Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's that time again

Well we're nearing the end now..and it's that time again where we look back on what's hot..and what's not..since I only do the top 10 best/worst movie in January, I'll do something else..to build up to January's post..can?

Since the Dawn of mankind I've been a fan of cinema, younger years was spent going to the cinema getting awed by the images shown like the first time I saw a really lifelike dinosaur roaming Jurassic Park or watching The Blue Diva singing her lungs out in Fifth Element..those memories stick out like a sore thumb every time I wanna reminisce. Now this year..I finally decided to jot down movies I saw at the cinema (I'm a freak I know) cause honestly..it's harder for me to remember stuff nowadays..with work and all (old age)..so here..I give you the

Most Memorable Scene I saw at the Cinema 2010

15. The hottest of em all Milla jumping of the Citadel in Resident Evil Afterlife
Ahh Milla-Milla you can never go wrong in my book..Resident sorta sucked balls storywise but it made up with it's cool action sequence and not too shabby fx. In the cinema scene most stuck out for me is definitely when you took a dive from the Citadel..running away from the Horde of zombies..heck I even whispered "hot!" to me friend beside me when you did this...aah Milla...always and forever...love ya!

14. Kris got sliced and diced in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010
Also not the best movie this year...it's just ok...but the kid in me really wanted to see Freddy (even though it's not Robert Englund) on the big screen. Unfortunately the new Freddy..was just...too short!..and not that menacing...HOWEVER..it was really a treat watching the re-imagine of Tina getting hacked in the original Nightmare...and Kris(the remake Tina) is a hottie!..yeay!

13. A-Team impossible tank scene
Didn't really watch A team back in the day..but I do know of it. The movie was cool enough but the most memorable yet unbelievable scene is when the team got stuck in a tank and is free falling from the sky. What they did to survive?...Shoot out cannons from the side to maneuver the tank so that it'll fall into a nearby lake..wow..why didn't I think of that?

12. Potter and Hermoine in the buff in Deathly Hallows Part I
Saucy!...never would have thought this would come out from the Potter franchise..granted it was only semi-nude but still...woah much? Movie is good though..but did you see em in the buff???? hehe

11. The Big reveal in Devil
Devil was a great flick...good scares, awesome story and not bad twist...it's been awhile where supernatural crap scares the hell out of me..they don't make ghost/demon flicks like they use to I guess. But Devil delivers...the scene that really made me jump is the end scene when It was revealed who the Devil inhabited...It's not really shock worthy...but the screaming Mimi beside me was so..SOOOOO loud! till even I jolt-ergo embedded this particular scene in me mind forever...

*will continue tomorrow..I hope
*updated 12/30/10

10. Usop running gracefully in Hantu Kak Limah
Hey, I love the character..what else to say? Him running while swaying his hand effortlessly is pure great acting in my book.

9.Overacting extra in Piranha not in 3D
Please do take note that censorship cut A LOT of scenes from Piranha..imagine my surprise when I saw the underwater ballet scene from an uncut version. And since that scene I saw @ my home screen it doesn't count (but believe me it should have if it wasn't cut @ the cinema)..anyhoots...lots to choose from this mighty fun movie. The scalped chick...Eli Roth got smashed! (woohoo!) but the thing stuck out the most is one of the extra's great acting chop during the massacre scene. I'll try to screen cap it when I get the chance. This dude really overacts...I can see him a mile away...and he wasn't even highlighted...he's like one of the backdrop extras..but I saw him, funny thing is when I was about to nudge Iwan bout this..he nudge me first!....seeeeee! great minds think alike...bwahahaha..ok tuh je.

8. The whole Buried experience.
Buried...a great movie that most Malaysian dislike...A LOT of people grunted when I came out from the cinema..seriously I'm confuse..are we watching the same thing? Well anyway...watching Ryan Renolds in a box for 90 minutes is a fun treat..it kept me glued to the story..and that's it..GREAT MOVIE..-n-

7. Susie Salmon's(like the fish) sister in peril from The Lovely Bones
Another wonderful story..and amazingly shot...plus well acted. But one thing stuck out the most is when Fish's younger sister was in danger of being captured by the killer..it was really well made..I was at the edge of my seat...(dah lama tak panic dlm pawagam yeh)..hence why it made the books this year.

6. Amputated Leg in How To Train Ur Dragon
Also a visually stunning flick..the backdrop was niceeeeeeee!...but one thing stuck out the most is when the lead kid found out that his leg got amputated..I'm like wow...Dreamworks went that far..kudos to em for being brave...that was really a silent and heartbreaking scene for me...

and for tomorrow I'll complete the final 5 fav scenes in Cinema 2010