Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Direct to video movies skrg HOT

Earlier this year saw this movie titled The Final, pretty good flick bout the loser kids seeking revenge on the cool kids...it's pretty basic, trap the cool kids, torture em and then...well wont spoil u the ending. Torture scenes was just ok...not up to par with Hostel or Saw...but it'll do. Best thing bout the movie is the torturer's acting...love every single one of em...recommended

Then a month back was intrigue after noticing this movie 13th Hour on my fav "muat turun" site.Two things stood out, 1. From the makers of Dog Soldier. 2. Tom Fenton. Good marketing strategy since Harry Potter is just round the conner. It's a brit movie which makes it much harder for me to understand their very deep slang, but putting that aside...it's a solid monster movie with a bunch of teens being stalked in their own mansion by a smeagol looking beast...oh but if u think Tom Fenton will be featured through the whole movie (since he's credited like 3rd?)...ur sadly mistaken..hehe..but he does play a quite important role. Anyways not as awesome as Dog Soldiers, but it still delivers

Lastly, cik Lina mentioned this movie which looks mighty fine, and knowing lyna movie should be a at least a bit brutal. It was...demnit ada adengan kuku cabut! brrr me highly sensitive when I see stuff like that. Its bout this one couple seeking revenge on the pedophile who killed their son...honestly didn't feel any remorse for that dude...that is...till the end!...good movie..highly recommended...

sometimes u really gotta watch out for these non released movie @ the cinema, u'll never know if it's a gem or not.ok thats it...sok pothead! yeah yeah yeah!!!! and yeah lagi!