Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eh lupa lak

Suppose to finish it up before 2011 but oops!..ah who's counting pon right? Ok Let's do this..the Final 5 most memorable scenes in 2010 (theaters only)

5. The first 5 minutes of Social Network..
I think the very first 5 minutes of Social Network says a lot bout the movie..the conversation between the lead dude and his then gf was fast-amazing-witty and has substance...whatever they said..it kept me glued...no matter how really fact oriented their conversation was..Social Network is a gem.nuff said.

4. The anti gravity scene in Inception..
didn't love it as much as everyone did...but two things stood out from this movie...the rearranging of a town scene (paris i think it was..ke?)...AND the anti-gravity fight scene. If I have to choose one..Anti Gravity scene wins by a longshot..it was really beautifully made..combine with good fight sequence..Christopher Nolan is a genius..nuff said (again)

3. Old Lady in Other Guys
ok this is sorta stupid..but the old lady scene in Other Guys is a riot..I laughed till I cried during this scene. Probably due the fact that I have a thing for "makcik" in peril or bullied...and this makcik sold me...and the dialogue! bwahhahahah...my fav one is "NO MORE!...I don’t even know what he said! Something about a mannequin hand and an electric shaver attached to the end of a golf club?" ...HAHAHAH BANGSAT SANGAT scene nih..oh and the makcik is a gem too.

2.No hope scene in Toy Story 3
Toy Story got better and better..# 2 surpasses the original and I dare say #3 also surpasses the second.rare ok. two scenes stuck to me the most..1. is the time Andy said "thanks guys.." (waaaaaaaaaaaaa) to the toys and 2. When the toys thought they're gonna die..but #2 wins..only cause I really thought they were gonna die..HONEST..or at least some of em. And when they look to each other and hold hand I was like "shit no!..xkan mati?"..also it was sorta heartwarming watching them giving in to destiny..now this is the way to go!

1. Bad Reputation Kick Ass..
When Hit Girl came out from the elevator guns blazing with Joan Jet's song playing at the background...I was in AWE. Hit Girl..u rule. The End.