Thursday, January 19, 2012

20 - 11 For the Year 2011

Let's cut to the chase, dah lama bebel nak wat 20 - 01 tapi x wat wat. Agak busy dan mood kurang nak update, lagipon aku selalu update bila kat office. If banyak bebenor ok bebel..tadi kata cut to the chase..anyway in my humble opinion my 20 - 11 of 2011

20. The Woman

About a family taming an uncivilized chic the father found in the woods. This is actually a sequelyo Offspring 2009, never seen it before but after this maybe I should. I love the family portrayed in this flick the men are sadistic! while the woman are weaklings..I liked the boy and the mother the most (played excellently by Angela Bettis) and then we have "the woman" she was intense! love her! And finally the wth sorta twisted ending..nice one..didn't see it coming.

Defining moment : The Woman fight back...was rooting for her all the way!

19. A Lonely Place to Die

A group of mountaineers lead by the excellent Melissa George discovered a kidnapped kid which are then pursued by the captors. Sounds like a simple flick right? It is actually...but the breathtaking scenes and the cool cat and mouse chase scene made this movie a win! for me. Oh there's a simple twist near the end..not an OMG twist..more like an..oooh camtu..hehe.

Defining moment : The white water rapids scene involving Melissa George..cantik.

18.Take me Home Tonight

I may be the only person listing this as top 20 in 2011 but...
Set in the 80s, a one night story film involving the cast lives after high school/uni. 1. I love the 80s 2. I love one night flicks! (Empire Records, Can't Hardly Wait, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) 3. Great great music! And with that I don't care bout the simple plot..the few silly funny give me all those 3..I'll fall in love with you just like that *snaps fingers.

Defining Moment : Better Davis Eyes playing while the leads were driving in the car....aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!

17. Devil's Double

Supposedly about Saddam Hussein's son double. A lot were praising Dominic Cooper's performance in this one..I agree he alone held the movie. Not saying the flick is not is's just that it felt a lil bit overly sensationalized. Whether the portrayal is true or decide..I just like this flick

Defining Moment : When a good friend of the family got gutted ...yikes!

16. Flipped

This flick came out late Sept 2010. About two lovers early beginnings told by each others point of view. This shouldn't have been in the list since it came out in 2010 so I'm cheating here a bit. But whatever it's my list and I saw it in 2011 and fell in love with this really sweet cutesy kiddie love flick. I like how that this story was told by the two leads point of view. One in denial dude and one very delusional girl. Watching this flick I went awww a lot of time and wishing this was my childhood...I wish sangat.

Defining Moment : I dunno I love all scenes but if I must pick I gotta say the last scene with the two leads planting a made me smile.

15. FD5

Death is back and now haunting another set of survivors. After the 2nd FD the sequels were either mediocre or just there. There were less this one..this one brought back the thrills...the eerie feeling something is gonna happen..the elaborated kills..and good death scenes. Oh and watching this in 3D was way cool!..I jerked the whole way. Plus the surprise way cool twist! Sorta didn't see it coming!

Defining Moment : a toss between the eye laser surgery scene and that gymnast scene

14. Seru

Surprise? Me too..first Malay flick in my top 20 list ever! Congrats! It's about a group of film makers making a horror flick. I totally didn't see this movie coming..It was a good surprise. I found this film original by local film standard..the idea was good the scares were there and the dialogue/script was believable (I always complain bout Malay films dialogue) Kudos to whoever made this film..I like it..I even bought the original dvd tau! :D

Defining Moment : first attack before everyone went scrambling into the woods.

13. Thor

Marvel Comics Thor beginnings..nuff said. A flick I was baaah not really interested at first but then after seeing this..I like what I saw. Thor was perfectly cast..I dunno bout the others though cause I'm not really familiar with his human friends and as for the Asgardians they weren't really showcased much. And then came Loki...I DIG this character..and I can't wait for his return in Avengers..good choice for a Villain..LOKI FTW!..kill those Avengers! Erm ok back to topic entertainment..Kat Dennings co-starring = awesome ..Asgard looks way cool and not too shabby fight scenes. Round that all up = wohoo! top 20 worthy.

Defining Moment : Thor got tasered ... it again do it again!

12.Attack The Block

Alien invasion in the streets of London. I dunno what to say..this movie was mucho fun!..even with the hard to understand accent I still enjoyed the flick simply I put it was FUN!..and the creature design..NICE!

Defining Moment : The two wee kids killed an Alien..hehe!

11. Warrior

Two brother entering the same mixed martial arts tournament! This sort of movie is not really my cup of tea..Rocky pon aku xnah tgk!..first one only saw halfway then yawned..but then after reading a lot of people putting this in their top 10 late last year I was intrigue. So I checked it out and loved it. Why wasn't this promoted more? At the cinemas when It got out It looked like some lame boxing movie. A pity cause seriously this movie deserve recognition.

Defining Moment : One of the brothers vs Koba..good god that was a good match.

That's it for now...remaining 10 will be up hopefully soon..-n-


asrap virtuoso said...

loved "flipped".... one of my 20 favourites of 2010 (yes... 2010! haha)... maybe a weakness was it narrated too much, should have at times let the viewers interpret what was going on by ourselves... but overall a cute and charming film... a return to form for director rob reiner

reza said...

haha that's y..I only saw this mid i guess it still counts!..ah x kira...cerita ni too cute to ignore.