Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unstoppable : Based on actual event

Wasn't the first choice..but during the chaos / indecisive state everyone was in..we opt to watch Unstoppable..I've had seen it before but whatever lah..it is in fact a pretty solid movie. The night was for Kecik anyway..not me.. (but if it was up to me I would've love to see Skyline)..Anyway the night made me miss watching movie with u chaotic people..it was fun watching Unstoppable with these peeps cause their reaction is pretty much over the top..take one scene for example...

Chris Pine was in trouble, he needs to pin the two trains together..he kick and kicks and whadouknow...he fell..
Mills and Dods screamed automatically!..pretty high pitched..faced covered and all..the odd thing is...they're the only ones who made any noise during this scene. What follows were some snickers and punching towards my very delicate shoulders..*thanks milo..I consider the bruises as a love bite.

When asked why the reaction; the reason they gave

"Chris Pine hot...xmo dia mati.."....eh bengong sungguh komer nih...

p/s : take it from someone who viewed it twice..the movie is still rad.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EP 4 : The Walking Dead

Didn't actually love the first episode, but due to the fact it's really rare for a zombie tv series to appear on the tube, I held on..and now after ep 4...yummmmmmmmmmm. I love The Walking Dead. The drama, the chaos, the zombies, the gore!...all mix in a 40+ min show. LOVE IT..though it does get toooooo dramatic to me at times..but whatever. Walking Dead is a keeper! And in other news Supernatural season 6 is mighty boring...what's up with that?

Friday, November 19, 2010

This is overuse but I Like!

And to think Unstoppable is the best movie this month..Potter was cool, love it..the previous one was lukewarm but this...this one..a gem. I'll just mention the cool stuff (for me) in the movie. 1. Helena Carter = LOVE! 2. Fluer is back! = LOVE GAK! 3. Someone I loathe died! yay!..but he/she/it death scene was pretty well made till it made me sorta sad, sorta. 4. Quite a Dark movie, that Bathilda? hag..scary. 5.The story telling scene bout the origin of Deathly Hallows..nice! 6. That bitch in pink..aiyo I forgot her name is also back...ooo how I loathe thee. 7. With all the chaos there's still some funny bits in the movie. 8. Harry + friend are all grown up...awwwwww...tuh jer kot..ha tuh jer lah...whatever it is..Deathly Hallows 1...good!..also good build up for the upcoming battle for the 2nd one..now here's hoping no one I really like dies (luna luna luna!)

Since in topic I like, upcoming issue in Feb is bout another alternate X-men reality...sigh..but the only thing made me xcited was the cover which includes Psylocke in her original brit body...wowowowo..dah finish mengarut. MESRA .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dubidu Du bi du dum dum

Brings back memories!...thanks to big bro for taping it and letting me watch it non stop when I was younger....

Direct to video movies skrg HOT

Earlier this year saw this movie titled The Final, pretty good flick bout the loser kids seeking revenge on the cool kids...it's pretty basic, trap the cool kids, torture em and then...well wont spoil u the ending. Torture scenes was just ok...not up to par with Hostel or Saw...but it'll do. Best thing bout the movie is the torturer's acting...love every single one of em...recommended

Then a month back was intrigue after noticing this movie 13th Hour on my fav "muat turun" site.Two things stood out, 1. From the makers of Dog Soldier. 2. Tom Fenton. Good marketing strategy since Harry Potter is just round the conner. It's a brit movie which makes it much harder for me to understand their very deep slang, but putting that aside...it's a solid monster movie with a bunch of teens being stalked in their own mansion by a smeagol looking beast...oh but if u think Tom Fenton will be featured through the whole movie (since he's credited like 3rd?)...ur sadly mistaken..hehe..but he does play a quite important role. Anyways not as awesome as Dog Soldiers, but it still delivers

Lastly, cik Lina mentioned this movie which looks mighty fine, and knowing lyna movie should be a at least a bit brutal. It was...demnit ada adengan kuku cabut! brrr me highly sensitive when I see stuff like that. Its bout this one couple seeking revenge on the pedophile who killed their son...honestly didn't feel any remorse for that dude...that is...till the end!...good movie..highly recommended...

sometimes u really gotta watch out for these non released movie @ the cinema, u'll never know if it's a gem or not.ok thats it...sok pothead! yeah yeah yeah!!!! and yeah lagi!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr Patel Delivers! wohoo!

A month back a team member gi US for training (time aku ENTAH LAH bila)..dengan itu aku kept whining kat Purak Patel (a team member base there) to buy me an original DVD from States. He concurred and bought me My Bloody Valentine 3D!...weheeeeheeee! my kind of movie..granted ia bukan the best movie ever...but it delivers...so jadi ah..beggars can't be choosers or so they say...yg penting this is my first 3D dvd...and can't wait to test it out!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Terry Fox 30th Anniversary

Not taken by me, by Alia...this is such a cute picture taken by her..and it's pretty cool watching parents bringing their kids for these type of events..running/jog/roller blading/cycle together for a good cause. Am gonna say this is the second best event I went so far this year..the best was Nike Run. Tetiba post non movie related :P

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mlm Halloween

Di mlm Halloween yg indah..sedang aku cari parking tuk pi Halloween party full costume intact (minus the fangs), seorang pak guard innocent datang ke arah kereta aku.

Pak gad : maaf yeh naaakkkk, takleh park sini...sini khas tuk pengunjung Saloma Bistro je (alololo sweet nyer ko panggil aku nak)

Kemudian tanyer mana leh park yg dekat dan more stuff that I can't remember...

Me : ok nak buat u-turn kat depan, terima kasih
Pak gad : Nanti dulu nak....ermm kenapa mata nak tuh...berdarah
Me : (dlm hati : ok kor innocent)...tak pakcik..nak gi Halloween party kat situ
Pak gad : Ha yeh lah tapi mata berdarah tuh..
Me : ha xpalah pakcik saya u-turn dulu (malas nak xplain detail..lagipon pakcik tuh innocent gila)

nasib lah aku tak pakai fangs aku siap2..mau tak pesal2 aku kasik cpr kat pak gad tuh mlm tuh...anyhoo the party was just ok...nyesal semangat waja nak pi..tuh je -n-