Friday, November 19, 2010

This is overuse but I Like!

And to think Unstoppable is the best movie this month..Potter was cool, love it..the previous one was lukewarm but this...this one..a gem. I'll just mention the cool stuff (for me) in the movie. 1. Helena Carter = LOVE! 2. Fluer is back! = LOVE GAK! 3. Someone I loathe died! yay!..but he/she/it death scene was pretty well made till it made me sorta sad, sorta. 4. Quite a Dark movie, that Bathilda? hag..scary. 5.The story telling scene bout the origin of Deathly Hallows..nice! 6. That bitch in pink..aiyo I forgot her name is also how I loathe thee. 7. With all the chaos there's still some funny bits in the movie. 8. Harry + friend are all grown up...awwwwww...tuh jer kot..ha tuh jer lah...whatever it is..Deathly Hallows 1...good!..also good build up for the upcoming battle for the 2nd here's hoping no one I really like dies (luna luna luna!)

Since in topic I like, upcoming issue in Feb is bout another alternate X-men reality...sigh..but the only thing made me xcited was the cover which includes Psylocke in her original brit body...wowowowo..dah finish mengarut. MESRA .