wild west? SOLD! Poster also is mighty cool.


The Thing for me one of the best genuinely frightening movie I've watch. It's bleak..quite silent and the monsters were yikes worthy. So they decided to make a prequel out of fine for least it's not another remake...but me wonder if it should better be made as a sequel? Eh come to think of it...The Thing with Kurt Russel is also a remake kan?...hmmm never watch the real original one before..ok hunting now!..oh oh...The Thing Prequel has Mary Elizabeth Winstead ..yum!


I love X-Men...nuff said...but why bring Emma Frost in the fold...whyyyyyy???


James Cameron is attached to it...bout underwater adventure.Looks good. Hello..James Cameron.


Baahh remake, but I'm still gonna watch it cause I'm a sucker. I just hope one thing...don't make the vampire sparkle...PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


I just wanna have a good laugh...


Trailer looks good...will be watching it tonight actually...but so are...sorta bad...alamak!...another Legion kah?...however it is good coming to a movie with low expectation...kan?


Really has the Cabin Fever vibe rocking it..heck just look at the poster..but whatever...bring on more horror flicks!


A movie using those hand held camera..supposedly bout the events when humans first landed on the moon..and here's the catch..the have footage, proving there are E.T...grool.


Poster nice..trailer nice..sold! + Amanda Seyfried in it


Harry Potter is finally coming to an end...this is a must see! Love this franchise only problem was Half Blood Prince.




Aweks that can kick ass galore...looks like D.O.A but with a better budget..AND CAST.


Dunno..the plot intrigues me.Read on :
An origin story set in present day San Francisco, where man's own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy
Cam Planet of the Apes kan?


Jude Law...nuff said...ok I add lah...Sherlock Holmes 2009 was hoping the sequel is good too.


Don't like em...never like Avengers..they're pretentious stuck up bitches...BUT..why is still something from Marvel.


Generating Lots of Buzz even fav reviewer said this looks good. Bout teens getting stalked by Sharks..yeah! another shark with Jason Vorhees complex ..tee hee hee


Now this is my ultimate-most-awaited movie since there's news of it coming out in 2011..I'm like a screaming fan girl waiting for BSB tour bus. I-M THAT excited bout this fact I'm thinking of going to Singapore if say this movie is not release here in April!..seriously!..alone pon alone lah...but actually kena tone down a bit...nanti tgk2 suck?..x ke kecewa...Refer My Soul to god that movie sucked.

ok that's it..will be on hiatus for 2 weeks kot? going for a holiday..yeay! Oh I never mentioned this in my blog...but Happy 2011 people!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eh lupa lak

Suppose to finish it up before 2011 but oops!..ah who's counting pon right? Ok Let's do this..the Final 5 most memorable scenes in 2010 (theaters only)

5. The first 5 minutes of Social Network..
I think the very first 5 minutes of Social Network says a lot bout the movie..the conversation between the lead dude and his then gf was fast-amazing-witty and has substance...whatever they kept me matter how really fact oriented their conversation was..Social Network is a gem.nuff said.

4. The anti gravity scene in Inception..
didn't love it as much as everyone did...but two things stood out from this movie...the rearranging of a town scene (paris i think it the anti-gravity fight scene. If I have to choose one..Anti Gravity scene wins by a was really beautifully made..combine with good fight sequence..Christopher Nolan is a genius..nuff said (again)

3. Old Lady in Other Guys
ok this is sorta stupid..but the old lady scene in Other Guys is a riot..I laughed till I cried during this scene. Probably due the fact that I have a thing for "makcik" in peril or bullied...and this makcik sold me...and the dialogue! fav one is "NO MORE!...I don’t even know what he said! Something about a mannequin hand and an electric shaver attached to the end of a golf club?" ...HAHAHAH BANGSAT SANGAT scene nih..oh and the makcik is a gem too.

2.No hope scene in Toy Story 3
Toy Story got better and better..# 2 surpasses the original and I dare say #3 also surpasses the second.rare ok. two scenes stuck to me the most..1. is the time Andy said "thanks guys.." (waaaaaaaaaaaaa) to the toys and 2. When the toys thought they're gonna die..but #2 wins..only cause I really thought they were gonna die..HONEST..or at least some of em. And when they look to each other and hold hand I was like "shit no!..xkan mati?"..also it was sorta heartwarming watching them giving in to this is the way to go!

1. Bad Reputation Kick Ass..
When Hit Girl came out from the elevator guns blazing with Joan Jet's song playing at the background...I was in AWE. Hit Girl..u rule. The End.