Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010 Turds

As per my typical January are last year's turds..according to me

10. Polos

I may have gotten the title wrong I'll recheck...but apart from the pretty cast...this stupid wannabe horror flick failed, it got no motive at all!..felt like a tease..but then again..maybe I got lost in translation...maybe.

Saving Grace : Honestly the pretty cast..hehe

9.Repo Man

A Jude Law movie that I actually hated so much..never would have thought this day would the #10 movie, I felt the movie was also a tease..bitch ass ending..hate hate hate!....

Saving Grace : The mass runaway scene..pretty cool

8.Jonah Hex

Here's the thing...I can't remember a thing bout this movie!...seriously..all I remember is I got bored..and started chatting away in YM!..oh oh!..I also remember Megan Fox in a corset...yummy? ..I've seen better..hehe.

Saving Grace : ...corset?

7.Hatchet 2

Hatchet 1 was great! introduce a new horror icon to the world...Crowley.The 2nd movie included cool actors like Danielle Harris and Tony basically it will rock again right?...WRONG!..The movie was lame lame lame!..people were killed wayyyyy too easily and dumb I might add..and no one is funny..hence..Hatchet 2 sucked!..the end

Saving Grace : Danielle Harris...I wanna add Tony Todd but he actually sucked in this movie

6.Solomon Kane

Yeah...this is one boring movie...nuff said...oh and the lead was overly dramatic..I wanted to shoot myself dead rather than hearing him preach.

Saving Grace : The Big Bad was pretty impressive

5.Warriors Way

Yesssh another boring least Solomon Kane got some action...this movie the action only starts near the end...and I was already asleep..However one must admit the fx was pretty impressive

Saving Grace : The cute lil baby...awww kuchi kuchi kuchi..

4.Vampire Suck

This would have been in the #1 spot..however I knew this movie would be I didn't expect much of it plus I did "gelak ikhlas" a few times.

Saving Grace : Nope...none of it

3.My Soul to Keep

When Cursed came out I was a bit frustrated cause it came from a fav director of mine..Wes Craven...but suckier movie..yea!yesssh. The movie felt a's here and there...oh and the most of the kills were offscreen...I'm like WHATTTTTTTTT!..bitch!..low point mr crave...definitely a low point.

Saving Grace : Poster..yum!

2.Lagenda Budak Setan

"Sapa saya tak kenal...di mana nih"...WAAAAAAAAAAAAA sesungguhnyer aku nak bunuh diri ngan lakonan minah nih. I would never put a Malay film in this list..but this one is exceptional...I hated everything bout it..I was like scratching the seat due to the stress level watching this breaking point was the 2nd lead incarnation (I dunno her name..sue me) acting chops...WHAT IN THE WORLD! the supposedly Setan not really setan-ish...I've seen worst setan...FAIL!

Saving Grace : Fazura...there was a Fazura in there right?


Good work Shamalan..NOT..dah this movie just sucked. It felt easy...rushed...and when this one princess died..I felt no TIME.

Saving Grace : The Indian dude beside me who can't stop talking was more entertaining

Nearly made the list
Night of the Demons(cause the movie is in 2009)
Dorian Gray (same reason as above)
The Tourist (expected much much more)
The Hole (what the hell happen halfway)
Eclipse (it actually didn't suck as much)
Saw 3D (getting bored of this franchise)
2001 Maniacs Field of Scream (I saw it only it's not fair to put this in)

Overall banyak horror flicks..which saddens me..oh!..the best of 2010!