Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 - 1 Year 2011

Like finally! some idle time in office, ok moh finish this up.. 10 -1 Year 2011..

10. Horrible Bosses

3 dudes plot to murder their bosses, simple. I laughed so hard watching this at the cinema, regardless of the annoying editing to avoid foul languages / sexy? scenes. This flick spotted faces that I'm unfamiliar with like Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis, both of them rules in this movie! The supporting cast were also great..but the main person you need to look out for is Jen Aniston, truth be told I was never a fan of her..and I don't really find her appealing.. but then this movie came along..and yeah you can throw out all those negative comments I had of her before out the window cause now I'm a fan!..she was hilarious!...and hot..smokin hot!..oh oh..also watch Just Go with It, another flick where she oozes us with her hotness.

Defining Moment : a tie between Charlie Day's screaming rape! scene and Jen Anniston ...eating a hotdog in her nightie's funny! and hot!

9. The Thing 2011

A prequel to John Carpenter's 1980s remake. I was pumped to see this one, was let down after my entry for free premier screening was rejected when at first it was! But whatever I still got to see it and I loved it!'s not as good as the original (the 80s one) but it delivers, I don't really mind that it's somewhat of a carbon copy of the long as it deliver the thrills and sporting a pretty good leading lady (Mary Winstead) and the Thing appears again..I'm good! My only problem? The creature effect is not as awesome as the original...the original looks icky and raw..this one was...too CGI-ish.

Defining Moment : The Thing absorbing a dude from the cheek, fuyooo.

8. Real Steel

In the near future humans are banned from participating in a boxing match, so they use robots instead! Wasn't expecting to love this movie, but after the boxing match with Midas and Noisy Boy..I was a fan. Story-wise was know what to expect..but they made up with the awesome fx and an even more awesome robo fights. The fights were cool, was pumped and even felt like air boxing while watching the movie..but since I'm an adult..I'll let the kids do it. And the last the commentator quote " it's a battle on par with David and Goliath"...couldn't agree more.

Defining Moment : The last match...too awesome.

7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The Planet of the Apes origin? Another movie I wasn't expecting much but when I saw it...woooah. GREAT movie! The apes eventhough CGI were great!...not only in effects but acting as well. Seriously Andy Serkis needs some recognition. He alone held the movie, unlike the other Human actors who looked sleepy.

Defining Moment : Definitely the 'NO!" scene..wooooah chiils.

6.Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2

The ending to the Harry Potter saga. It was a sad day when I saw this flick. I'm not really a HUGE fan but I like the series..the series as a whole is good, this doesn't include Half Blood Prince in which I struggled to keep awake. Anyway enjoyable flick that indeed ended with a bang. Will miss this lah bila lagi nak ada fantasy flick yg last around 5 > flicks?

5. Super 8

A bunch of kids witness a train crash, the train in question is holding a pretty pissed alien. Ok here's the deal, if you like those 80-90s kid flick with a lil bit of edge, this flick is for you. I know I enjoyed it...A LOT.

Defining Moment : The end credits..and I'm not trying to be funny

4. 50/50

The life and struggles of a cancer stricken dude. This movie sorta hits close to home, all the emotions that were conveyed were spot on and Joseph Gordon Levitt again proves he's an excellent actor.(who was snubbed of an oscar nomination)

Defining Moment : The scene with his family just before he went into surgery..sniff

3. Scream 4

Ghostface returns! to terrorize Sidney Prescot again! This is a really BIAS entry..hehe. Cause I'm a BIG BIG, in fact let's just say HUGE fan of the franchise..this movie jump start my love for horror flicks. But in all seriousness I did enjoy this movie enormously.. I watch it twice at the cinema and multiple times at..ehem well u know.Anyway the movie was back to it's old self, non stop pop culture reference..making fun of horror flick and the old scream events!..I love it! Then the characters..some of em were really well written (hint!Kirby)..and few really mirrors some of the characters from the original scream (hint!Kirby again) thing though...the motive was It's interesting ...but eh? If not for that this might jump to #2 but the #2 spot belongs to...

Defining Moment : Kirby recalling all the love love!

2. Insidious

A family terrorize by a ghost. The flick freaked me out, I drove home alone avoiding the middle mirror (or whatever you call it)..and I like the idea of the movie, cool concept...the furthers, though when we reached that land it was sorta of a letdown. The ghost!..we got a lot..each and everyone of em spooked me. And finally the cast, pretty perfect! Love me some of Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Lin Shaye. Roll all those into one make a pretty damn good flick. *note the whole cinema experience either people were really quiet or someone was screaming out load..

Defining Moment : darth maul appears and I went WTF!

1. X-Men First Class

X-Men Origins!..wohooo!..and no unlike Scream 4 this is not a bias entry. Regardless of my love for The X-Men, X-Men Origins was-one-great-flick. It got action, drama, cool fight scenes, a very well written and developed characters and spotted Grant Morrison's X costume during his run I dunno if this was intentional or not but it sure looked like that costume. Then the team picked for first x-men...though pretty much historically incorrect..they were a pretty good mix(except wtf!)...and dare I say this..the changes made to the history of X-men from the comics timeline in which I'm accustom to..was pretty good..and..sometimes for the for The Villains. they were also cool..come on la..Kevin Bacon as Shaw! Let's just hope there's a sequel..and this time bring back Psylocke!..ignore X-Men Last Stand!..if that happens..make my marvel!

Defining Moment : Charles Xavier teaching Magneto to control his anger..that was a...nice moment.

Ok tu je..I actually got lots more to write bout current tv series but alas...time time time! I end with Honorable Mention :

hantu kak limah
mother's day
crazy sexy love
Kung Fu Panda 2
just go with it


asrap virtuoso said...

haven't seen Insidious yet... but the photos from the internet seems crazy fun..

reza said...

u should...agak best...though there are haters..and I personally know some of em