Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Golden Globe Nods

3 Fav Series this year god Golden Globes nod..wohooo

1. The Big C

About a woman dealing with life after been diagnose with cancer
Sorta close to also how she finds humor in cancer plus the quirky characters
Fav episode 1 , 7 and finale...7 specially

2.Walking Dead

Post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world nuff said.
Zombie tv series???? Yum!!! Gore also cool..way way cool!
Fav episode 1, 3 and 4...finale agak upsetting


Ah u people would know of the greatest series ever (Buffy still #1)
Season 5 was hot enuff not as good as 4..but it'll do. Not bad villain..GREAT character development and awesome guest star...who would have thought...Julia Stiles kinda rocked...and kinda cute..
Fav episode..hard to choose...all boleh?

In other news...True Blood not nominated...bwahahahahaha snap!


fadz said...

And Kekure hated Dexter!! I really wanna see this! Walking Dead? yey! But they said, the episodes after the pilot isnt dat good..

reza said...

weird..dexter mucho cool for me...anti-hero yg awesome.
and true...after pilot some episodes agak slow...and season finale is sorta of a letdown...good series though nonetheless