Saturday, January 07, 2012

here comes the turds

Gotta be the easiest list I've compile thus far, there were a lot of standouts ranging from the supposedly blockbuster flick to a few direct to vid flicks. So let's not waste time..from 10 - 1 are my sucky movie list.

10.Sector 7

Those wacky Koreans tricked me, I thought I was gonna watch a cool monster flick like The Host or at least something fun like Deep Rising, but noooooo what I got was some lame ass asian flick with a lame ass monster killing A LOT of lame ass characters.

Redeeming Qualities : Near the end (the final girl battle) it got interesting a bit, just a bit..but honestly like Jojo sang, It's Just a Lil too late.


hmmm what was this movie about again? All I remember is rating this movie pretty low in IMDB, and not remembering much bout the movie, I guess it deserves to be here. Oh but I do remember something, the baddie vamp near close make me like Edward...just that says something.

Redeeming Qualities : Maggie Q


I remember going to the movies after a friend's wedding, we were split into 2 groups, 1 went to see Mehrong (which is a sucky movie too but didn't belong in this list cause for a Malay did try) and the other went to see Beastly. And I remember vividly 2 of my friends who were conned into watching Beastly came out groaning...and only months after I got "privilege" to watch this movie..and sucked.Plus Vanessa Hudgens cuteness didn't hold my attention watching this fact she made me hate her..the girl failed in this movie.

Redeeming Qualities : I wanna say Neil Patrick Harris but..he didn't do much so I'm just gonna say the tattoo the lead dude got was RAD!..that is all.

7.Bad Teacher

A comedy which is half funny, no message and has a lead character with no redeeming qualities..go figure why this movie is in the list.

Redeeming Qualities : Cameron Diaz, she was funny here(when is she not funny/cute pon)..too bad the movie is shitty.


A very lame attempt to reboot Single White Female. The lead was zzzz-ish, the villain actually was slightly ok, but she seriously need to step up her game cause she didn't actually do for the plot..nothing we can't predict really.

Redeeming Qualities : a few cameos that got me pumped for awhile *hint Vampire Diaries

5.Red Ridding Hood

I love Amanda Seyfried since Mean Girls, love her even more after Mamma Mia, but then she really lost me with her acting chops. This year I found her really off in two movies, this was one..the other was In Time. She herself made those movies unbearable. It's like she was sleepwalking while acting. But she is not alone to be blame for Red Riding Hood. RRH wolf blows! specially when it started talking (telepathically) and it was really predictable for me, I call out the wolf halfway through the movie...seriously it was easy.

4.Cowboys and Aliens

What in the world was I watching. I was so excited to watch this flick at the cinema but ended up struggling to keep myself awake halfway through the movie. Movie had no thrills! and the aliens were a bit BLAAAAH. And the twist they introduce halfway in the movie was pffft! Acting was ok..Harrison and Craig held their own, and Wilde oozes with sexiness...but that wasn't enough to keep me excited.

Redeeming Qualities : That cool gadget Craig held, hot!


A movie with Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts you'd expect something good right? But no, this movie was downright awful. The story was easy, movie was not scary as what the trailer made us to believe and everyone was sleepwalking throughout the movie. The only winners of this flick were the 3 leads who got paid to act in this shitty flick...and did I mention this movie is predictable? Try eliminating the characters in the'll get the ending really fast!

Redeeming Qualities : I didn't pay to see this movie..yay!

2.Howling Reborn

The Turds of 2011

I wouldn't really put a direct to video film in this list unless it really really sucks..this movie is, and it came out here in Malaysian cinema. Okay where do I begin...WHERE IS THE GORE!!! For a werewolf flick I'd expect more blood..we didn't get much here. Werewolf design was okay, but we don't see much action from the wolf..all I can see were wolves jumping and running around. And the jab/negative comments bout the original Howling movies was totally uncalled for. This movie reeks...avoid at any cost.

Redeeming Qualities : nada!


After watching this movie I quickly tweeted this movie was a winner for my sucky movie of the year..the title lasted till end of year. When anyone ask me how the movie was, I reply simply .."cam gampang". Why this movie is #1 instead of Howling is because I expect it to be awesome..or at least moderate.What i got was a pile of crap..and the amazing stuff that was shown in the trailer were the only amazing stuff in the movie..I've already ranted a lot in my immortals post, so I won't say anything more..except don't see this.

Redeeming Qualities : Visually awesome..but ur better off watching 300 for that

dishonorable mention :

The Jack Sparrow ain't cool anymore POTC : On Stranger Tides. Indy or direct to video flicks Hostel 3 and Apollo 18. In Time with the laughable as an action hero Justin Timberlake, but he is not alone to be blame..Amanda Seyfried amazingly sux here. The only Marvel movie I hate last year Green Latern and Trespass that had two A list actors with the addition of Cam Giggante (should have known it'll suck). Ok folks that is all, next one would be fav movies..still tweaking the list a bit.till then! -n-


asrap virtuoso said...

heh... from the 10 on the list, i've only seen 3... i tend to avoid movies i know i won't like these days.. but yeah, the redeeming factor in "Priest" was Maggie Q... yummy

p/s: Green lantern is DC, not marvel :D

reza said...

oh shoot...ahahaha u-r correct!..padan lah sux.. :D