Friday, January 13, 2012

1st Friday the 13th!

Rajin bebenor lak aku update blog lately ni.
Anyway happy Friday the 13th! Klu tak kerana FB mmg aku x perasan arini Friday the 13th..last year aku usha Friday the 13th VIII on this eventful day..this year ..not planned actually..aku usha Chillerama , A horror comedy with 4 short flicks in it.

1. Wadzilla : Kisah a dude ni, yg mempunyai 1 jer sperm count dlm each ejaculation..but one day his sperm came out as a Monster it terrorizes NYC

*sumpah lawak GILA cerita yang nih. It was made as a corny bad B Grade horror flick. Tapi best!...Monster nyer over the top..fx dia gila classic dan laughable..sexual innuendo ia lawak! well it is in fact bout a Monster Sperm kan. apa-apa aku really enjoyed this

2. I Was a Teenage Werebear : Closeted dude got bit by a werebear and in turn transform into a werebear whenever he's horny..yes horny

*yang nih musical..lagu2nyer x la best sangat..except "Love Bit me on the ass" (or something like that)..lawaknyer not bad. Tapi overall xda la apa sangat. Cast was cool though..ada Lin Shaye!..always a hoot to watch her. Then this one dude from 1001 Maniacs..aku x ingat nama..and lastly Gabbby from Scream Queen reality series. She needs to be in more horror flicks! Love her!

3. The Diary of Anne Frankenstein : Hitler creating a monster...nuff said

*black and white flick..start start aku dah gelak. Oh it's in German tapi ada lah subs..cumanyer yg bakon jadi Hitler tu american..dan dia ckp gibberish! aku perasan pon halfway bila tetiba dengor nama Van Gohn..ngok sangat..oh ada surprise dlm flick nih..Kane Hodder was the monster..really cool!..overall..ini better lah dari the 2nd one

4. Zom B Movie : A drive in cinema is plague by a swarm of horny zombies...yes..again with the horny beings.

*ni core story..depa2 nih gi tgk the above 3 flicks..tgh2 tgk sorang2 tukar jadi zombie..due to one dude yg earlier got bitten on the nuts. Yang ni not bad ah..kurang kelakar nyer..tapi boleh dilayan.

Filem nih agak ngarut lah juga..aku x rasa ia tuk semua..tapi kalau nak gelak layankan je..not for the squeamish though..

And in other news..promotion for X-Men Vs Avengers nyer event dah keluar..and one of it is Psylocke vs. Black Widow...obviously aku team Psylocke..Psylocke for the win! And in other sorta related news..other fav X characters are back..Polaris and Havoc!..wooooo! I heart em..ok tu je..enjoy the weekends peeps!

Psylocke FTW!

Havoc and Polaris now in X-Factor

*all images are not mine btw..