Friday, December 03, 2010

He's a douche..but a genius

The first scene of Social Network introduce us to Mark Zuckerberg the soon to be (the current timeline in movie) of Facebook...he was talking to his then girlfriend blah blah, and I was in panic mode. The dude talked's like bam bam bam bam and double bam..I thought to myself if this continues for the rest 1 hr 50 mins..I'm doomed! doooooomed! I hate movie with lot of facts..sure throw me some long interesting conversation here and there but ultimately I'll lose interest.

However! the flick was totally a million years I wouldn't have thought a movie bout the origins of Facebook would get me hooked. The story behind facebook creation was interesting, I thought it was just a bunch of dudes get together having a blast and thought "hey!, let's create a social network on9!" and that's it...boy was I wrong..DEAD wrong....there's a long thought process behind it which I find really interesting...heck I uttered "wow!" to Milo a few times during Mark's rant...and then whisper sweet2 love word to Dela (bwahaha merepek sat)

Another interesting point bout the movie is Mark himself..if Jesse Eisenberg portrayal of Mark hits the spot..then Mark is a douche-dick-a-hole, but I actually like him's a love-hate thing I guess. Hate his whatever-I'm right attitude but really love his snippy comments. Another great character is the co-founder Eduardo..though he is actually pretty much useless as a FB creator..I did feel sorry for him.

On the downside, you really gotta be prepared for this movie, I saw this @9pm after working 9 hrs, and then waiting in office for additional 3 hrs, plus the jam session in KL for an pretty much hurt my movie experience cause I was mad tired. So please see the movie when ur fresh. Another thing..but this is more on a personal note...I really blank off when people start talking bout stuff I don't like or care stocks, equity and yada2 in those lines. We got a couple of scenes bout that in the movie and I was boreeeeeeed...technically it's not the makers fault...but like I said...personally, I don't need those sort of yapping scenes.

I end with this definitely a great movie this year? Probably the hell out of Inception if u ask me. OH and thank you JomSocial for the 6 free tix!...u made 5 people very happy...and a McD kid. -n-


Nazim Masnawi said...

Yeap, definitely one of the best of the year. You failed to mention that the dialogue-driven stuff is also as funny as hell, totally expected since it comes from the great, great Aaron Sorkin.

Anonymous said...

ok i'll take ur word for it...and go see it...when i dont know..LOL

milo boyd said...

love it love it love it! yeah aku setuju cam lg best dr deception yg aku cam..."whaaaatftftf???" bile masuk layer ke-8 mimpi dalam mimpi. ko ingat nih lagu damasutra- umpama mimpi dlm mimpi?? (actually aku dah put hi expectation that time)

the McD kid a.k.a not too tall. LOL!!!

milo boyd said...

"You failed to mention that the dialogue-driven stuff is also as funny as hell."

second that!

reza said...

nazim : dude know what...Lina asked me to invite u...but I was a pussy cause I found u intimidating, takut siot baca blog kor..ahahah...maybe next time if im lucky enuff ek..

anon lady : i bet ipoh cinema hall for Social Network would be empty...hence..go see...cepat cepat!

milo : aku suka inception it's just...ha yeh lah cam kor ckp bila dah berjuta2 sangat level mimpinyer aku cam dah for McD kid...bwahahahahaha!...tapi entah dia suka tak kan

Dela Ahmad said...

hahahahaha. Bodoh! McD kid was bz smsing! Aku terdistract! That bitch! Btw, dia pengkid atau lelaki sejati weh? Dan, yeah. Not tall at all! Fail!

reza said...

dari mana kor dapat pengkid?..sah bdk laki tuh...tsk tsk