Friday, January 06, 2012

it's 2012!

I'm a tad late I know but Happy New Year peeps! I went shopping crazy on the eve of new year, dunno what got over me and then after 5 years went to see the fireworks was nice.

I closed 2011 with The Darkest Hour, I remember last year it was The Tourist and damn did that movie sucked major ass, dunno how Depp and Jolie was nominated for a Golden Globe base on THAT movie. Anyway Darkest Hour, It was okay, it wasn't terrible, but wasn't awesome was just..there. But honestly I prefer watching Darkest Hour than The Tourist again if given the chance. Darkest Hour got everything I want for a quickie was quick (duh),got action, got aliens, pretty cast, not bad settings and also not bad effects. easy movie..and it was expected to be easy. My sole big problem is probably the horrible dialogue...good god tak convincing langsung..specially when the lead dude was delivering a speech bout surviving or some let's just say if you have time to kill and love thrillers / alien invasion (like me) ..try ah tgk..doesn't hurt..oh oh Iklan..that aussie babe is A BABE!

On new year day itself I watched number of movies that were sitting nicely on my desk collecting dust, I've been slacking...I know..first movie was Hall Pass..and I like it, Jason Sudekis I dunno where he came from but he is fast becoming a reason for my choice of comedy movie to far I've seen AND like the movies that he's in which includes Horrible Bosses (win!) and A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. so Hall Pass...pretty cool..btw I love the below scene to death!

Next up was an old horror flick titled Without Warning, was impressed with the cast which includes Jack Palance and Martin Landau...but after like 20 minutes the movie lost was just too...classic. It didn't age well, it was slow..and dumb!..the alien wasn't impressive..however given the movie's released year (1980)..the fx was not too shabby. Another impressive thing bout the movie is that David Caruso is in it!...suara tak pecah lagi!..ahahaha.

Horatio as a horny teen

Then while bz browsing the net and watching the suckfest known as Without Warning..I wiki "zombie movies" in hopes of searching this one movie I saw as kid..didn't know the title but remembered few of the plot details. I've been searching for that movie quite some time now..and wala! after intense search of movies from year 1980-1990 (cause I know I saw this before I was indicted to that hell hole during college years) I came upon Zombie 4 ..and after reading the plot..YES! this is the one!...and luckily 1 kind soul shared it! night I was able to watch it.

So Zombie 4, well quality wise was laughable...but you know what I don't really care, it's that kind of movie..stupid people trapped in an island congested with non-stop spewing goo? zombie (which can run I might add). Actually they look more like demons than that Dario Argento Demons movie. What I enjoy most watching this flick is remembering few of the stuff that I can recall when I was watching as a kid..god I had a good memory..nowadays after a movie I struggle to remember the details. Overall I can watch this movie again..and definitely keeping this one.

Go Figure how these images are imbedded in me brain since childhood

So that is all folks..again happy new's to hoping we get great movies this year! -n-